Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beyond the Anthropocene Epoch of Ignorance.

In reference to a face book post which I shared from Kim Perry; which is obviously true. 

Maybe we should name this epoch: “The Anthropocene Epoch” (Anthropology being the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies.) – to bring attention and awareness to what humans are doing to the planet on a global scale; as well as the extent, the trajectory and impending future of those values and beliefs and unthinking behaviors. The name bringing awareness and focus to the fact that we are racing for extinction; if we continue with this way of life. As well as accentuating the urgency of the need for change, or shall I say transformation if we wish to reverse these processes.

I have spent a lifetime on my personal quest for the truth, to discover why, when, where, how, and what we can do about it. I have discovered many solutions, the simplest of which are:
·         to change the way we think, what we believe, and the way we live our lives, to manifest a magical, happy, healthy and abundant, future;
·         Change the way we raise our children, in the natural and universal truth, knowledge and wisdom I have acquired, and we change our future in a few generations.

We have a choice, either we listen to people like me, who have traveled their own, open unbiased, quest for the truth with the sole life’s purpose to Help Save Our World; or we continue on existing on the thought and behavior train to extinction.

We the caring tribe need to unite and empower one another. Then set the tone and direction; leading the way to a magical sustainable future. Together we have the power to transform our way of life and our world in the process.

You have a choice, either we do this now or it is over! Decide to get off the, fear, destruction extinction train and join the love based nurturing caring way wave of life. Getting off the extinction thought train, you can choose to go it alone and discover the truth the hard way; by forging your way through the unknown, falling prey to all the pitfalls of the conniving human predators with their lies and deceptions along the way. Or you could join me on a guided quest for the truth through which I show you the way to living together in an abundant sustainable happy healthy world.

Let me guide you safely. I have traveled this journey and know an amazing magical way to get to this state of being, living, and thriving… I will show you the ways to transform your way of life and our world into the new age, epoch or era. This is your personal quest or journey to uncovering the truth, increasing your awareness, consciousness to achieving an observers understanding and state of enlightenment.

I do this by preparing you, then guiding you on your personal quest for the truth. The first step is an introduction to: Why; then what the journey entails. Then what you need to travel safely, the thought tools, insights, knowledge, wisdom and skills; so you can see your way clearly. Then I set you on a series of personal discovery lessons to give you clarity. Along the way I present a series of webinars to inform you what I did and what I think as a result of my perceptions of these experiences. Through this processes showing you how to transform your way of living and being. With this knowledge and wisdom you can show/teach and empower others to transform their lives. Most importantly you can make better decisions on how to raise your children so they can manifest this way of living and being into the future. With this enlightened world view you become a thought leader; a visionary; a teacher; a guide; with the necessary knowledge and wisdom of nature and the universe so you can pass it on to others. Becoming a wise guide/teacher you empower others so never again, can others, lead us astray for their own self-interests, power, and control.

This shift in awareness consciousness and enlightenment, and vision of the future, will result in an age of individual and community empowerment and collective well-being... setting up a magical future. It is all possible, only if we get off the extinction train and move and change.

This reminds me of Howard Zinn’s book: “You cannot stand still on a moving train!” We cannot sit still and hope that the new president or government will save us or something will just change and everything will just be okay. It will not! We are on the waring, plundering, death economy, extinction thought and societal train. Just existing our lives out, we are perpetuating and powering that train to extinction. Even if you think you are a good person – it does not make a difference. You/we have to get off the train; NOW! Pay now, invest in life and the future, or pay a lot more later!

Our time is now, you cannot stay small, you cannot sit still and hope for things to improve, you are part of the herd heading for extinction purely by your way of life, the way you have been programmed to think and behave. You have to choose to act now or pay the price of inaction; and letting the selfish interests of those in power, and institutionalized systems kill our world. Now is our time to help save our world, let me show you how.

Never before in the existence of the planet have there been so many human hands, minds, with the potential, to bring about a sustainable paradise on earth.

What future do you choose; Extinction or Paradise - Love balance and harmony or fear plunder and destruction?

If you are interested in what I teach; please send me your name and email address to denistheteacher@icloud.com I will then include you onto my mailing list. So you benefit from the Genius of universal and natural wisdom which I have been channeling, throughout my life; through my dreams and meditative states of consciousness, to bring them into my consciousness and our physical world. So I can share it with you and the world to bring it into this human consciousness. Although I am an enlightened visionary guide, I am also an engineer, a teacher, and a captain of yachts... With these experiences I am also able to speak the languages of our technological age as well as many other ways of simply explaining concepts. So I can be of value to people of many backgrounds. Please send me your name and address, our future depends upon it.

Will human existence be a blink of existence in geological time or will it step forth into the magnificent enlightened age of reason beyond the age of ignorance; the choice is yours/ours.


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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mass Magical Movement - I found my magical mojo!

BEWARE: Don’t read this if you are stuck, frustrated, and anxious or stressed and you are out of the flow; or if you fear being noticed or having that dreaded disease called: Charisma. People are naturally drawn to movement. They naturally seek out and recognize patterns of movement. They are naturally drawn to an energy tone which is a pattern of movement. Most human bodily functions are expressions of patterns of movement, walking talking, having sex… patterns of movement….

Note for those more curious technical thinkers out there: Connectivity of the ocean or medium of electromagnetic space within the universe is the primary wisdom. I consider Movement as the next fundamental universal wisdom; without movement in the connected universe, there are no vibrations of space, no sequential patterns of motion/cycles, no waves, no cause and effect, no effects of that motion we call energy, no effect of sequential vibrational motion we call the ‘speed of light’, no light no heat  and all of the other frequencies of cycles of vibrations of electro-magnetic space, no cycles of motion combining to form what we call ‘atoms’, no matter, no physical existence and no life. Movement is fundamental to everything! Although what precedes movement could be is tension, tendencies, inclinations… at a human level it is desire, anxiety, stress, imbalance… all of which comes from movement or the relative lack of movement. Remember “Energy cannot be created or destroyed!” physics. The same applies to motion; motions can only change their forms of expression.
Everything is composed of combining synchronistic-ally moving sequential patterns of vibrations of electro-magnetic space; the energy effects of sequential movement are what give us the physical effect of all perceived ‘things’. Energy is, the effects of sequential vibrations, composed out of the motions of the medium or ocean of electromagnetic space, within the universe.

The magic of life and reality is living within the flow of the ‘patterns of MOVEMENT’.  Living consciously connected to the patterns of flowing energy all around you. While moving towards and living through the processes of being in, Love, Balance and Harmony with the flow of energy of life, nature, and the universe.
The symphony of Life is composed of flowing patterns of energy moving in relative synchronicity creating what we perceive to be the ‘matter of our physical being’; which is actually a constantly changing symphony of complex patterns or cycles of movements or flow; life and physical existence is happening, so:
·         Embrace the movement and live in the flow.
·         Play, love, dance, laugh, sing, whistle, hum, play guitar (or any instrument).
·         Living and being are doing words. It is in the verbs - doing words – moving, doing, living, being, behaving… that it is happening. Sleeping is also a doing word and a necessary process of recovery.
·         If you are not changing, improving, growing stronger, becoming more supple and in tune with your being; you are not living to your true potential and best self.
·         Thinking, meditating, dreaming, intuitively connecting to you guides and the wisdom of the universe is all about focusing, tuning in to that frequency that motion, that energy tone, pattern of consciousness energy in motion. (We are actively creating that energy tone, aligning with similar energy tones and magnifying what is already there.
·         Most of us don’t move enough and are going through the motions of existing, especially in corporate jobs, which means we are not truly living; thus we are deteriorating or dying in every way.
I suggest we focus on the vision of living in an abundant, happy, healthy, sustainable world paradise; then practice that way of thinking, living, and being; before we know it, that will have become our reality.
·         “Fake it till you make it!” “Practice it until you are it!” Ami Cuddy.
·         Begin your day with movement. (I have been doing sit ups pushups and handstands J Hand stands make me happy; they make me feel like a child again.) I have also been riding my bicycle swimming in the ocean and working out in the Gym…
·         Practice some form of movement consistently throughout your day.
·         Get yourself a movement timer like the “Tomato Timer – Google it”. When you sit and work at a desk; set the timer: every 25 minutes take a short break a 5 minute movement break; after that cycle for a while; take a longer 10 minute movement break. You will soon learn what is enough or not enough.
·         At the end of a really productive day take time to flow: play outside; ideally go into the forests; go out on the land: or play in the oceans; or go for a walk; ride your bicycle; swim; surf; practice a flowing form of yoga; listen to music; or better still play music.

Overcome your self-imposed limitations and fears.  Then trust your inner truth or knowing and put yourself out there regularly; do things which are way outside your comfort zone; while still listening to your intuitive guidance within. You will be pleasantly surprised to find the places where you resonate and shine.
As you move or flow you will find your bliss or passion; then focus on it, practice it, and become it. When you exercise or practice you will naturally move in and out of balance; the secret is to seek and feel within, to find that magic or feeling of bliss and align your movement into that state of being. 
(Surfing and Yoga are great teachers in this area; although continuously giving all of ones energy to one pursuit can have compounded positive effects. You can also just become lost within the distraction from living a more fulfilling and complex life. I do the things I like until I am fulfilled then move on to the next. Never achieving mastery of anyone, however having known it well, I move onto the next thing)

Life is a journey of movement through change and transformation. Don’t allow yourself to become frozen in fear/petrified – turned to stone or just not moving. Let’s move together towards a magical and sustainable future.

Every time you move you change your current situation, you move and are able to see new, previously unseen and unknown, possibilities. So don’t you think it is important to move? How you move now creates this moment now and who you will become, and what will become of the world around you. So move well.

The Fountain of Youth is living in the magical flow of Moving, in Love (In close proximity, connected and giving and receiving relationships or ecosystems), Balance (imperfect movement striving for balance or alignment), and Harmony with the flow of the energy of life, nature and the universe! Trusting and moving in harmony with the flow of nature – living beyond fear and Ignorance.

All young animals and life forms know and practice this movement and play. That is of course, if we allow and encouraged them to do so, we do not over control them, over school, punish, and domesticate them and program them for a life of entrapment and stagnation.  The result of this conditioning is subconscious self-imposed stagnating and declining existence. Yes of course there are some things we need to show our children, because they could be life threatening, but we must not raise them in fear of living life and experiencing. I watched parents not letting their small child run on the promenade today. They could have run with him but wouldn’t; instead they held him back and scolded him.

Every time we are trapped or stagnant physically, emotionally, or in our minds; we become unhappy, depressed, stressed, anxious, unhealthy, we more often than not, put on weight or lose weight eventually becoming sick and in some cases suicidal. The long term consequences of inactivity/lack of movement are: we age more, our muscles atrophy, our skin begins to wrinkle…
Who wants a mediocre existence in boxes, in prison labor camps/cities? Not me, thank you!
As living energy beings, we are naturally expressions of movement, constantly changing expressions of moving flowing energy. Even when we are resting or sleeping!

I’m not saying that we will not sometimes be in an imbalance state of being. That’s normal and natural. The whole idea is to live the balancing act of life (nothing is perfect). Our inner organs minds cardiovascular systems hearts and lungs need to have the imbalances to get stronger and function better. If we are hungry from exertion we assimilate more fresh nutrients from our food.
If we eat healthy mostly fresh raw foods, they give fresh new energy/movement from sun, moons, planets, stars, galaxies and the rest of the universe. Through this diet the energy we absorb is moving with the flow of living energy and not the energy of dead or heavily processed foods.  
If we do not have the imbalance we will not know what it is to live in the zone; however it is important not to create extreme imbalances; if we starve ourselves we die. Sometimes we will eat badly; however conscious living is about finding our way back to great health. If we fast we stress the brain and improve its health.

Moving with your mind:
·         Focusing, thinking, writing, dreaming, meditating, practicing regularly, means you are living and growing.

·         It is one thing being in the moment, but another moving and flowing within it as well.
·         Flowing means you are focusing on the being, doing, and becoming.

I am not saying that I have it perfected. I am as imperfect as they come. I have been living in the zone of positive energy and passion for many years. However, just recently I became negative stagnant depressed and very sick. I had to go through that to know the magic again.
We will all become out of balance, at times, in many ways. The secret is in moving forwards anyway. Find out what the imbalances are and correct them. If you start to experience undesirable physiological symptoms; you have to focus on correcting the imbalances and yet keep moving.

It is through conscious and intuitive movement that you’ll find your bliss. It is up to you then to begin focusing on that bliss, alignment or center of balance, or state of well-being.  This alignment or synchronicity of movement is where you’ll find balance within you. Through this process/movement you’ll realize you are truly living and growing and experiencing life as a physical expression of your true essential energy potential of the universe within it.

·         The practice of living life is to live/to move, experience a physical existence, practice living in love balance and harmony with the flow of life. Being loving is about the critically important  moving and flowing relationships between everything.  It is not about living in fear, it is about trusting and knowing and being confident that everything will turn out well if you just go for it.
·         Put yourself out there and trust in yourself and the universe that guides and protects you; and let life surprise you.

·         Flow with the magical movement of life and live an amazing life for yourself and others around you.
Physiological manifestations of trapped emotions can be physically expressed in the body as tension, lack of flexibility, anxiety, stress, pain, tumors, even cancers. These emotions can be released and begin to flow again through movement – yoga is a very good way to release these emotional blocks, relieve tension, and relax. Although nothing beats just facing up to the problems and dealing with them. If you do that, your yoga practice will improve overnight. Acupuncture or Tapping are other solutions. Much unconventional wisdom has been suppressed that heal ailments    
The most fundamental solution to many of our mental, physical, and emotional problems is movement; we all need to flow.

We are stuck and frustrated as a society. We are conditioned or shell I say ‘schooled’ into a sedentary existence. We need an awakening to awareness, consciousness, and enlightenment. We need a MOVEMENT to a new loving, happy, healthy, abundant, and sustainable paradigm. A new responsible way of living, thinking, and being; where we truly live in motion, change/transformation, love, balance, and harmony with the flow of life, nature and the universe. This way of being is living by the natural wisdom of nature and the universe; that all natural life naturally lives by. It is surprising that humans have forgotten it. Babies young children wild animals puppies kittens they all just move play in the magical flow of energy…

Beware, warning:  you might experience the effects of Endorphins and Serotonin in your brain and might just experience uncontrollable happiness and an absence of depression and anxiety. You might also experience an increase in testosterone which could improve your relationships and sexuality... this might have the side effects of transforming your life. So beware; many good things could come from  A Mass of Magical Movement. So why not try living in harmony with your magical symphony of movement. Why not create a vision of a magical movement paradise to live in and then move to achieve it!

Every one of us has the power to set the mass magical movement tone; so why don’t you?

Yeah! I found my mojo! It has always been possible in the movement; I was just not moving with it.

Got to love this http://denismquest.blogspot.com/  The Living Movement.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Love-Life vs Fear-Death economy and ways of life.

As a child growing up in Africa much of it was pristine natural bush and on indigenous cultural land then things began to change at an ever accelerating rate from that natural, giving and receiving - love and life based sustainable system: to the male dominated religious fear and death – taking, plundering, extraction, monetary, capitalistic, business, monopolistic economic system. I watched as we were driven from the land into towns and cities, and as life died around me. I watched as the topsoil and trees were washed away into the oceans when we had flooding rainfall. I didn’t understand then what I know and understand now!

As a child we lived in a sustainable eco-village on a hill on the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains on the South East Coast of Natal - now called: Kwa Zulu Natal; where we shared the land with the Zulu chief and his wives and his extended family. I took it for granted that life grew prolifically all around us. The biodiversity we constantly increased by visiting neighboring farms and getting cuttings and seeds and shoots and sprouts; which we had great pleasure planting and nurturing. We had all sorts of birds, chickens, Muscovy ducks, and wild birds all around us. There would be swarms of swallows eating the flying ants when it rained… We had pigs and wild animal life monkeys and small buck in the surrounding forests and ravines, there was prolific life all around us from insects to spiders to frogs and snakes, bees and bumble bees. There were mushrooms growing around the base of the old growth trees that we could pick and eat. It was a living paradise all we did was sustain it by adding a little bit more to it when we felt like doing so. Nature naturally multiplies what you put into it, if you pay attention to it, you can get more than what you need out of it. Living in love with nature and nurturing life around us we lived very healthy happy sustainable lives.

Indigenous natural living and agriculture is the system that had humans living sustain-ably on the land throughout natural history of human and animal existence on the planet. It is this life nurturing system that we all originate from. It was based on the understanding that life gives life to life. The sun shines and the plants grow, we eat the plants and we grow, so if we ensure that life is happy healthy and abundant around us we will not only survive we will live happy healthy lives in an abundant world or shall I say paradise. The only natural economic system is the natural energy system. Life works the opposite to entropy; it builds in complexity and multiplies what you put into it.

Permaculture, Natural agriculture, and Polly-culture are similar love-life based systems. Permaculture uses indigenous knowledge and wisdom, then by designing improves upon it. For example: creating complex and productive eco-systems through succession planting and creating a succession of swales and catchment dams; all of these system working together to create abundant water and food security. This is done by combining natural and indigenous cultural knowledge and wisdom with simple scientific knowledge and systems to make it even better.

Natural Agriculture takes the love-life system learns from observation of nature to grow complex systems into abundance. Casting what is not used from the previous crop on the land to ensure the constant development of the humus in the soil. Then casting clay incased topsoil and seeds on the ground, doing away with mechanical tilling of the soil and planting; this simple system reducing the amount of labor and the use of technology. Creating independence from money, mechanization, plowing, fertilizing, fossil fuels… of the capitalistic death based agribusiness system; while still creating abundance all around you.

Polly culture takes companion planting to the next level; creating abundance and preventing predation through symbiotic plant relationships.

The above systems realize the importance of all life and their contributions to creating love, balance and harmony ecosystems. These systems are constantly giving back through constantly developing rich topsoil full of nutrients so future life grows strong healthy and abundantly. These love-life systems are the opposite of the Fear-death monoculture taking, extraction, capitalistic, monetary, monopolistic, technological, fossil fuel, poisoning, killing, yields and profit agribusiness corporate system.

Mono-culture/agribusiness is a loveless –taking, killing system, that plunders - no matter what the expense to nature and life.  This is a very short term profitable system. Eventually all the systems are depleted and it collapses. This is why monopolistic Uncivilized - 'Civilizations' have risen and fallen throughout history. When do we ever learn?

Just some of the problems associated with Monoculture agribusiness:
·         Desertification – expanding deserts.
·         Annual plowing results in the aeration of the topsoil which causes the bacteria in the soil to multiply like blowing oxygen into a fire; they then eat up the humus in the topsoil at an accelerated rate.
·         The displacement of life – huge mono-cultures cover most of the arable land across most continents; not leaving any space for life to live and grow.
·         This is the main cause of the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs.
·         The use of fertilizers which only replaces very few of the necessary nutrients health plants and humans need.
·         Genetic engineering and the insertion of poison genes into the seeds to withstand the herbicides, pesticides… causing tumors and cancers.
·         The use of herbicides (poisons) to kill all competing plant-life, kills the other plants which used to hold onto the topsoil with their root systems.
·         Pesticides (poisons) kill all of the insect life worms and the micro-organisms in the soil killing the chain of life.
·         Fungicides(poisons) killing all fungal growth many of which are essential for the chain of life and some are expressed in the mushrooms we eat which are essential for good health and longevity…
·         Neonicotinoids (poisons) that kill insects and have been responsible for the bee populations collapses in North America and around the world. Bees are essential for pollination, the cross fertilization of many fruit and nut producing plants. Our survival depends upon the bees and other insects.
·         The xenohormone or xenoestrogenic effects of these poisons are affecting all forms of life. Humans sperm count is dropping, many cancers and other hormonal imbalance related diseases and disorders in humans. 
These poisons wash into our rivers and oceans killing the chain of life there; killing the plankton - phyto plankton and zooplankton – the beginnings of plant and animal life. Fish and frogs etc. being hermaphrodites they change their sex to female with the extra Xenoestrogen in the water affecting the continuation of life in the rivers and oceans.
·         The results of this form of agribusiness in humans are many, toxins, weak immune systems, nutrient less products creating a week population prone to sicknesses and diseases.
·         Over simplified diet.

Not living in healthy loving relationships with nature results in all sorts of physiological and psychological problems. I can go on and on about the pollution from burning, and the use of fossil fuels, the poisons in the air we breathe, the displacement of animals and life as well as the whole abusive system of animal flesh production facilities…the list goes on and on.

Just one more that must be mentioned though: When we all lived in sustainable eco-villages on the land there was an incredible amount biodiversity; cultural seed varieties from different regions and animal species which were raised by independent communities. Now with the centralization of power and the plundering of the world and herding of humans into cities/prison labor camps and the subsidization of mono-culture farming like Monsanto in America; all of the cultural diversity is being lost at an ever accelerating rate. This happens through the flooding of markets in cities in countries, like in Mexico City, and around the world with the cheap subsidized products from American-agribusiness. This prevents local small farms and indigenous farmers from being able to bring their produce to market; thus causing the collapse of their farms and the loss of all of the biodiversity that they supported. As a result they have been forced to migrate to the cities to get ‘jobs’ earn an unnatural living. This is another cause of mass extinctions of life, cultures languages and natural wisdom.

To put it in a few words this fear-death monetary capitalistic monopolistic centralization of power system is designed to make very few people very rich in a short period of time, while plundering and destroy our world and destroying our quality of life. This is a Fear and Death based economy.

While we remain unaware, uninformed and distracted the situation becomes worse at an ever accelerating rate. Coming back from this is not easy, it is a process and takes time, focus and effort to achieve, the longer we wait and the longer we make bad food choices, the worse the situation will become and the harder it will be to recover and the greater the suffering will be; however it is not impossible.

Many years later, I went back to see our amazing magical paradise/eco-village and there was nothing there. It was just a bald knoll. No loving relationships. Years and years of no love and no attention and constant taking; it was all dead and gone. We have a choice with our planet, either we wake up and pay attention and become a love and life based world; or just like Easter Island, when we do it will be too late and total extinction will be the result of our plundering.

The solutions are many:
·         Collect your cuttings peals and leaves and grass and use it as composting to nourish the soil around you.
·         Stop using unnatural poisons,
·         Stop supporting the killing industries.
·         Plant the seeds all around you.
·         Grow your own food.
·         Only support love and life based systems.
·         Buy only locally grown food in season from the above love-life based farmers and communities.
·         Decentralize - gather your tribes and begin to set up sustainable eco-villages.
·         Go on a guided personal quest to discover the truth about our world, life, nature, and the universe.
·         Plant the positive seeds of thought in your minds and in the minds of your children.
·         Create a vision of your future life: living in love, balance, harmony, with others, all life, nature and the universe.
·         Create a vision of living: healthy, happy, abundant, lives in sustainable living ecosystems.
·         Then choose love and life, focus on it and practice manifesting it and it will become the world you and your children live in.
·         Stop sending you children to western schooling systems that teach and promote the objective materialistic consumer death economy.

There is no time like now to turn this all around; and never before in the history of the world have there been so many hands and the ability to Help Save Our World than we have now. All we need is the will to do so and to do it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Do you choose Love and Life or Fear and Death?

With reference to the Sharman’s fable of the Condor and the Eagle:

The Eagle is the male/masculine dominant unsustainable paradigm and economic system which is based on religious based values and beliefs: Blind belief, Fear, Segregation, divide and rule, divide and conquer, consumption, objective materialism, private property ownership, individualism, competition, plundering, taking, linear time…a Death Paradigm – for the exclusive benefit prosperity and survival of a select few at the expense of nature and all others. Ultimately this paradigm is at the expense of all life and the total extinction of all life on this planet. Which we can see happening at an accelerated rate – we have the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs and we are experiencing more and more extreme imbalances, events, and wars.

The native Peruvian Condor paradigm is a love and life paradigm, the natural indigenous cultural paradigm; the natural way of living based on: The eternal feminine which is based on love, close, relationships, and giving and receiving freely, growing life into abundance for the perpetuation and benefit of all life and nature! This has always been the natural indigenous way necessary for the perpetuation of life on this planet. This way of life is based on:
·         Love – close relationships, connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy,
·         Balance,
·         Living in harmony with one another, all of nature, and life,
·         Appreciation,
·         Respect
·         Kindness
·         Consideration,
·         Sharing,
·         Caring,
·         Compassion,
·         Togetherness,
·         Cooperation,
·         No private property ownership,
·         Feeling,
·         Intuition,
·         Emotions,
·         Knowingness,
·         Mental telepathy,
·         Herbalism
·         Being midwives.
·         Intuitive energy healers…
·         Close relationships with all of nature and others,
·         Avoidance of death and injury…
·         Seeing and knowing the beauty and magic of life…
·         Everything is cyclical,
·         Everything is process.
·         Everything is composed of patterns of vibrating energy in motion,
·         We all live in the vibrational flow of life,
·         Change is inevitable, and cyclical,
·         Everything is based in Cause and effect,
·         What we put out there we will receive,
·         We are all in this together,
·         We are one family of life on this planet,
·         Only taking what we need,
·         constantly giving back,
·         Nurturing life into abundance…
This is by no means an all-inclusive list… there are many other magical qualities of the eternal feminine.

The male dominated world view is the taking consuming selfish individualistic world view that life is composed of things and he has to kill to eat, survive, make money, and profits to live and create a quality of life… to buy the car get the job get the wife the car the house and he considers that to be success, no matter what it cost the earth the planet and all life on it. This selfish short term view will provide short term abundance but ultimate death and destruction.

The feminine love-based way of life is it is about all of us coming together in sustainable eco-villages, on the land, living lives in connected relationships with life, the land, and nature. The feminine motivation being for: life to go on, living in abundance, through cooperating for the perpetuation of life. Only this system has a future.

The tale of the Condor and the eagle is about bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance.

Another fable from the Amazon Basin is that; the women send the men out to acquire for the needs of the tribe themselves and the children’s basic needs. However it is up to the women to tell the men when it is enough, so life can flourish and ensure there is future abundance. Only taking what they need and constantly giving back to ensures an abundant future.

The male dominated destructive world view will be the end of our world unless the real leaders of our world the love/life based feminine tells them to stop. If we do not want to continue to race towards the cliff of extinction at an accelerating rate as we are doing; we need to turn our time energy and attention to living naturally and sustain-ably in sustainable eco-villages across our planet!

To do this we need to gather the teachers of our tribes and teach them the wisdom of the ancients - the wisdom I have acquired and teach to ensure life and our children have an abundant future on this planet.

To do this we need to invest our attention, time, energy and money into ensuring this happens.

Have a magical day!


Life is a series of hills and mountains we choose to climb.

As a baby – sucking, moving your arms and legs, balancing, walking, talking, growing up – learning all sorts of life’s skills and mastering them – growing your subconscious quiver of arrows; which you have immediate access to throughout your life – if you continue to practice them.The pleasure is in the experiences on the journeys. You get to breathe deeply feel your legs burning and experience all of the marvels along the way.The climbs make you stronger, fitter, healthier, and you learn so much about life your body and capabilities along the way.
A beautiful young dancer said to me: “I agree!  However the going down the other side is the difficult part. When you are climbing you are very focused, determined, and have a goal to achieve. On the other side everything falls apart. You don’t know what to do next.”

I said: "Well that is the amazing part you get to have a breather, and from your vantage point you have the new acquired ability to look around/research and find which hill you would like to climb next. Through this process planting the seeds of new thoughts in your mind, then you choose, focus, climb the next hill/practice and manifest/reach the summit. Manifesting in what it is you chose to know learn or become while becoming fitter and more capable of climbing the next climb.

She said: “With the dancing we have to work so hard to learn the dance then we forget it. So we are constantly climbing and forgetting the lessons.”

I said: “Well, the pleasure is in the climbing. Your body and mind gets stronger and fitter so it is easier to learn the next dance. You are also not alone in our faster and faster changing world: Computer software salesmen have to learn new software and how to sell it all the time. The faster our lives become in our changing world the more we have to learn to adapt and change.”

I continued to say: “Natural change is inevitable, not to say that our way of life is either natural or inevitable; however what you omit to realize and value is your growing quiver of arrows of life’s skills; your acquired subconscious abilities, which we so often take for granted.” We cannot dance the Waltz forever. How boring would life be if we did? The greater the challenges/hills and mountains we have to climb the greater the pleasure of life.”

She said: It just seems to be such a waist.”

To that I replied: “We can look at life like that. What could be the reason for living life if it is just going to end?  Or we could see it differently: It is in the living of life for the growth and development of self, life itself, others, and the energy tone of the afterlife…, that life is worth living.”

"So enjoy the hills and mountains you choose to climb, live them, feel them, experience them, and you will know that you are truly living your life."

"Don’t waste your life by putting out your thumb and asking someone if you can catch a ride over the hills and mountains; the true value is in the climbing."

Have a magical journey!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Life's Purpose is to Help Save Our World.

Justin, Calin, Support Staff, and fellow travelers on this maximizing webinar journey.
Getting to know me, my message, who I will be serving and why I am excited to be part of your program.

My name is Denis Moore. I am a lifesaver, Marine Engineer, Teacher, Screen Printer, Captain, Philosopher, Guide to the future, Public speaker, The author of and eBook on Amazon called: Gifts – In giving and receiving we maintain the balances of life – an eBook of universal and natural wisdom. The universal and natural philosophy, which I have discovered learned and teach, I have named this philosophy  – DenisM or Denism or denismquest – as a unique identity – no ego or personal ownership implied, it is all about we, not me.

My life’s purpose is to Help Save Our World – I have spent my lifetime on this quest. Now fifty seven years old, I have learned a few things along the way. In the past five or six years I have been working on speeches and have recently wished to do webinars. So I can share my message to a much bigger audience. I eventually want all of the insights, knowledge, and wisdom I have gathered on an automated system; thus giving it longevity, so it can continue to be taught without me. I see the systems I teach as an essential way of thinking and being to ensure life continues on this planet. I also think this Optimized Webinar Sequence as the next step on my journey toward automation and getting it out there. This Maximize you Webinars program or course came just at the right time.
Driven by my love of nature, all living beings, and the universe, I have been driven to question everything, gain the knowledge wisdom and experiences, to know the truth, and then to find the answers to the world’s problems.

Having been born to this purpose, I naturally questioned everything and was provided all the tools, insights, knowledge and wisdom I needed throughout the process of growing up. I was raised in pristine Africa, in a sustainable Eco-village, then having been schooled into the western education system, having become a marine engineer and a teacher. One day while in my own business in my late twenties, it came back to me, I clearly realized the natural world was in trouble.

So I went on – my personal quest for the truth – writing a never published endless book called: Beyond the Age of Ignorance. The title came from realizing that most people were not stupid; however they just tended to ignore the obvious truths around them. When I began writing I did not realize it was not only my personal quest for the truth it was an awakening: bringing me awareness, consciousness and enlightenment and answering many of life’s eternal questions. I began questioning everything. There could be no holy cows (questions unanswered for any reasons). In this book, I questioned myself, the ways of the world, my way of life, thought, religions, science/physics, politics, to find out what was the cause of the problems of the world, studying the fundamental theories of physics, I came up with my own ‘energy theory of reality’ which resulted in an amazing perspective of the world and universe; I also discovering what was happening in our world and why.

Eventually as a result of my quest I realized:
We are racing towards the cliff of extinction because of our way of life.
This way of life was caused by our way of thinking which was: schooled and indoctrinated into us by our previous schooled parents; schools; religions; governments; big business(institutions); owners of the ownership society…
These ways of thinking, living and being are based on abstract and unsustainable values and beliefs.
Many will not change because of: a lack of awareness of their subconscious programming; others because they are too comfortable the way things are; many others due to fear of change; some believe it is too late and thus not worth trying; there are others who are just apathetic (they just don’t care) and are waiting for others to deal with the problems; many are distracted by living life, studying,  jobs, television, media, national and international sport, video games… ; others are distracted by and believe technology will save us; or we will all be able to fly away to another planet; others believe if we just get the right president in power that will make a difference; none of the above will work…

I then realized to avoid the inevitable catastrophe we all need to know the truth, think, question, and change our way of life. I also realized I had been on this quest and knew what we had to do, how to do it, and why; so I had a special gift to share.

It all begins with each of us:
With a desire for life to continue.
Realizing our need to change to Help Save Our World, and provide a sustainable future for our children.
To do this we need to desire to live a better life,
have a vision of a possible future
then change our focus, our actions and way of life.

To do this we need the perspective of what is happening in our world, the knowledge, the natural wisdom and life’s skills, which we will only acquire by:
Going on a personal quest for the truth;
Becoming aware, conscious and enlightened;
taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and way of life; changing and transitioning;
to a new way of thinking and living which is in alignment with: the obvious natural truths;
Living by a different set of values and beliefs;
living in alignment with natural and universal wisdom;
living in Love, Balance, and Harmony with the natural world;
Changing to a positive, Love based way of life, instead of a negative fear based existence;
Living in harmony with the flow of the energy and of nature, life and the energy of the universe.
Decentralizing and empowering ourselves and small communities on the land.

If we do this now we will not only survive and prevent horrifying future suffering; we will live healthy, happy, abundant lives into a sustainable future. The longer we wait the worse the suffering. Wait too long and there will be no hope, only extinction.

I realized that for those who are already schooled/conditioned into this paradigm (way of thinking and existing) change is not easy. To aid and accelerate their transition, it would be wise for them to go on their own, guided, personal and guided quest for the truth. Guided to protect them from the web of lies deceptions and pitfalls along the way, and to accelerate their rate of change and prepare them to raise their children well. I wish: The Guided Quest for the Truth to be one of my offerings.

For our unconditioned babies and very young children, all we need to do is to raise them with the new values and beliefs and way of life. That way we can, transition in very few generations and begin to live happy, health, lives on an abundant sustainable planet. For them we need to create a new philosophy/education system/and way of life to ensure they perpetuate this into the future. DenisM is this partially written philosophy.

I propose raising our children in Sustainable Ecovillages, teaching them how to live in love, balance, and harmony with nature, life, one another and community. This is one of my plans to begin to create sustainable ecovillages for those who wish to transition and mainly the women and children who are beginning to fall out of the capitalistic system. My aim is to empower them to be self-sustaining, in loving connected giving and receiving communities on the land. Through this process, women will become the new leaders of the future.

The communal dining area will also be used to teach ‘the quest’ ‘the love based philosophy’ and all sort of natural wisdom combined with sustainable practices on the land like: Permaculture; Natural agriculture and Polyculture, alternative therapies, herbalism, alternative medicine, like acupuncture and tapping and physical and massage therapy... Creating an abundant sustainable ecosystem around them they will live in a money-less natural system; empowered by living systems around them.

No worries about the men, those who are conscious or are already on the journey of change, will naturally gravitate to these communities and where women go the men will follow.

I see the women becoming the leaders of these communities once again regaining and occupying the respected and appreciated positions in our communities for what they bring to our world. The givers of life - life is perpetuated by love(connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy in close proximity). appreciation, cooperation, nurturing, compassion, consideration, sharing, kindness, mutual respect…; I call these qualities the eternal feminine. In many indigenous cultures throughout natural history, the women were the leaders, midwives, the herbalists, the care givers, the givers of life, the nurtures and the protectors of life. These qualities are what we need to regenerate and sustain life into the future.

Women also have the most powerful first contact with the children; thus they have the biggest influence on future generations. If they raise the community’s children well, in the first five to ten years of their lives, they will make a huge difference into the future. It takes a community to raise a child well.

So I think empowering woman into this design and natural way of life they will become the guardians, leaders, teachers, or facilitators of this way of life, leading from the front we can all make a substantial difference.

For those who do not wish to change and find comfort in the status quo; the transition is inevitably, we will eventually all be forced to make it. The sooner we make the necessary transitions the less the suffering and the greater chance of survival.

I know this is a huge undertaking and most marketers will be screaming, “Land the plane”, “Narrow it down”, “What is your niche?”, “Find what your customer wants” “Then sell them what they need” …  I have come up with some ways to do that; however I don’t want to lose my life purpose or message in the process.

Help Save Our World.
The quest for the truth.
Question, Think, Choose, Focus, Practice and Help Save Our World.
The wisdom behind sustainable living!
Schooling is the institutionalization of our unsustainable way we think and way of life: “Teach your children a sustainable way of life” or “Teach your children how to Help Save Our World” 
Another could be about food, one of the few subjects on the quest, which can be an entry point to the quest: “What we eat can Help Save Our World”

I hope this brings clarity.
Have a Magical day!
Denis Moore

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