Thursday, July 31, 2014

World War III - Refuse to fight.

World War III - Refuse to fight.

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After our conversation yesterday about: Driving people into poverty to be able to use them for a world war. I have been listening to the people I meet every day. I have learned over the years they are usually good reporters of the propaganda. The racial tensions are growing. This morning I woke up with the words "Emerging markets" in my head.
It is becoming so much clearer to me.

Now that labor and production is not working to keep the capitalistic wheels turning. Consumers in developed societies are not the consumers they once were, because they have everything they need (relatively speaking) Capital speculation is at its peak or in collapse. 
Wars are the only way for capitalism/imperialism to remain in business. 

The drive for wars is not only for resources: raw materials; minerals; oil... and people’s energy/labor to do work and markets to sell products to. It is to destroy infrastructure to create the necessity to rebuild keeping the capitalistic machine expanding and running. Without new places to expand into, people and nature to exploit and something to build and all the 'resources' and energy to build it; products (as produced by the military products from the military industrial complex) produced in capitalistic countries cannot be sold. These are the places where they have the beautiful capitalistic gardens of 'emerging markets'. Not to mention the extraction of wealth and energy from the people who pay for the wars

No one looks at the devastation to people lives and nature to empower the few who really profit from the containment of people and the devastation of nature and life for the power and wealth of  a few.

The world is being driven into poverty and the people are being prepared for world war.

So the capitalists can destroy as much as possible to create new 'Emerging markets'.

It is the mind of the sociopath that could come up with this!

They realize no war no capitalism - that is why they are constantly trying to pick a fight and expand.
If we do not fall for it and refuse to fight this would be the greatest revolution of all time.
Don't fight and capitalism dies... this seems like the best idea I have had so far...

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