Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beyond the Anthropocene Epoch of Ignorance.

In reference to a face book post which I shared from Kim Perry; which is obviously true. 

Maybe we should name this epoch: “The Anthropocene Epoch” (Anthropology being the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies.) – to bring attention and awareness to what humans are doing to the planet on a global scale; as well as the extent, the trajectory and impending future of those values and beliefs and unthinking behaviors. The name bringing awareness and focus to the fact that we are racing for extinction; if we continue with this way of life. As well as accentuating the urgency of the need for change, or shall I say transformation if we wish to reverse these processes.

I have spent a lifetime on my personal quest for the truth, to discover why, when, where, how, and what we can do about it. I have discovered many solutions, the simplest of which are:
·         to change the way we think, what we believe, and the way we live our lives, to manifest a magical, happy, healthy and abundant, future;
·         Change the way we raise our children, in the natural and universal truth, knowledge and wisdom I have acquired, and we change our future in a few generations.

We have a choice, either we listen to people like me, who have traveled their own, open unbiased, quest for the truth with the sole life’s purpose to Help Save Our World; or we continue on existing on the thought and behavior train to extinction.

We the caring tribe need to unite and empower one another. Then set the tone and direction; leading the way to a magical sustainable future. Together we have the power to transform our way of life and our world in the process.

You have a choice, either we do this now or it is over! Decide to get off the, fear, destruction extinction train and join the love based nurturing caring way wave of life. Getting off the extinction thought train, you can choose to go it alone and discover the truth the hard way; by forging your way through the unknown, falling prey to all the pitfalls of the conniving human predators with their lies and deceptions along the way. Or you could join me on a guided quest for the truth through which I show you the way to living together in an abundant sustainable happy healthy world.

Let me guide you safely. I have traveled this journey and know an amazing magical way to get to this state of being, living, and thriving… I will show you the ways to transform your way of life and our world into the new age, epoch or era. This is your personal quest or journey to uncovering the truth, increasing your awareness, consciousness to achieving an observers understanding and state of enlightenment.

I do this by preparing you, then guiding you on your personal quest for the truth. The first step is an introduction to: Why; then what the journey entails. Then what you need to travel safely, the thought tools, insights, knowledge, wisdom and skills; so you can see your way clearly. Then I set you on a series of personal discovery lessons to give you clarity. Along the way I present a series of webinars to inform you what I did and what I think as a result of my perceptions of these experiences. Through this processes showing you how to transform your way of living and being. With this knowledge and wisdom you can show/teach and empower others to transform their lives. Most importantly you can make better decisions on how to raise your children so they can manifest this way of living and being into the future. With this enlightened world view you become a thought leader; a visionary; a teacher; a guide; with the necessary knowledge and wisdom of nature and the universe so you can pass it on to others. Becoming a wise guide/teacher you empower others so never again, can others, lead us astray for their own self-interests, power, and control.

This shift in awareness consciousness and enlightenment, and vision of the future, will result in an age of individual and community empowerment and collective well-being... setting up a magical future. It is all possible, only if we get off the extinction train and move and change.

This reminds me of Howard Zinn’s book: “You cannot stand still on a moving train!” We cannot sit still and hope that the new president or government will save us or something will just change and everything will just be okay. It will not! We are on the waring, plundering, death economy, extinction thought and societal train. Just existing our lives out, we are perpetuating and powering that train to extinction. Even if you think you are a good person – it does not make a difference. You/we have to get off the train; NOW! Pay now, invest in life and the future, or pay a lot more later!

Our time is now, you cannot stay small, you cannot sit still and hope for things to improve, you are part of the herd heading for extinction purely by your way of life, the way you have been programmed to think and behave. You have to choose to act now or pay the price of inaction; and letting the selfish interests of those in power, and institutionalized systems kill our world. Now is our time to help save our world, let me show you how.

Never before in the existence of the planet have there been so many human hands, minds, with the potential, to bring about a sustainable paradise on earth.

What future do you choose; Extinction or Paradise - Love balance and harmony or fear plunder and destruction?

If you are interested in what I teach; please send me your name and email address to denistheteacher@icloud.com I will then include you onto my mailing list. So you benefit from the Genius of universal and natural wisdom which I have been channeling, throughout my life; through my dreams and meditative states of consciousness, to bring them into my consciousness and our physical world. So I can share it with you and the world to bring it into this human consciousness. Although I am an enlightened visionary guide, I am also an engineer, a teacher, and a captain of yachts... With these experiences I am also able to speak the languages of our technological age as well as many other ways of simply explaining concepts. So I can be of value to people of many backgrounds. Please send me your name and address, our future depends upon it.

Will human existence be a blink of existence in geological time or will it step forth into the magnificent enlightened age of reason beyond the age of ignorance; the choice is yours/ours.


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