Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beyond the Age of Ignorance

1.     We are conditioned into unconsciousness which results in a tendency to ignore what is happening all around us to nature and others. We are unconscious of who we are, what we are, where we come from, nature and the universe.
2.     Our dominant institutionalized paradigm has imposed ignorance upon all who live and work within it.
3.     People talk about a rising consciousness as though it is something mystical and requiring great effort to achieve.
4.     Eastern religions, yoga, teachers like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra and the like, talk about living in the moment and meditation as being the one crucial link to consciousness. I am not denying that is true to some extent but it is not the whole picture.
5.     We all know that young children and animals get it!  They are naturally very conscious and connected to who and what they are.
6.     Then something happens to them? 

I remember as a child:
·         Playing – ludic behavior – bare feet playing in the mud – dancing, singing and spinning in the rain;
·         Climbing trees, smelling their bark and feeling their energy;
·         Swinging from a high in a tree over the roof of the house the shade and the warmth of the sun;
·         The sounds and taste of water from the streams and water falls;
·         Smelling everything that grabbed my attention just like a dog;
·         Seeing the decaying leaves the humus and smelling and feeling the rich black topsoil;
·         Playing with the earth worms, insects and bumble bees;
·         Watching swarms of sparrows catching flying ants;
·         Catching and eating the buttery flying ants to;
·         Feeding and playing with the animals;
·         Smelling flowers and scents of the trees in the air;
·         Feeling and touching everything that caught my attention;
·         Crumbling leaves between my fingers and smelling their scents;
·         Picking and eating fresh berries, fruit and veggies as I roamed;
·         They tasted amazing;
·         I have never been happier, healthier and more conscious and connected in my life.  

Growing up: Running like the wind; Swimming like a fish; Surfing; marathon running; and canoeing; playing squash; cycling; yoga; writing; gardening; dreaming; listening to my intuition; questing for the truth; travelling; learning; writing - I have lived a life of relative consciousness but with great internal conflict. 

I was schooled, educated and indoctrinated into becoming a dependent wage slave in the centralized system.
·         School,
·         Marine Engineering,
·         Teaching,
·         A printing business with my wife; 

One day in a dream state it occurred to me that there was something drastically wrong with our world and I did not know what it was. So I went on my personal quest for the truth to find out what it was. 

This is what I discovered. 

Through fear and blind belief in a system we have become conditions into unconsciousness.
Unconsciousness is imposed upon us like layers of an onion reducing us to unconscious beings that cannot see, feel, hear, smell, taste and intuitively sense like we did as children when we were connected to nature and the universe. We lose the natural frame of reference; forgetting what it was like, as we become sicker and sicker within the system. We become so caught up in the system we lose our perspective of what is happening to us and our world. 

This systematic indoctrination into institutionalized thought begins with:
1.     Language: The English language – objectification of reality, naming, ‘things’, simplification, categorization …
2.       Religion: Because fear of scarcity leads to blind belief in the system. That is founded on abstract values and beliefs. Monotheism centralized power base. God; segregation; absolutism; elitism; separate from and above nature; ownership – of land property, animals, nature; linear time… ; take what you can, not what you need; Plunder…
3.     Schooling:  Is an indoctrinating system: time, bells and whistles, religion and politics, separation – periods classes and from natural environment, Centralized power imposing structure’ centralized power based system – one Headmaster. Separation from one another with desks and chairs, ownership of things, competition, success motivation and achievement, class structure ABC levels grades and standards, subjects – English mathematics science, testing and evaluations to create separation and disintegration from one another. Introducing a class society. The system is designed to lead us away from consciousness and connectivity with one another and nature. And prepare us for the abstract lives of living in unnatural cities and competing for survival in a job market for money as wage slaves. This is an unnatural and unsustainable system.
4.       Education results in specialization which has made us unconscious workers in the machine that is killing our planet.
5.       Specialized subjects ways of thinking and their languages: The languages of mathematics, science, physics, biology, accounting… then languages within those subjects. The more abstract the thought the further away we go from consciousness.
6.       Pharmaceutical drugs: Ritalin – given to children to control them. And all sorts of drugs taken by adults to anesthetize them and alter their states of consciousness.
7.       Food: Supermarkets, packaging, labeling, objective naming of things – beef, steak, chops. We lost our experiential connection to our emotions feelings about life animals and nature.
8.       Alcohol, smoking and smoking weed and other drugs: All affect you natural balanced state of consciousness and result not dealing with your life and in ability to take responsibility and mature as an adult.
9.     Media: Infotainment news… propaganda indoctrination box.
10.   School, National and International sport: Centralization of sport – the opium of the masses.
11.   Political Propaganda:  is incessant to perpetuate the power based system. The lies, the contradictory wording of bills and laws that do the opposite of what the wording implies. The stories made up and told to the people as an excuse to go to war. The patriotism used to force people to agree with something they would never normally agree to. Most people are unconscious of what is going on and how the system plays the game to stay in power.
12.  Business propaganda: Marketing, advertisements...
13.   Societal structural systems: Monetary system, Capitalism, Imperialism. Money is not true energy – and very few even question it. Capitalism and imperialism are centralizing wealth at an accelerating rate. As is banking. The Stock exchange is another mechanism for centralizing wealth. The economic system and trade agreements are some of the methods of accelerating the centralization of wealth and power. Most people are unconscious of the nature of the only true economic system which they are insulated from living in this abstract paradigm.   

Basically our dominant institutionalized way of thinking and living:  Requires unconsciousness and ignorance to control and divide and rule and separate us from one another and nature. So the few can plunder and own it all. So while we are sitting and thinking that we are good, intelligent and educated people and doing the right thing. The system we are supporting is killing our natural world which gives and sustains our lives. And we ignore it because of a lack of awareness and consciousness. It is time to awaken to the age of consciousness.

In my Guided Quest for The Truth and consciousness I lead you back to awareness, consciousness and enlightenment; showing you how to live your life - Beyond the Age of Ignorance. 
Denism, what I teach, is about living in Love, Balance and Harmony with one another and nature and the wisdom of nature and the universe. So we can all live sustainably in harmony with the nature that gives us life.

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