Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Love-Life vs Fear-Death economy and ways of life.

As a child growing up in Africa much of it was pristine natural bush and on indigenous cultural land then things began to change at an ever accelerating rate from that natural, giving and receiving - love and life based sustainable system: to the male dominated religious fear and death – taking, plundering, extraction, monetary, capitalistic, business, monopolistic economic system. I watched as we were driven from the land into towns and cities, and as life died around me. I watched as the topsoil and trees were washed away into the oceans when we had flooding rainfall. I didn’t understand then what I know and understand now!

As a child we lived in a sustainable eco-village on a hill on the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains on the South East Coast of Natal - now called: Kwa Zulu Natal; where we shared the land with the Zulu chief and his wives and his extended family. I took it for granted that life grew prolifically all around us. The biodiversity we constantly increased by visiting neighboring farms and getting cuttings and seeds and shoots and sprouts; which we had great pleasure planting and nurturing. We had all sorts of birds, chickens, Muscovy ducks, and wild birds all around us. There would be swarms of swallows eating the flying ants when it rained… We had pigs and wild animal life monkeys and small buck in the surrounding forests and ravines, there was prolific life all around us from insects to spiders to frogs and snakes, bees and bumble bees. There were mushrooms growing around the base of the old growth trees that we could pick and eat. It was a living paradise all we did was sustain it by adding a little bit more to it when we felt like doing so. Nature naturally multiplies what you put into it, if you pay attention to it, you can get more than what you need out of it. Living in love with nature and nurturing life around us we lived very healthy happy sustainable lives.

Indigenous natural living and agriculture is the system that had humans living sustain-ably on the land throughout natural history of human and animal existence on the planet. It is this life nurturing system that we all originate from. It was based on the understanding that life gives life to life. The sun shines and the plants grow, we eat the plants and we grow, so if we ensure that life is happy healthy and abundant around us we will not only survive we will live happy healthy lives in an abundant world or shall I say paradise. The only natural economic system is the natural energy system. Life works the opposite to entropy; it builds in complexity and multiplies what you put into it.

Permaculture, Natural agriculture, and Polly-culture are similar love-life based systems. Permaculture uses indigenous knowledge and wisdom, then by designing improves upon it. For example: creating complex and productive eco-systems through succession planting and creating a succession of swales and catchment dams; all of these system working together to create abundant water and food security. This is done by combining natural and indigenous cultural knowledge and wisdom with simple scientific knowledge and systems to make it even better.

Natural Agriculture takes the love-life system learns from observation of nature to grow complex systems into abundance. Casting what is not used from the previous crop on the land to ensure the constant development of the humus in the soil. Then casting clay incased topsoil and seeds on the ground, doing away with mechanical tilling of the soil and planting; this simple system reducing the amount of labor and the use of technology. Creating independence from money, mechanization, plowing, fertilizing, fossil fuels… of the capitalistic death based agribusiness system; while still creating abundance all around you.

Polly culture takes companion planting to the next level; creating abundance and preventing predation through symbiotic plant relationships.

The above systems realize the importance of all life and their contributions to creating love, balance and harmony ecosystems. These systems are constantly giving back through constantly developing rich topsoil full of nutrients so future life grows strong healthy and abundantly. These love-life systems are the opposite of the Fear-death monoculture taking, extraction, capitalistic, monetary, monopolistic, technological, fossil fuel, poisoning, killing, yields and profit agribusiness corporate system.

Mono-culture/agribusiness is a loveless –taking, killing system, that plunders - no matter what the expense to nature and life.  This is a very short term profitable system. Eventually all the systems are depleted and it collapses. This is why monopolistic Uncivilized - 'Civilizations' have risen and fallen throughout history. When do we ever learn?

Just some of the problems associated with Monoculture agribusiness:
·         Desertification – expanding deserts.
·         Annual plowing results in the aeration of the topsoil which causes the bacteria in the soil to multiply like blowing oxygen into a fire; they then eat up the humus in the topsoil at an accelerated rate.
·         The displacement of life – huge mono-cultures cover most of the arable land across most continents; not leaving any space for life to live and grow.
·         This is the main cause of the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs.
·         The use of fertilizers which only replaces very few of the necessary nutrients health plants and humans need.
·         Genetic engineering and the insertion of poison genes into the seeds to withstand the herbicides, pesticides… causing tumors and cancers.
·         The use of herbicides (poisons) to kill all competing plant-life, kills the other plants which used to hold onto the topsoil with their root systems.
·         Pesticides (poisons) kill all of the insect life worms and the micro-organisms in the soil killing the chain of life.
·         Fungicides(poisons) killing all fungal growth many of which are essential for the chain of life and some are expressed in the mushrooms we eat which are essential for good health and longevity…
·         Neonicotinoids (poisons) that kill insects and have been responsible for the bee populations collapses in North America and around the world. Bees are essential for pollination, the cross fertilization of many fruit and nut producing plants. Our survival depends upon the bees and other insects.
·         The xenohormone or xenoestrogenic effects of these poisons are affecting all forms of life. Humans sperm count is dropping, many cancers and other hormonal imbalance related diseases and disorders in humans. 
These poisons wash into our rivers and oceans killing the chain of life there; killing the plankton - phyto plankton and zooplankton – the beginnings of plant and animal life. Fish and frogs etc. being hermaphrodites they change their sex to female with the extra Xenoestrogen in the water affecting the continuation of life in the rivers and oceans.
·         The results of this form of agribusiness in humans are many, toxins, weak immune systems, nutrient less products creating a week population prone to sicknesses and diseases.
·         Over simplified diet.

Not living in healthy loving relationships with nature results in all sorts of physiological and psychological problems. I can go on and on about the pollution from burning, and the use of fossil fuels, the poisons in the air we breathe, the displacement of animals and life as well as the whole abusive system of animal flesh production facilities…the list goes on and on.

Just one more that must be mentioned though: When we all lived in sustainable eco-villages on the land there was an incredible amount biodiversity; cultural seed varieties from different regions and animal species which were raised by independent communities. Now with the centralization of power and the plundering of the world and herding of humans into cities/prison labor camps and the subsidization of mono-culture farming like Monsanto in America; all of the cultural diversity is being lost at an ever accelerating rate. This happens through the flooding of markets in cities in countries, like in Mexico City, and around the world with the cheap subsidized products from American-agribusiness. This prevents local small farms and indigenous farmers from being able to bring their produce to market; thus causing the collapse of their farms and the loss of all of the biodiversity that they supported. As a result they have been forced to migrate to the cities to get ‘jobs’ earn an unnatural living. This is another cause of mass extinctions of life, cultures languages and natural wisdom.

To put it in a few words this fear-death monetary capitalistic monopolistic centralization of power system is designed to make very few people very rich in a short period of time, while plundering and destroy our world and destroying our quality of life. This is a Fear and Death based economy.

While we remain unaware, uninformed and distracted the situation becomes worse at an ever accelerating rate. Coming back from this is not easy, it is a process and takes time, focus and effort to achieve, the longer we wait and the longer we make bad food choices, the worse the situation will become and the harder it will be to recover and the greater the suffering will be; however it is not impossible.

Many years later, I went back to see our amazing magical paradise/eco-village and there was nothing there. It was just a bald knoll. No loving relationships. Years and years of no love and no attention and constant taking; it was all dead and gone. We have a choice with our planet, either we wake up and pay attention and become a love and life based world; or just like Easter Island, when we do it will be too late and total extinction will be the result of our plundering.

The solutions are many:
·         Collect your cuttings peals and leaves and grass and use it as composting to nourish the soil around you.
·         Stop using unnatural poisons,
·         Stop supporting the killing industries.
·         Plant the seeds all around you.
·         Grow your own food.
·         Only support love and life based systems.
·         Buy only locally grown food in season from the above love-life based farmers and communities.
·         Decentralize - gather your tribes and begin to set up sustainable eco-villages.
·         Go on a guided personal quest to discover the truth about our world, life, nature, and the universe.
·         Plant the positive seeds of thought in your minds and in the minds of your children.
·         Create a vision of your future life: living in love, balance, harmony, with others, all life, nature and the universe.
·         Create a vision of living: healthy, happy, abundant, lives in sustainable living ecosystems.
·         Then choose love and life, focus on it and practice manifesting it and it will become the world you and your children live in.
·         Stop sending you children to western schooling systems that teach and promote the objective materialistic consumer death economy.

There is no time like now to turn this all around; and never before in the history of the world have there been so many hands and the ability to Help Save Our World than we have now. All we need is the will to do so and to do it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Do you choose Love and Life or Fear and Death?

With reference to the Sharman’s fable of the Condor and the Eagle:

The Eagle is the male/masculine dominant unsustainable paradigm and economic system which is based on religious based values and beliefs: Blind belief, Fear, Segregation, divide and rule, divide and conquer, consumption, objective materialism, private property ownership, individualism, competition, plundering, taking, linear time…a Death Paradigm – for the exclusive benefit prosperity and survival of a select few at the expense of nature and all others. Ultimately this paradigm is at the expense of all life and the total extinction of all life on this planet. Which we can see happening at an accelerated rate – we have the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs and we are experiencing more and more extreme imbalances, events, and wars.

The native Peruvian Condor paradigm is a love and life paradigm, the natural indigenous cultural paradigm; the natural way of living based on: The eternal feminine which is based on love, close, relationships, and giving and receiving freely, growing life into abundance for the perpetuation and benefit of all life and nature! This has always been the natural indigenous way necessary for the perpetuation of life on this planet. This way of life is based on:
·         Love – close relationships, connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy,
·         Balance,
·         Living in harmony with one another, all of nature, and life,
·         Appreciation,
·         Respect
·         Kindness
·         Consideration,
·         Sharing,
·         Caring,
·         Compassion,
·         Togetherness,
·         Cooperation,
·         No private property ownership,
·         Feeling,
·         Intuition,
·         Emotions,
·         Knowingness,
·         Mental telepathy,
·         Herbalism
·         Being midwives.
·         Intuitive energy healers…
·         Close relationships with all of nature and others,
·         Avoidance of death and injury…
·         Seeing and knowing the beauty and magic of life…
·         Everything is cyclical,
·         Everything is process.
·         Everything is composed of patterns of vibrating energy in motion,
·         We all live in the vibrational flow of life,
·         Change is inevitable, and cyclical,
·         Everything is based in Cause and effect,
·         What we put out there we will receive,
·         We are all in this together,
·         We are one family of life on this planet,
·         Only taking what we need,
·         constantly giving back,
·         Nurturing life into abundance…
This is by no means an all-inclusive list… there are many other magical qualities of the eternal feminine.

The male dominated world view is the taking consuming selfish individualistic world view that life is composed of things and he has to kill to eat, survive, make money, and profits to live and create a quality of life… to buy the car get the job get the wife the car the house and he considers that to be success, no matter what it cost the earth the planet and all life on it. This selfish short term view will provide short term abundance but ultimate death and destruction.

The feminine love-based way of life is it is about all of us coming together in sustainable eco-villages, on the land, living lives in connected relationships with life, the land, and nature. The feminine motivation being for: life to go on, living in abundance, through cooperating for the perpetuation of life. Only this system has a future.

The tale of the Condor and the eagle is about bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance.

Another fable from the Amazon Basin is that; the women send the men out to acquire for the needs of the tribe themselves and the children’s basic needs. However it is up to the women to tell the men when it is enough, so life can flourish and ensure there is future abundance. Only taking what they need and constantly giving back to ensures an abundant future.

The male dominated destructive world view will be the end of our world unless the real leaders of our world the love/life based feminine tells them to stop. If we do not want to continue to race towards the cliff of extinction at an accelerating rate as we are doing; we need to turn our time energy and attention to living naturally and sustain-ably in sustainable eco-villages across our planet!

To do this we need to gather the teachers of our tribes and teach them the wisdom of the ancients - the wisdom I have acquired and teach to ensure life and our children have an abundant future on this planet.

To do this we need to invest our attention, time, energy and money into ensuring this happens.

Have a magical day!


Life is a series of hills and mountains we choose to climb.

As a baby – sucking, moving your arms and legs, balancing, walking, talking, growing up – learning all sorts of life’s skills and mastering them – growing your subconscious quiver of arrows; which you have immediate access to throughout your life – if you continue to practice them.The pleasure is in the experiences on the journeys. You get to breathe deeply feel your legs burning and experience all of the marvels along the way.The climbs make you stronger, fitter, healthier, and you learn so much about life your body and capabilities along the way.
A beautiful young dancer said to me: “I agree!  However the going down the other side is the difficult part. When you are climbing you are very focused, determined, and have a goal to achieve. On the other side everything falls apart. You don’t know what to do next.”

I said: "Well that is the amazing part you get to have a breather, and from your vantage point you have the new acquired ability to look around/research and find which hill you would like to climb next. Through this process planting the seeds of new thoughts in your mind, then you choose, focus, climb the next hill/practice and manifest/reach the summit. Manifesting in what it is you chose to know learn or become while becoming fitter and more capable of climbing the next climb.

She said: “With the dancing we have to work so hard to learn the dance then we forget it. So we are constantly climbing and forgetting the lessons.”

I said: “Well, the pleasure is in the climbing. Your body and mind gets stronger and fitter so it is easier to learn the next dance. You are also not alone in our faster and faster changing world: Computer software salesmen have to learn new software and how to sell it all the time. The faster our lives become in our changing world the more we have to learn to adapt and change.”

I continued to say: “Natural change is inevitable, not to say that our way of life is either natural or inevitable; however what you omit to realize and value is your growing quiver of arrows of life’s skills; your acquired subconscious abilities, which we so often take for granted.” We cannot dance the Waltz forever. How boring would life be if we did? The greater the challenges/hills and mountains we have to climb the greater the pleasure of life.”

She said: It just seems to be such a waist.”

To that I replied: “We can look at life like that. What could be the reason for living life if it is just going to end?  Or we could see it differently: It is in the living of life for the growth and development of self, life itself, others, and the energy tone of the afterlife…, that life is worth living.”

"So enjoy the hills and mountains you choose to climb, live them, feel them, experience them, and you will know that you are truly living your life."

"Don’t waste your life by putting out your thumb and asking someone if you can catch a ride over the hills and mountains; the true value is in the climbing."

Have a magical journey!