Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Follow the Money

My world changing tip of the day:  Follow the Money:

To find out what abstract ways of thinking are being funded and promoted to further the corporate and owner classes agenda.

The cultivation of grass at university agricultural centers: is funded to improve on growing grass, Why? The use of herbicides and pesticides…or to improve on golf courses…  or to perpetuate grass growing instead of growing food in communities to maintain centralized control of food… and forced labor?

Promoting and supporting the materialistic world in physics view instead of the cyclical world view to perpetuate a materialistic consumer lifestyle in a society?

When on a quest for truth, and searching for what is wrong with a system, follow the money and power. Extreme money and power are expressions of extreme imbalances that result in and from lies and deception. Extreme imbalances are unnatural in the natural world and will be naturally equalized.

Don’t be shocked when you wake up from the dream, the lies and illusions and don’t be caught unaware when that re-balancing happens.
Knowledge is power Empower Yourself, your children and community with the knowledge and wisdom of the natural world and be a survivor.

Have a Great Day!
Denis M

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