Saturday, January 4, 2014

Green Unity - United we stand: for our children, ourselves and our world:

I think we can all agree we all need:

·         Clean air to breathe;
·         Clean and healthy nutrient full water to drink;
·         Fresh, ripe, nutritious, healthy, locally grown food to eat.
·         Ultimately growing our own food on the land.
I think we can all agree, we all breathe the same air, drink the same water and occupy the same planet;

I think we can agree that:
The air we breathe is polluted and has lower oxygen content than it used to have. The waters of the world are being polluted and all life in it is becoming more unhealthy sick or dying. The forests land waters and ‘resources’ of the world are being plundered for the benefit of a few at the expense of nature, ourselves and our children. We are losing our topsoil; killing all the life in it; and life that depends upon it; by supporting: The continuous growth model, private ownership of land, agribusiness, money, banks, corporate, monopolistic, capitalistic, imperialistic, systems and their wars – these systems are plundering systems, designed to centralize power, they are killing our world our brothers and sisters and nature. Plundering us to extinction and robbing our children of a sustainable future.
Based on this we can all agree:
Our old way of life – paradigm is not working out too well for us in all of the above areas.
Previously we believed and had faith just like trusting children and we thought that those in power had our best interests at heart and that they loved and respected all of nature and all people as we do – and they made laws to protect us – sadly we now know this is not the case.
We need a sustainable way of life if we wish to survive. We need to awaken and become mature adults. We need to take responsibility for all of nature, for the air, water, food, land, life and the lives of our children. It is time to rethink the foundational premises of our paradigm and create new ones so we can create the future we all dream of.
We need to relearn, understand and practice the wisdom that has been forgotten.
·         We are energy beings living in an energy universe;
·         We live in a cyclical energy universe;
·         We live in a connected relative universe;
·         We are expressions of the universe within it;
·         We are all expressions of nature within it;
·         What  we do to nature, land, water and air we do to ourselves;
·         What we do to the earth we do to ourselves and our children;
·         If we are sensitive enough we will sense, that if one of us suffers, we are all suffering;
·         Our children and all babies of all life forms are our future;
·         The energy and power of the world and universe is spread out on the land;
·         The sun, planets, moons and stars shine the plants grow we eat the plants and we grow.
·         We need to return to the land and reconnect with one another and nature;
·         Returning to the land spread out and living in small communities we begin to regrow the ecosystems/energy systems that give and sustain healthy, happy, lives.
·         In the process we re-empower ourselves as people with our own basic human rights to land, food and water;
·         We need to live in harmony with it nature and one another;
·         Only taking what we need and constantly putting back;
·         We need to protect it for all life and our children.
This is a huge process of change which begins easily with all of the tiny everyday choices and decisions we make. Where we put our energy and focus our intent and what we support with our energy naturally creates our future. Where we spend our money creates our future. Only support that which will help save our world.
What world do you want to leave for your children?
United we will Help Save Our World for our children.
I think we can all agree:
We all need to live in love, balance and harmony with one another and nature and live with respect and appreciation for it all.
DenismThe Quest for the Truth!   

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Hambani kahle! (Language: Zulu) All of you go well - go safely - go carefully! Their beautiful meaning full rich way to say good bye!
Hambani: Hamba is to go, leave, travel; ni means all of you, as in Nina - all of you. Kahle Adv. - Beautifully; excellently; finely; nicely; properly; well; gently; kindly; carefully; slowly!  The K sounds like a g h sounds like sh.
Namaste: “I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.”
Denis Moore

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