Sunday, July 3, 2016

Life is a series of hills and mountains we choose to climb.

As a baby – sucking, moving your arms and legs, balancing, walking, talking, growing up – learning all sorts of life’s skills and mastering them – growing your subconscious quiver of arrows; which you have immediate access to throughout your life – if you continue to practice them.The pleasure is in the experiences on the journeys. You get to breathe deeply feel your legs burning and experience all of the marvels along the way.The climbs make you stronger, fitter, healthier, and you learn so much about life your body and capabilities along the way.
A beautiful young dancer said to me: “I agree!  However the going down the other side is the difficult part. When you are climbing you are very focused, determined, and have a goal to achieve. On the other side everything falls apart. You don’t know what to do next.”

I said: "Well that is the amazing part you get to have a breather, and from your vantage point you have the new acquired ability to look around/research and find which hill you would like to climb next. Through this process planting the seeds of new thoughts in your mind, then you choose, focus, climb the next hill/practice and manifest/reach the summit. Manifesting in what it is you chose to know learn or become while becoming fitter and more capable of climbing the next climb.

She said: “With the dancing we have to work so hard to learn the dance then we forget it. So we are constantly climbing and forgetting the lessons.”

I said: “Well, the pleasure is in the climbing. Your body and mind gets stronger and fitter so it is easier to learn the next dance. You are also not alone in our faster and faster changing world: Computer software salesmen have to learn new software and how to sell it all the time. The faster our lives become in our changing world the more we have to learn to adapt and change.”

I continued to say: “Natural change is inevitable, not to say that our way of life is either natural or inevitable; however what you omit to realize and value is your growing quiver of arrows of life’s skills; your acquired subconscious abilities, which we so often take for granted.” We cannot dance the Waltz forever. How boring would life be if we did? The greater the challenges/hills and mountains we have to climb the greater the pleasure of life.”

She said: It just seems to be such a waist.”

To that I replied: “We can look at life like that. What could be the reason for living life if it is just going to end?  Or we could see it differently: It is in the living of life for the growth and development of self, life itself, others, and the energy tone of the afterlife…, that life is worth living.”

"So enjoy the hills and mountains you choose to climb, live them, feel them, experience them, and you will know that you are truly living your life."

"Don’t waste your life by putting out your thumb and asking someone if you can catch a ride over the hills and mountains; the true value is in the climbing."

Have a magical journey!

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