Saturday, December 28, 2013

Think and grow rich, health and happy.

Where do you spend your energy?

How much of your energy do you expend on doing other peoples bidding, their projects and solving their problems?
How much energy to you expend on yourself?
How much energy do you have to spend with your children and family?
How much energy do you give back to nature?
What could you do with all of your energy if you were not giving it all to an unsustainable system?
Most of our energy is spent attempting to perpetuate the unsustainable centralized power based system.
Most of us work in jobs so a large amount of our personal energy is used up doing other peoples bidding.
What are we doing expending all of our energy to make very few other people extremely rich and powerful over us and so they can own everything and in the process killing our world?
We expend a large portion of our lives being schooled and educated into a centralized power based system so we can perpetuate a societal system that is killing our natural world. For the period of time it takes for us to be schooled/educated, our parents have to carry the burden of supplying us with their energy; thus taking more energy away from their lives and disempowering them.
The work we do for bosses and owners we get compensated in money that is a small percentage of the value of our personal energy. It gets taxed by government and municipalities – (fines parking meters citations) when we buy something it gets taxed with profits for the corporations… What we have in the end for our efforts is a very small amount of abstract money/representing energy for ourselves.
Add to this the prices of goods and services are going up. Our salaries are either stagnant or going down with low wage earning jobs. In other words the abstract representation of energy (Money) we earn for our personal energy is becoming less. So we are working harder and longer hours for less and less. We are becoming unhappy unhealthy wage slaves with less and less energy for ourselves our children and nature by perpetuating a system that is destroying our world.
Why don’t we take back our lives and begin to work for ourselves and our family directly giving the maximum amount of our energy back to our children community and nature.
Nature multiplies your energy naturally: Whatever you put in it multiplies it. You plant seeds and nurture them and you will have trees that will bear fruit for many years to come. You plant berry bushes and it does the same you plant any seed and it grows into a bigger energy form to give you more energy than you put in. The sun shines and the plants grow you eat the plants and you grow. Relatively free energy. All you have to do is and learn how to grow your own food – permaculture.  Then in small groups relocate and live spread out on the land.
If you live in a city now and the best you can do now is to begin growing your own food in your own garden or in community gardens, then I suggest you begin to do so. The more you invest into nature the greater the returns. Permaculture is sustainable agriculture – ‘conventional agriculture’ is killing our world’
The more you reduce your food bill the more energy you will have available to you to change your life even more.
If you cannot afford to do it alone get others to do it with you.
Eventually you will be able to relocate out of the cities onto the land.
If you redirected all your energy to living in harmony with one another and nature we would live in a wonderful natural healthy and happy  and abundant world?
Although this process will require a lot of energy and effort to establish in the transition phase it will be worth it in the long run. For your health, happiness, family, community for the world. Invest in your future and the future of you children.
Empower yourself your community and your immediate environment. Energy combined with more and more energy creates power. Combining your consistent energy input into nature will make a powerful energy system. Combining family, community and natural energy is much more powerful. If we reconnect with one another and nature we will save our world.
Teach your children how to live in Love, Balance and harmony with others and nature in nature and we will save our world. Our children are our future. Stop sending to schooling systems that destroy their independent creative thinking abilities.



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