Sunday, December 15, 2013

Help Save Our World. Thoughts of the day.

 How do you make a difference in the world? Support what you want to perpetuate! 

Think about everything you do and think of the consequences of each act for example:

Stop eating bread, wheat and corn products and stop buying from super markets. Eat a healthy wide variety of local consciously grown food from small independent local farmers at farm stalls and you are ensuring the future of biodiversity and small independent communities.

By eating bread and corn and all the mass produce products coming from corn you are more than likely eating unhealthy genetically engineered products with poison genes in them. And supporting corporations like Monsanto and perpetuating environmental destruction with their methods of production. That causes degradation and loss of topsoil through:
·         erosion,

·         depletion of humus in the soil,

·         killing the bio diversity of microorganisms, plants, and animal life in the soil and above it with the use of herbicides and pesticides –

·         that wash into our rivers and oceans killing the biodiversity of life in them.

·         The over use of fertilizers causes algae blooms that use up the oxygen in the water and kill large numbers of life in the water like fish and crayfish...  

·         The lack of healthy soil caused by their methods of production can only result in very unhealthy foods with low quantities of the healthy nutrients we need for healthy bodies.

The best you can do for your health and the health of our world is to begin to buy food from permaculture farms and gardens. And ultimately learn permaculture and grow and eat your own healthy foods. At the same time as empowering yourself with food and water and independence from the system; you will be creating a sustainable future for yourself and our children. 




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