Saturday, July 19, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Cooperation can be our strength or our weakness.

We all should know we have to come together as one human and natural family and work together to Help Save Our World.
However if we all cooperate at destroying our world, with our current way of life, we will continue to do a devastating job really quickly. We are all racing off the cliff or extinction together at an ever accelerating rate. Driven by our energy and institutionalized systems that perpetuate that way of life.
If a school of fish, being hunted down with a fishing net, all swam away in different directions; yes a small number would be caught but the rest would have a better chance of survival.
If we continue to live this capitalistic, imperialistic, materialistic, consumer way of life - building cities and highways to perpetuate the continuous growth driven market based economic system, at the expense of nature, life and ourselves, on a planet with real physical and natural limitations, we will become extinct very quickly. (There is evidence all around you that this is happening if you only awaken and see)
Sometimes it is time to separate yourself from the pack observe, reevaluate, and think of different ways of doing things then returning to the pack and teaching them how to change to create a humane, happy, healthy world of abundance.
The above reminds me of the title of Howard Zinn’s book: “You cannot be neutral on a moving train!”
You have to take responsibility for yourself, your children and all life.
You have to think independently no matter how much the societal pressure you endure.
You have to be teaching others.
Finally we have to re-establish the herd mentality around coming together for one another and nature to Help Save Our World for our Children!
This “Guided Quest for the Truth” is what I teach to the new leaders of our time. So we can all learn how to “Help Save Our World for our children.”
Have a Wonderful Day
Denis M
Denism’s Guided Quest for the Truth provides answers to some of life's most profound questions and proposes ways to Help Save our World. It is a course which is based on my personal quest for the truth and my life’s experiences and world travels. It is designed to take you on a paradigm shifting thought and experiential journey to a new way of thinking and being. It will empower you to be able to teach others and together we will change our world forever.

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