Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I used to think the reason for wars was only to acquire resources like; land, markets, oil, gold, diamonds... There was one resource I was overlooking, that was the Human Slave Labor resource!

Watching the major exodus of Humans in the Middle East into European Countries, I realize. The ultimate prize of world wars and the perpetual war on terror around the world is; the absolute centralization of power. FEAR, humans most powerful driving force, is being used by those in power to HERD HUMANS into PRISON LABOR CAMPS/cities and countries; for the ABSOLUTE CENTRALIZATION OF POWER AND CONTROL OVER THEM.

The all-pervasive imposition of Fear is resulting in the totalitarian Imprisonment of human body, mind, and essence through fear! Fear is driven home in every possible way; Fear of terrorists, fear of nature, fear of the natural world... 
The system of TERROR and FEAR is designed to create dependence upon the power based systems and the owner class; instead of allowing independence on the land. 

People living on the land with their own food and water security are self-empowered and naturally perpetuate happy, heathy, life in harmony with nature.

Constant war is institutionalized to ensure it is perpetuated. Wars, destruction of infrastructure, slash and burn, napalm, plundering, are all systems to destroy independence and create fear; thus driving people into cities. 

Slash and burn, burning crops, and homes of those who live on the land, is to drive them to fear. Fear of death; of scarcity; fear of… How will I feed myself and my family? How will I keep them safe and warm? This divides families and communities, when one has to fend for oneself! ‘Divide and rule’ ‘divide and conquer’… The insanity is beyond my comprehension…

Then the owners of the war machines, their governments and plunder systems offer the solutions, puppet governments; ‘peace keeping forces’; ‘refugee camps’; ‘safe counties to immigrate to… Or even better ‘Foreign Aid’… The system is designed to create dependence instead of independence.

If they really cared about the people why don’t they empower them with the means to return to the land instead? Well, this is because the purpose of the war is to drive the centralization of humanity and power, for totalitarian ownership and power over it all.

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