Sunday, July 20, 2014

The all-seeing island of hopes, wishes and dreams is in the balance.

My world changing tip of the day: Intuitively listen to your intuition, visions and dreams - the all-knowing truth is within them.
With this I write you my dream from last night.
The all-seeing island of hopes, wishes and dreams is in the balance.
Just like waves in the ocean they come in sets sometimes they’re bigger and sometimes they are too small and don’t make it. It’s like the big waves make it through this channel or gully and begin their journey down the mountain as the river of life.
Traveling down the easy descents with rock faces at its sides I ride my surfboard on the waves. Along the rock faces all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Only to climb back up through the interior of the mountain through its tunnels and caves all the way to the top to get ready to ride the next wave of life. This ride is a euphoric pleasurable experience. Feeling the pleasure and excitement I talk to my friends about it when I reached the bottom. I’m so happy and excited I begin climb again. I do this twice and on the third time I’m standing in anticipation wait for the waves of life.
Two young girls stand waist deep in the water short distance from me excited with the anticipation of waiting the wave for life to arrive. They catch the first wave of the set while I wait for the bigger second wave.
Feeling the excitement and anticipation I paddle and catch this wonderful wave and streaking down the river I feel the excitement of life.
My heart is pounding adrenaline rushing through my veins as I ride the wave up and down the rock faces on the turns. Eventually I reach a slower flowing flat part of the river where I am slowly moving towards a waterfall of the afterlife.
Just before I reach it I come across the all-seeing island of hopes, wishes and dreams. It is a rock island carved into faces the eyes and nostrils and mouths all open and rounded. The openings all rounded like eyebrows and lips and flared up nostrils.
People come to the edges of the cliffs on either side of the river and through coins down to the island of hopes and wishes and dreams. Some roll up paper money and stick it into the mouths nostrils and or eye sockets.
Climbing onto the island I walk through the rounded holes of huge faces into the mind space of the island. There’s wealth all around me and yet if I pick up or take any of the wealth of the island I have to do it in balance and only take what I need. I would only be able to take a small amount before I upset the balance of the island.
The island of hopes wishes and dreams is a floating island with a rounded bottom which only stays upright if the critical balance is maintained. It is linked through an underwater shaft to a smaller floating island. This island is the island of life. Any imbalances on the island of hopes wishes and dreams and the smaller island of life topples over and the living beings on the island fall into the flowing river of life and move inexorably towards the water fall that falls into the afterlife.
This is a symbolic story of the critical balances of our planet and of all life on our planet. The island hopes wishes and dreams is the island we call planet earth floating in the river of space trying to achieve greater balance and stability and yet so susceptible to imbalance.
The people who are investing they energy, symbolically represented by money, into the planet perpetuate the balance of the island of hopes, wishes and dreams.
The island is the “I” “land” the land which makes us who we are. It is what gives us life and makes “I” possible. We have two be very careful about what we take from the planet the island if we do not want to upset the critical balance of life and all in falling into the river which will inexorably take us over the water fall into the afterlife.
The island is watching you. The people are watching. We are all watching. We are all aware that everyone of us and all of our thoughts and actions are critical to maintain the balance of the island of hopes wishes and dreams on which all life depends.
If we maintain the balance we are able to see the steppingstones beneath the water and walk around this section of the river to rejoin the river of life knowing that we have not upset critical balance that gives and sustains life.
The symbolism of the waves that make it through to become the waves of life is the symbolism of the energy of the universe supplying the energy to the universe and to the planet and very little makes it through to supply the energy of the waves of life. Symbolizing how precious and wonderful life is and how we must appreciate it and live in love balance and harmony with one another and the waves of life.
Have a wonderful day go outside and play.
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