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My Life's Purpose is to Help Save Our World.

Justin, Calin, Support Staff, and fellow travelers on this maximizing webinar journey.
Getting to know me, my message, who I will be serving and why I am excited to be part of your program.

My name is Denis Moore. I am a lifesaver, Marine Engineer, Teacher, Screen Printer, Captain, Philosopher, Guide to the future, Public speaker, The author of and eBook on Amazon called: Gifts – In giving and receiving we maintain the balances of life – an eBook of universal and natural wisdom. The universal and natural philosophy, which I have discovered learned and teach, I have named this philosophy  – DenisM or Denism or denismquest – as a unique identity – no ego or personal ownership implied, it is all about we, not me.

My life’s purpose is to Help Save Our World – I have spent my lifetime on this quest. Now fifty seven years old, I have learned a few things along the way. In the past five or six years I have been working on speeches and have recently wished to do webinars. So I can share my message to a much bigger audience. I eventually want all of the insights, knowledge, and wisdom I have gathered on an automated system; thus giving it longevity, so it can continue to be taught without me. I see the systems I teach as an essential way of thinking and being to ensure life continues on this planet. I also think this Optimized Webinar Sequence as the next step on my journey toward automation and getting it out there. This Maximize you Webinars program or course came just at the right time.
Driven by my love of nature, all living beings, and the universe, I have been driven to question everything, gain the knowledge wisdom and experiences, to know the truth, and then to find the answers to the world’s problems.

Having been born to this purpose, I naturally questioned everything and was provided all the tools, insights, knowledge and wisdom I needed throughout the process of growing up. I was raised in pristine Africa, in a sustainable Eco-village, then having been schooled into the western education system, having become a marine engineer and a teacher. One day while in my own business in my late twenties, it came back to me, I clearly realized the natural world was in trouble.

So I went on – my personal quest for the truth – writing a never published endless book called: Beyond the Age of Ignorance. The title came from realizing that most people were not stupid; however they just tended to ignore the obvious truths around them. When I began writing I did not realize it was not only my personal quest for the truth it was an awakening: bringing me awareness, consciousness and enlightenment and answering many of life’s eternal questions. I began questioning everything. There could be no holy cows (questions unanswered for any reasons). In this book, I questioned myself, the ways of the world, my way of life, thought, religions, science/physics, politics, to find out what was the cause of the problems of the world, studying the fundamental theories of physics, I came up with my own ‘energy theory of reality’ which resulted in an amazing perspective of the world and universe; I also discovering what was happening in our world and why.

Eventually as a result of my quest I realized:
We are racing towards the cliff of extinction because of our way of life.
This way of life was caused by our way of thinking which was: schooled and indoctrinated into us by our previous schooled parents; schools; religions; governments; big business(institutions); owners of the ownership society…
These ways of thinking, living and being are based on abstract and unsustainable values and beliefs.
Many will not change because of: a lack of awareness of their subconscious programming; others because they are too comfortable the way things are; many others due to fear of change; some believe it is too late and thus not worth trying; there are others who are just apathetic (they just don’t care) and are waiting for others to deal with the problems; many are distracted by living life, studying,  jobs, television, media, national and international sport, video games… ; others are distracted by and believe technology will save us; or we will all be able to fly away to another planet; others believe if we just get the right president in power that will make a difference; none of the above will work…

I then realized to avoid the inevitable catastrophe we all need to know the truth, think, question, and change our way of life. I also realized I had been on this quest and knew what we had to do, how to do it, and why; so I had a special gift to share.

It all begins with each of us:
With a desire for life to continue.
Realizing our need to change to Help Save Our World, and provide a sustainable future for our children.
To do this we need to desire to live a better life,
have a vision of a possible future
then change our focus, our actions and way of life.

To do this we need the perspective of what is happening in our world, the knowledge, the natural wisdom and life’s skills, which we will only acquire by:
Going on a personal quest for the truth;
Becoming aware, conscious and enlightened;
taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and way of life; changing and transitioning;
to a new way of thinking and living which is in alignment with: the obvious natural truths;
Living by a different set of values and beliefs;
living in alignment with natural and universal wisdom;
living in Love, Balance, and Harmony with the natural world;
Changing to a positive, Love based way of life, instead of a negative fear based existence;
Living in harmony with the flow of the energy and of nature, life and the energy of the universe.
Decentralizing and empowering ourselves and small communities on the land.

If we do this now we will not only survive and prevent horrifying future suffering; we will live healthy, happy, abundant lives into a sustainable future. The longer we wait the worse the suffering. Wait too long and there will be no hope, only extinction.

I realized that for those who are already schooled/conditioned into this paradigm (way of thinking and existing) change is not easy. To aid and accelerate their transition, it would be wise for them to go on their own, guided, personal and guided quest for the truth. Guided to protect them from the web of lies deceptions and pitfalls along the way, and to accelerate their rate of change and prepare them to raise their children well. I wish: The Guided Quest for the Truth to be one of my offerings.

For our unconditioned babies and very young children, all we need to do is to raise them with the new values and beliefs and way of life. That way we can, transition in very few generations and begin to live happy, health, lives on an abundant sustainable planet. For them we need to create a new philosophy/education system/and way of life to ensure they perpetuate this into the future. DenisM is this partially written philosophy.

I propose raising our children in Sustainable Ecovillages, teaching them how to live in love, balance, and harmony with nature, life, one another and community. This is one of my plans to begin to create sustainable ecovillages for those who wish to transition and mainly the women and children who are beginning to fall out of the capitalistic system. My aim is to empower them to be self-sustaining, in loving connected giving and receiving communities on the land. Through this process, women will become the new leaders of the future.

The communal dining area will also be used to teach ‘the quest’ ‘the love based philosophy’ and all sort of natural wisdom combined with sustainable practices on the land like: Permaculture; Natural agriculture and Polyculture, alternative therapies, herbalism, alternative medicine, like acupuncture and tapping and physical and massage therapy... Creating an abundant sustainable ecosystem around them they will live in a money-less natural system; empowered by living systems around them.

No worries about the men, those who are conscious or are already on the journey of change, will naturally gravitate to these communities and where women go the men will follow.

I see the women becoming the leaders of these communities once again regaining and occupying the respected and appreciated positions in our communities for what they bring to our world. The givers of life - life is perpetuated by love(connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy in close proximity). appreciation, cooperation, nurturing, compassion, consideration, sharing, kindness, mutual respect…; I call these qualities the eternal feminine. In many indigenous cultures throughout natural history, the women were the leaders, midwives, the herbalists, the care givers, the givers of life, the nurtures and the protectors of life. These qualities are what we need to regenerate and sustain life into the future.

Women also have the most powerful first contact with the children; thus they have the biggest influence on future generations. If they raise the community’s children well, in the first five to ten years of their lives, they will make a huge difference into the future. It takes a community to raise a child well.

So I think empowering woman into this design and natural way of life they will become the guardians, leaders, teachers, or facilitators of this way of life, leading from the front we can all make a substantial difference.

For those who do not wish to change and find comfort in the status quo; the transition is inevitably, we will eventually all be forced to make it. The sooner we make the necessary transitions the less the suffering and the greater chance of survival.

I know this is a huge undertaking and most marketers will be screaming, “Land the plane”, “Narrow it down”, “What is your niche?”, “Find what your customer wants” “Then sell them what they need” …  I have come up with some ways to do that; however I don’t want to lose my life purpose or message in the process.

Help Save Our World.
The quest for the truth.
Question, Think, Choose, Focus, Practice and Help Save Our World.
The wisdom behind sustainable living!
Schooling is the institutionalization of our unsustainable way we think and way of life: “Teach your children a sustainable way of life” or “Teach your children how to Help Save Our World” 
Another could be about food, one of the few subjects on the quest, which can be an entry point to the quest: “What we eat can Help Save Our World”

I hope this brings clarity.
Have a Magical day!
Denis Moore

Contact Details:
Phone: 954 882 5298
Email: denissailing@yahoo.co.uk
Blog: http://denismquest.blogspot.com/
Old Blog: http://thepeopleshandbook.blogspot.com/
You tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkpTeMFAFUxytuKyQVB_DnQ
Website: http://denismquest.jimdo.com/
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