Saturday, December 28, 2013

Think and grow rich, health and happy.

Where do you spend your energy?

How much of your energy do you expend on doing other peoples bidding, their projects and solving their problems?
How much energy to you expend on yourself?
How much energy do you have to spend with your children and family?
How much energy do you give back to nature?
What could you do with all of your energy if you were not giving it all to an unsustainable system?
Most of our energy is spent attempting to perpetuate the unsustainable centralized power based system.
Most of us work in jobs so a large amount of our personal energy is used up doing other peoples bidding.
What are we doing expending all of our energy to make very few other people extremely rich and powerful over us and so they can own everything and in the process killing our world?
We expend a large portion of our lives being schooled and educated into a centralized power based system so we can perpetuate a societal system that is killing our natural world. For the period of time it takes for us to be schooled/educated, our parents have to carry the burden of supplying us with their energy; thus taking more energy away from their lives and disempowering them.
The work we do for bosses and owners we get compensated in money that is a small percentage of the value of our personal energy. It gets taxed by government and municipalities – (fines parking meters citations) when we buy something it gets taxed with profits for the corporations… What we have in the end for our efforts is a very small amount of abstract money/representing energy for ourselves.
Add to this the prices of goods and services are going up. Our salaries are either stagnant or going down with low wage earning jobs. In other words the abstract representation of energy (Money) we earn for our personal energy is becoming less. So we are working harder and longer hours for less and less. We are becoming unhappy unhealthy wage slaves with less and less energy for ourselves our children and nature by perpetuating a system that is destroying our world.
Why don’t we take back our lives and begin to work for ourselves and our family directly giving the maximum amount of our energy back to our children community and nature.
Nature multiplies your energy naturally: Whatever you put in it multiplies it. You plant seeds and nurture them and you will have trees that will bear fruit for many years to come. You plant berry bushes and it does the same you plant any seed and it grows into a bigger energy form to give you more energy than you put in. The sun shines and the plants grow you eat the plants and you grow. Relatively free energy. All you have to do is and learn how to grow your own food – permaculture.  Then in small groups relocate and live spread out on the land.
If you live in a city now and the best you can do now is to begin growing your own food in your own garden or in community gardens, then I suggest you begin to do so. The more you invest into nature the greater the returns. Permaculture is sustainable agriculture – ‘conventional agriculture’ is killing our world’
The more you reduce your food bill the more energy you will have available to you to change your life even more.
If you cannot afford to do it alone get others to do it with you.
Eventually you will be able to relocate out of the cities onto the land.
If you redirected all your energy to living in harmony with one another and nature we would live in a wonderful natural healthy and happy  and abundant world?
Although this process will require a lot of energy and effort to establish in the transition phase it will be worth it in the long run. For your health, happiness, family, community for the world. Invest in your future and the future of you children.
Empower yourself your community and your immediate environment. Energy combined with more and more energy creates power. Combining your consistent energy input into nature will make a powerful energy system. Combining family, community and natural energy is much more powerful. If we reconnect with one another and nature we will save our world.
Teach your children how to live in Love, Balance and harmony with others and nature in nature and we will save our world. Our children are our future. Stop sending to schooling systems that destroy their independent creative thinking abilities.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Mr Grinch" - I was called Mr Grinch because I don't agree with buying and giving presents at Christmas time.

"Mr Grinch" - I was called Mr Grinch because I don't agree with buying and giving presents at Christmas time. This was my response.

“Grinch” Oh yes guilt! If they cannot indoctrinate you to force you to consume then they will guilt you into it. “Oh your poor children” and “the poor people in your society!” What about the poor people of the world whose lives you are, have and continue to destroy with your capitalism and imperialism. And what about nature you destroy as you plunder and pillage for resources around the world for your consumption. The US economy is 70% based on consumerism. The best way to stop capitalism and imperialism in its tracts is to stop consuming. The expansion model is based on consumption. Why do you think George Bush Jr. was saying: “Shop, shop, shop, and we will do the rest like go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan?  You consume and we will continue to plunder for resources; create dependent poverty stricken centralized societies driven off the land to establish cheap labor to produce products for your/our consumption. We will then use their land for food production for your excessive consumption of products.

Without us changing and only taking what we need we are destroying others’ lives, nature and life on this planet. The junk that we buy: “Oh your poor children” and “the poor people in your society you never gave them a gift that will more than likely end up in the garbage very soon and continue to pollute our planet!” Do you really have no idea what you are doing! Or is it that your are indoctrinated, or you just choose to ignore or are you just enjoying the buzzzzzzzzzz! The feelings and emotions that the propaganda and advertisements evoke in you or is it the excessive consumption of food, alcohol and drugs that make and keep you unaware? Don’t let me be your Buzkill!

“Grinch!” “Wow how simple! one word to manipulate the unconscious masses!”

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Before I begin I want to thank you all for an amazing experience of love, kindness, compassion, openness and non-judgment. My heart has not known such love for a long time. For this I have immense love and gratitude for you all.
By doing these courses on top of my normal life I have been, go, go, go. Pushing to get the money to do the courses and now pushing to enroll people against all odds. I have been going without sleep; working long hours at work; then on my life’s purpose to Help Save Our World; editing my book; writing speeches; presenting them; writing down my dreams and channeling meditative insights from my guides, ancestors, family who have passed, nature and the universe.
Yesterday exhausted I fell asleep during the day and dreamt deeply. The clarity of my dreams is amazing. Without the interruptions demands on my time and attention I am able to listen and perceive the insights I receive and gain perspective of my life and the situation I find myself in. With the break through happening in my dreams I woke up this afternoon with the realization that the process I am in is not working for me in certain ways and I needed to be aware of them and change.
I would like to say before I continue: I am going to continue to do the leadership, however on my own terms. If this means I am not a leader in this system I will have to leave. The reasons for this decision are: I have a lot to offer to you +Tina, +Carlos, +Jaime, all the wonderful people who staff your courses, all your students and people of our world; and I possibly have more to learn by continuing to do leadership.
My dream gave me great clarity of perception that led to what I write below:
It is time to be brutally honest with ourselves. It is time to look at the system we are giving everyone a hand up into. It is time to question the direction we are leading people into.
This struck me when:
·        I heard Jaime, and Carlos confirming, her brushing over what a cult was: “A cult is just a group of like-minded people.” Now I know the definition, I read in an old coverless dictionary many years ago, was that a cult was: any group of people who used the structure of the religious teachings of the Torah to create their own divergent religious following. Like the tree of the other of religions that originate from the Torah. It might have been Catholicism though. Most have the view that the others that take and mutate their system are cults. Some the view that: the mainstream long established branches of the religion are not cults however the new ones are. 
It also came home to me when:
·        we started leadership and they were doing the angel thing;
·        And with the whole section on career, finance, education and the questions about money, wealth and perceived success.
·        And the pressure to fund you own journey
·        And using religious language with words like: spirit instead of energy, God instead of universe…
·        Like many of these life coaching courses it was becoming partially religious.
·        I understand why this is. It is because of the societal structure we live in. Which is based on the foundational values and beliefs of the old testament in the Bible which are concentrated mainly in  the beginning of the old testament in the teachings of Moses which is referred to as: “the books of Moses” or in the original form “the Torah”. So if a coaching course is leading someone back to the societal system and way of life; it is leading them back to the religion and the Bible.
My personal Quest for the truth has led me to the clear understanding that our way of life is killing our world. So the worst thing we should be doing is forcing people back into it. The best would be to show how and empower them to live sustainably and independent of the system.
Because this system is perpetuating the old paradigm I am finding leadership very difficult to continue to participate in; because it is driving people to perpetuate the sick system.
Although this course was a wonderful experience in openness, love - connectivity and sharing energy with others. Many of my experiences in Journey and ALPS were just reliving previous experiences and realizations I had already lived on my Quest for truth. It did however relight fires and emotions I had suppressed or put on the back burners. Some experiences forced me to say things that were not true. This was very difficult for me because I am all about living true to my heart.
The progressive underlying influence of a bias towards the status quo politics and religion which became more and more obvious as the process continued. Although in the beginning Tina was trying to be accommodating of all people from all ways of thinking, by avoiding it in the beginning, it was inevitable because of the structural design of the course and societal system. It is a systemic problem.
In leadership it became very clear. Leadership leads you somewhere and this leadership. With the focus on: angels and religions; perpetuating the status quo – with its competitive business model, work in jobs, for money capitalism… We are being led to perpetuate the system that is killing our world.
This course reminds me of the AA Alcoholics Anonymous and missionary teachings in foreign countries: kind hearted people with the kindest intentions to help others. Who in trying to help those in need by giving them free food and getting them to believe in a creator create the system that destroys them and nature and ultimately leads them to living unhappy and unhealthy dependent lives in cities. This leads them to the not dealing with their emotions in healthy ways. Like suppression of their emotions through self-abuse with excessive eating, drinking and taking drugs which results in a poor self-image, self-esteem and a lack of self-respect. These lead to discontent, unhappiness and anger. The imbalances of wealth lead to jealousy, starvation and lack of for many. All these lead to what is called crime and prisons… A sick imbalanced system has to be maintained with force. Private security forces, NSA, CIA, FBI, police, military and all sorts of law enforcement.  
On the side: I watched as peoples’ contribution was teaching children that they should perpetuate a consumer Christmas model that subjects us as adults to an immense amount of stress and extra labor to buy presents ‘things’ so we can make the rich richer instead of giving our children the love and attention they need and desire most. We cannot buy love. Love is connectivity and the sharing of energy. We need to reconnect with our children, family, humanity and nature. We need to love one another and nature. We need to reconnect with the energy around us; the energy of nature and of the universe. We are energy beings. We are the energy we assimilate. We are connected and sharing energy we receive from other beings that radiate their energy outwards for us to receive. We are love. It is not about physical presents and ‘things’.
The dominant way of thinking and living is divisive. It has separated us and driven us away from the understanding of whom and what we are where we come from and where we are going. We are expressions of: the energy ecosystems; the nature of our planet; which is an expression of our solar system, of our Milky Way galaxy and of the universe, within it. We are expressions of the ecosystems of the universe within it. We are living in the garden of the universe. We are the life of and in that garden.
Our dominant way of thinking, the disease of abstract thought, has divided us to believe we are not loved or beings of love. Fear is driving us to believe in a system where we are superior, separate from and above nature and others “we are the chosen ones” “we are Christians.” People who do not think and believe as we do are: pagans, heathens, kaffirs, Indians, natives, ignorant and uneducated… The education system is designed to condition people into a state of ignorance. I always said: “A doctorate is a doctorate in indoctrination.” Specialists lose their perspective like ostriches with their heads in the sand.
This leads me to our education system. I am a qualified teacher and did study education systems of the world. I was raised on the land and later was indoctrinated into the western education system. So my true wisdom is that of the natural world I was raised in:
A child of Africa, I was born of love and connected energy. My family lived on and shared the land with a Zulu chief and his wives and children as one big happy family. In my mind I go back to that world:
I wake up to wild mushrooms growing under the tree outside my window in the decaying pile of branch and leaves of a very old tree. I happily bring it to my mom who prepares it for breakfast. I am alive and connected to life, its energy, cycles and rhythms. I am climbing a tree smelling its bark and feeling its energy. The rope between my legs and stick under them, I let go. Swing way up above the roof of our house - feeling the shade then the warmth of the radiation of the suns energy. Breathing in fresh air and the scents of the life around me I walk bare footed by the streams and waterfalls. I smell decaying leaves, the rich smell of the topsoil, the scents of pine needles and gum trees. I crumble a leaf of the Surinam cherry shrub between my fingers and smell it, it is amazing, Stopping I smell the roses and everything around me, like a dog does. I touch and feel everything that catches my attention. I hear the sounds of the forest, birds, bees, and the bark of the monkeys and the movement of buck through the bush. I am seeing and sensing the magic of nature all around me. The flora and fauna are sharing their energy with me. I pick and eat fresh fruit and vegetables as I roam. Playing with the bumble bees and all the animals around me I am in love with nature and all the people around me. I am living the perfect human life - being. I am a human being, being the energy of my perceived self while being one with the energy of nature that gives and sustains my life.
Giving and receiving energy is a universal wisdom - it is who and what we are and where we come from.
I run like the wind and swim like a fish.
I am surfing paddling through the waves with my chest heaving until it is about to burst… I am out beyond backline paddling into position… I sit on my board. I am feeling relaxing in the tranquil motion of the waves moving up and down on the enormous swells behind back line as I watch and wait for a wave. I am one with and in harmony with the motion of the waves and nature.
Excited I am paddling to catch a wave, feeling the adrenaline rushing through me, I sense the fear, the pleasure. I am standing, fly down the wave, doing a bottom turn and up onto the wall of the wave, I am in the moment. Embraced within the tube, time is standing still; I am one with this monstrous wave of water. Feeling so much pleasure I could burst. Shooting out of the wave I let out a scream of delight. I am truly happy with my life. I am healthy, strong and fit.
My parents the Zulu chief and his wives taught me all about living on the land and in harmony with nature. From planting with a hoe, harvesting, threshing the beans and throwing the beans and husks into the wind to separate them, to minding of ducks and chickens and all the life around us. Taking only what we needed and leaving the rest for others and nature and sharing what we had. This is the way of life, knowledge and wisdom that we all need, to live healthy happy lives. This is what got us here as a species. It is natural wisdom. All animals unquestioningly live as one with the flow of the wave of life. We the people of this dominant abstract way of life have been choosing instead to kill it all for wealth, possessions, ownership of things, money and power.
Then I was forced to go to school.
Young children and animals are truly connected beings; they naturally get it. Then something changes.
I remember when I started school as a child, day dreaming as I watching the butterflies and the energy of the life outside the classroom window. Eventually hearing a distant voice: “ Denis…., Denis…, Denis…, you are dreaming again.” To which I answered: “I am listening to you Mrs. Watson.” “So what was I saying?” she asked. I repeated what she had said. The loving kind woman she was she happily to let me continue dreaming; however schooling was soon to force that out of me.
The education system, schools, punishes/canes, indoctrinates and programs us into living abstract, disconnected, loveless lives of control, time, bells and whistles, punctuality, structured classes and unnatural environments.
Teaching us competition - achievement is evaluated in percentages of our ability to absorb and regurgitate abstract thinking of the languages of mathematics science and specific other national languages - disrupting and destroying indigenous languages and cultures… Destroying creativity and individual difference reducing and specializing; where specialization ultimately leads to extinction.
Education serves to indoctrinate us into:
·        An authoritarian centralized power based system,
·        Patriotism,
·        Religion,
·        Segregation into groups or classes,
·        Elitism higher achievers are separated into A class or B classes… reinforcing the concept that you are better if you achieve in the system. Creating the societal segregation between rich and poor later in life.
·        Separation from nature,
·        An objective materialistic way of life,
·        Linear time,
·        Disempowering the individual and empowering the system…
·        It is a system to indoctrinate us into the abstract system.
Through this system we become dependent wage slaves working for money and possessions and ownership, in an abstract economic system that is killing our world.
In our society through media we are constantly being schooled indoctrinated propagandized into the perpetuation of an unsustainable system with an unlimited growth model. In a world with very real limitations this is unsustainable. We are being conditioned into supporting this abstract: private property ownership, money, jobs and labor model. Knowledge is now owned and sold to us, for certificates and the promise of work. Just about everything that was our basic human rights is privately owned, turned into commodities or products to be sold to us for money and profits. For which we labor for in unnatural jobs.
I will stop here before it becomes a book. The education system and societal system are sick.
We need to give our children the gift of true knowledge and wisdom of the natural world we need to make sure they have the experience of that connection to the energy of nature we need to show them how to be connected to the energy of the world that gives and sustains healthy happy life. Teaching them to love nature and one another; showing them who and what they are and empowering them to live in love, balance and harmony with the wave of life. This must be our legacy to them and they must know how to be responsible life sustaining adults of the future. This is how we perpetuate healthy happy life on this planet.
We then need to teach the indoctrinated/conditioned/schooled how to rediscover who and what they are and their place in the natural world. We need to show them how to become self-empowered while re-empowering nature back into becoming sustainable around us. We need to take the wealth of the world and convert it into natural and sustainable systems.
We live in a sick unhealthy and unhappy world. A world of wars disease, cancer, obesity, heart disease… because of our disease of abstract thought which results in our insane way of life. We are generally unhealthy and sick because of our way of life based on our conditioned way of thinking. All those onion layers: layers upon layers insulating us more and more from awareness, consciousness and healthy happy lives.
Change what people think and believe and you will change the world.
The questions are: Are you willing to go there? Are you willing to think, question everything, see, feel, hear, smell, taste and sense – intuitively connecting to nature and the universe around you? Are you willing to truly live and be alive human beings? Do you want to truly become more aware, conscious and enlightened?
If you do you need to go on a guided personal journey of self-discovery; where there are no holy cows, nothing is beyond question. Are you willing to go on “The Quest for the Truth – a thought journey to the truth and universal and natural wisdom?
I am a channel and a teacher. I receive insights and wisdom from all around me. This is my chosen contribution - to encode this wisdom into simple language and analogies to teach others. I receive and teach the simple and yet obvious wisdom of nature and the universe to give people the gifts of awareness, consciousness and enlightenment.
My purpose is to “Help Save Our World” (HSOW). I will achieve this by calling upon others to help me help them save our world by learning to live in love, balance and harmony with one another and nature.The Quest for Truth” is the true journey back to self, nature, others and the universe: reconnecting, re-discovering who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going.
I call all these paradigm shifting teachings “Denism”. Its purpose is to “Help Save Our World” which also means “Help SOW” we need to stop destroying and reseed our planet.  The lands with all life: bacteria, micro-organisms, insects, birds, plants, and animals… all life from the foundations of life to the most complex life forms. In the oceans phytoplankton and zooplankton are the foundations of plant and animal life of the oceans; from which life in the oceans grow. It is these ecosystems that give and sustain life; not institutions, oil or money.
We need to re-empower ourselves and nature by reestablishing bio-diverse locally grown food, in decentralized communities, from the few remaining sources of heirloom seeds(An heirloom plant, heirloom variety, heritage fruit, or heirloom vegetable is an old cultivar that is "still maintained by gardeners and farmers particularly in isolated or ethnic communities". ...) and animals. If we continue to kill the natural world (the wave of life) on our planet, we become extinct like the dinosaurs 65million years ago.
As dependent, wage slaves, we waste our time and energy on others pursuit of money, wealth, and power at our own expense in the long run and at the expense of nature around us. We build high-rise buildings in cities wasting our time and energy. Cities are unnatural unsustainable dead zones - so many people cannot survive sustainably in such densely populated areas. There is too much concrete and too much water drainage… And not enough land, food and water for people to survive without oil and money; which are becoming increasingly scarce. Oil is becoming more expensive and money is decreasing in value. As jobs decrease in number. Salaries do not go up at the rate they should to maintain our quality of life. And worst of all centralized living is only able to be perpetuated with the plundering of nature and others with economics and wars - killing our brothers and sisters and their children and destroying their lives and destroying the natural world.
Civilization is a contradiction. Civilizations have never been civilized to nature and others. By perpetuating this life style we are killing our natural world that gives and sustains our lives.
The centralization of power always results in collapse because it is not sustainable. Extreme imbalances of power will be equalized with collapse or revolution.
I think of the Inca civilization that rose to power built their pyramids devastating the forests and jungles to centralize the power in the hands of a few. Then as nature collapsed the civilization collapsed and the people that survived returned to the land and recreated the jungle – “food forests”. That today are being destroyed to harvest the wood and plant soy to make very few rich by supplying wood for our consumption and feed the animals we eat; at the expense of nature and the indigenous people. And all of us as the oxygen it produced is not produced any more and the carbon the green plants sequestered is left in the atmosphere to accelerate global warming. The amazon and the great jungles of the world we have lost and are losing were referred to as: “the lungs of our planet!”
I think of the stone heads on Easter Island and the lack of vegetation and the lost civilization that did not survive. When do we realize we are doing the same?
We have to reverse this trend towards the absolute centralization of power. Which began with the concept of one deity one totalitarian ruler who began to build the power based system that dominates and is killing our world. The abstract values and beliefs of this system is the thought disease; the source of the insanity that is killing our world. And because we are the conditioned/infected masses that depend upon and continue to support this system, just by living our very way of life, we are all, to some extent, responsible. We are the carriers of the disease (zombies). Either we cure ourselves and immunize our children or we die from it and become extinct with all the other species we are driving to extinction.
According to the Center for Biological Diversity:
“It’s frightening but true: Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals — the sixth wave of extinctions in the past half-billion years. We’re currently experiencing the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.”
“Unlike past mass extinctions, caused by events like asteroid strikes, volcanic eruptions, and natural climate shifts, the current crisis is almost entirely caused by us – humans”
Just to give you some idea of some of the tenants of the belief system/the disease.
·        It is fear driven requiring blind belief in One God;
·        segregation – divide and rule divide and conquer;
·        absolutism – good and evil; heaven and hell; you are either with us or against us;
·        elitism – “We are the chose ones” “We are Christians you are heathens”;
·        ownership of land – “God gave us the promised land”;
·        Above and separate from nature… just to mention a few.
All these concepts led to the disintegration of our world for the sake of absolute power. Because of the abstract idea of property ownership our once undivided world was divided into countries, with boarders and fences, which disintegrated people from one another into nations. Tribal unity was destroyed with private property ownership. They fenced their property in, further disintegrating nature, thus also destroying natural migration. Segregation disintegrated people into smaller and smaller groups and separated them from nature, all the way down to the destruction of communities, then extended families into nuclear families; now into single parent homes and kids in foster care; and even worse people are homeless and on the streets struggling to survive; mostly because of the abstract belief in ownership of land.
Money is an abstract representation of energy – coin, paper, plastic digits on a screen.
With the economic system of:
·        free markets, free trade, free enterprise and privatization mainly of social services/the commons,
·        banking policies,
·        stock exchanges - gambling houses and computers;
·        Money – the abstract representation of energy – has become way beyond fluid to being just electrical pulses, perceived as digits on a screen and able to be transmitted around the world with the click of a button.
·        With this capability wealth is being siphoned off at an accelerating rate.
·        Through the profit system the wealth is siphoned off as well.
·        The extremely rich and powerful immoral transnational corporations have no loyalty to countries or people or care for the world.
·        We are playing monopoly – a game where only one man wins but we all lose in the end when money is valueless.
·        by supporting of this system we are accelerating our demise.
We are competing with one another instead of working together as one ecosystem. One natural world of living beings/expressions of changing processes, cycles of life, living in a natural world and universe. 
Denism is the teaching of where we are, what we need to change and how to achieve it. A new sustainable way of thinking and way of life teaching natural and universal wisdom that will truly lead us back to ourselves, one another and nature.
I said all of the above to provide a context for my decision.
Question: Tina, Carlos and Jaime, I am curious if you would be willing to change certain things about the course now that you understand what I have been saying? Or would you want to look at creating another course?
We are all in the process of changing our world. We are awakening becoming more aware and consciousness. It is time to move “Beyond the Age of Ignorance” the book I wrote as my personal quest many years ago and am editing to publish at the moment.
Where do you lead people from here?
Do we think and change or do we just stay on this train of thought rushing towards the cliff of extinction?
Oh yes: “Sarah, nothing I say is too harsh it is time to grow up, take responsibility and make those around us take responsibility as well. Future life on this planet depends upon it. It is time to be brutally honest and save our world now before it is too late.”
The journey back to who we are and what we are is as easy or as hard as we want to make it. The sooner we start the easier it will be. We have little time and energy left to easily build the bridges to the future. We need a major paradigm shift. We need a mass movement back to living on the land if we do not want to face famine and other major extreme environmental catastrophes. This can be done as an easy or hard transition. It is coming whether we like it or not. Change is a wonderful thing. We need to learn the knowledge and wisdom we need now to survive and thrive.
Finally: The above reminded me of people my wife and I encouraged, in the beginning of our quest for truth, to go on their own personal quest, and how they lost their independence of thought and creativity as they fell back into belief in the religions and the abstract economic system. The quest is guided to prevent you falling into the traps of lies and deception and to empower you to be an independent creative thinker and healthy happy traveler on the journey of life.
Dec 14 (5 days ago)
to daneyjelley, me
Denis, I agree with you and I am in alignment with everything you are saying.  The reason I do this work is t take people from the streets, from the drift, from the commercialism. from the constraints of religion and to open their minds so that at some point they will be ready for some of these realizations. 
There is no need for me to change what I am up to, I am taking people from a barbaric paradigm to a place of openness to hear these evolved philosophies you speak of.  I do however believe you could be a contribution by creating your own learning modality.  That would be part of fulfilling your purpose to give and receive love and knowledge.
If you no longer want to participate in the game we are playing, Leadership, leading people to a place of openness and self awareness through the Journey and ALPs, so they can be ready to receive a higher truth, that is fine.  We love you, no matter what you choose.  Let your Senior know if you want to continue.  
Love and Abundance,
Please visualize world peace at 5 PM daily.



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beyond the Age of Ignorance

1.     We are conditioned into unconsciousness which results in a tendency to ignore what is happening all around us to nature and others. We are unconscious of who we are, what we are, where we come from, nature and the universe.
2.     Our dominant institutionalized paradigm has imposed ignorance upon all who live and work within it.
3.     People talk about a rising consciousness as though it is something mystical and requiring great effort to achieve.
4.     Eastern religions, yoga, teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra and the like, talk about living in the moment and meditation as being the one crucial link to consciousness. I am not denying that is true to some extent but it is not the whole picture.
5.     We all know that young children and animals get it!  They are naturally very conscious and connected to who and what they are.
6.     Then something happens to them? 

I remember as a child:
·         Playing – ludic behavior – bare feet playing in the mud – dancing, singing and spinning in the rain;
·         Climbing trees, smelling their bark and feeling their energy;
·         Swinging from a high in a tree over the roof of the house the shade and the warmth of the sun;
·         The sounds and taste of water from the streams and water falls;
·         Smelling everything that grabbed my attention just like a dog;
·         Seeing the decaying leaves the humus and smelling and feeling the rich black topsoil;
·         Playing with the earth worms, insects and bumble bees;
·         Watching swarms of sparrows catching flying ants;
·         Catching and eating the buttery flying ants to;
·         Feeding and playing with the animals;
·         Smelling flowers and scents of the trees in the air;
·         Feeling and touching everything that caught my attention;
·         Crumbling leaves between my fingers and smelling their scents;
·         Picking and eating fresh berries, fruit and veggies as I roamed;
·         They tasted amazing;
·         I have never been happier, healthier and more conscious and connected in my life.  

Growing up: Running like the wind; Swimming like a fish; Surfing; marathon running; and canoeing; playing squash; cycling; yoga; writing; gardening; dreaming; listening to my intuition; questing for the truth; travelling; learning; writing - I have lived a life of relative consciousness but with great internal conflict. 

I was schooled, educated and indoctrinated into becoming a dependent wage slave in the centralized system.
·         School,
·         Marine Engineering,
·         Teaching,
·         A printing business with my wife; 

One day in a dream state it occurred to me that there was something drastically wrong with our world and I did not know what it was. So I went on my personal quest for the truth to find out what it was. 

This is what I discovered. 

Through fear and blind belief in a system we have become conditions into unconsciousness.
Unconsciousness is imposed upon us like layers of an onion reducing us to unconscious beings that cannot see, feel, hear, smell, taste and intuitively sense like we did as children when we were connected to nature and the universe. We lose the natural frame of reference; forgetting what it was like, as we become sicker and sicker within the system. We become so caught up in the system we lose our perspective of what is happening to us and our world. 

This systematic indoctrination into institutionalized thought begins with:
1.     Language: The English language – objectification of reality, naming, ‘things’, simplification, categorization …
2.       Religion: Because fear of scarcity leads to blind belief in the system. That is founded on abstract values and beliefs. Monotheism centralized power base. God; segregation; absolutism; elitism; separate from and above nature; ownership – of land property, animals, nature; linear time… ; take what you can, not what you need; Plunder…
3.     Schooling:  Is an indoctrinating system: time, bells and whistles, religion and politics, separation – periods classes and from natural environment, Centralized power imposing structure’ centralized power based system – one Headmaster. Separation from one another with desks and chairs, ownership of things, competition, success motivation and achievement, class structure ABC levels grades and standards, subjects – English mathematics science, testing and evaluations to create separation and disintegration from one another. Introducing a class society. The system is designed to lead us away from consciousness and connectivity with one another and nature. And prepare us for the abstract lives of living in unnatural cities and competing for survival in a job market for money as wage slaves. This is an unnatural and unsustainable system.
4.       Education results in specialization which has made us unconscious workers in the machine that is killing our planet.
5.       Specialized subjects ways of thinking and their languages: The languages of mathematics, science, physics, biology, accounting… then languages within those subjects. The more abstract the thought the further away we go from consciousness.
6.       Pharmaceutical drugs: Ritalin – given to children to control them. And all sorts of drugs taken by adults to anesthetize them and alter their states of consciousness.
7.       Food: Supermarkets, packaging, labeling, objective naming of things – beef, steak, chops. We lost our experiential connection to our emotions feelings about life animals and nature.
8.       Alcohol, smoking and smoking weed and other drugs: All affect you natural balanced state of consciousness and result not dealing with your life and in ability to take responsibility and mature as an adult.
9.     Media: Infotainment news… propaganda indoctrination box.
10.   School, National and International sport: Centralization of sport – the opium of the masses.
11.   Political Propaganda:  is incessant to perpetuate the power based system. The lies, the contradictory wording of bills and laws that do the opposite of what the wording implies. The stories made up and told to the people as an excuse to go to war. The patriotism used to force people to agree with something they would never normally agree to. Most people are unconscious of what is going on and how the system plays the game to stay in power.
12.  Business propaganda: Marketing, advertisements...
13.   Societal structural systems: Monetary system, Capitalism, Imperialism. Money is not true energy – and very few even question it. Capitalism and imperialism are centralizing wealth at an accelerating rate. As is banking. The Stock exchange is another mechanism for centralizing wealth. The economic system and trade agreements are some of the methods of accelerating the centralization of wealth and power. Most people are unconscious of the nature of the only true economic system which they are insulated from living in this abstract paradigm.   

Basically our dominant institutionalized way of thinking and living:  Requires unconsciousness and ignorance to control and divide and rule and separate us from one another and nature. So the few can plunder and own it all. So while we are sitting and thinking that we are good, intelligent and educated people and doing the right thing. The system we are supporting is killing our natural world which gives and sustains our lives. And we ignore it because of a lack of awareness and consciousness. It is time to awaken to the age of consciousness.

In my Guided Quest for The Truth and consciousness I lead you back to awareness, consciousness and enlightenment; showing you how to live your life - Beyond the Age of Ignorance. 
Denism, what I teach, is about living in Love, Balance and Harmony with one another and nature and the wisdom of nature and the universe. So we can all live sustainably in harmony with the nature that gives us life.