Thursday, July 24, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Don’t argue from within.

Don’t argue from within a paradigm or schooled way of thinking.

You cannot argue economics from within the monetary economic system; because it is an untrue, abstract and unnatural system. Money coin paper plastic digits on a screen all abstractly represent real energy – they do not contain the energy they represent – they are symbolic representations of energy – you cannot eat money and survive. The real economic system is: The sun shines and radiates energy outwards, as do most other beings in the universe. The radiated energy is received by other beings, life and the planet. Simply put: “The sun shines the plants grow. We eat the plants and we grow.” “Universal wisdom: We live in a Giving and Receiving energy universe.” This is the true economic system. You have to have a universal view to be able to stand outside the monetary economic system and the natural system to see what is happening. For example: To see how we are converting living energy systems into dead abstract money; because of the pyramid scheme and its values and beliefs.

As people living in centralized cities, caught up in the pyramid designed lifestyle. Separated from our basic human rights to land food water knowledge and having to work, for the man, to perpetuate the power and control of the "owners" who rule us. From within the slave prison camps – cities without access to our basic human rights our conversation from within the paradigm is: “Get a job"  "Make some money” “Don’t be lazy” “Be positive" "Be more efficient and effective” “don’t waste time” "Be more positive"…. What we should be saying is: "Create a sustainable ecosystem around you." "Spread out on the land, create water and food security" "Grow food around you for yourselves and others". "Take only what you need" "Give and receive in balance". Arguing, about jobs and who’s lazy and who is not, is to argue from within the destructive paradigm that is killing our natural world.

Living in a dominant western pyramid society with materialism as one of the founding beliefs. Science and physics is biased towards materialism. If you stand outside the system you can observe the bias. If you know or understand the natural cyclical energy motion nature of our relative universe you will see clearly the bias towards materialism and absolutism and other values of our dominant religious pyramid paradigm.

Arguing religion, from within the Bible will get you nowhere because of the contradictions. There are two opposing philosophies deftly woven together. There is an argument for and against many fundamental thoughts. So you will just go back and forth; never finding your way out of the insanity of the pyramid system. This is a very clever way of justifying the pyramid system and the centralization of power and control over all people and the planet for the benefit of a few.

We are so schooled and indoctrinated by the pyramid scheme to perpetuate it. We are running like hamsters on a wheel or like donkeys chasing the illusive money carrot. We have become so dumbed down through specialization that we don’t have the perspective we need to be able to be outside observers of ourselves and the thought control systems that control us.

We are so caught up with arguments, within the paradigms of the pyramid systems, we cannot see the truth. So the majority of us are unable to make better or wiser choices.

The solutions are not within. To Help Save Our World for our children we need to find the truth. We need to ask questions like:
What is the true economic system? 
What is the true natural balancing system? 
What do we have to do to perpetuate healthy happy lives?
These answers are not to be found from within the Pyramid Scheme and all its institutionalized controlled thoughts and behaviors.

You have to step outside the boxes of the mind that separate us. We have to come together as one with the life force of the natural economic system. To ensure that we not only survive but we thrive and live happy healthy lives in Love Balance and Harmony with all life; within the womb of mother earth. We have to reconnect with the energy of life and nature all around us.

Don’t be controlled and divided by fear and blind belief any more. Think and use reasonable logic to find the truth. It is out there if you are only able to be open minded and have a honest heart and question everything in search of the truth. Think outside the pyramids controlled thought.

How long has it been since you woke up before the dawn and experienced the transition from shadow into sunshine and stayed outside to experience all the changes throughout the light cycle experiencing the fading of the light into shadow? If it has been a long a while, I suggest you make a point of getting out into nature or going to the beach and living the experience. Begin to think outside the absolutist concept of day and night, light and darkness; the cycles are not absolute. Begin to appreciate the cycles of change as they are happening. The abstract ways of thinking of the pyramid scheme are untrue to nature and who and what we are. 

Have a great outdoor cyclical experience of sunshine changing in intensity throughout the day and fading into shadow, experience the effects of the moons cycles through the night and the shadow of dawn easing into sunshine and all of the different variations in between. Realize that it is all about cycles upon cycles that create our cyclical energy reality. Life is not about abstract absolutes as implied with in the abstract values and beliefs of the pyramids scheme.

Now practice thinking with a perspective from outside the thought controlled paradigms. Think from outside the pyramid schemes. The pyramid creates extreme imbalances of power and control; greed; wars; hatred; plunder; it divides and rules; and is killing our natural world. Begin to distinguish between thoughts and language from within the pyramid paradigm and know the truth.

The answers to our world’s problems can only be found with an honest or truthful observes perspective. So don’t waste your time and energy arguing from within a paradigm. When others argue from within become an observer and a thinker of alternatives from outside the paradigms.

I will bring you more solutions soon
Denis M

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