Monday, July 7, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Seek balance in life and in everything you do.

Eat a balance amount of food with you energy output.
Drink enough water, not too much or too little.
Breathe the right amount of air not too much to make you dizzy or too little to suffocate.
Balance: exercise with rest and being awake with restful sleep.
Your body naturally balances your core temperature; through sweating or shivering: a little too hot or too cold and you die.
There is a natural tendency of nature to return to a state of rest, homeostasis, or balance.
The planets spin in imperfect and yet balanced orbits.
There are no absolute states in trying to achieve balance you will go out of balance in one direction and then come back and maybe swing out of balance in the other direction but ultimately you need to maintain some sort of balance around a middle road of acceptable behavior and existence.
Ways of thinking and being that result in absolute extremes are unsustainable and more often than not extremely destructive.
When looking at the problems that need correcting in a society, look for the imbalances of money and power. Correcting them can be achieved with the energy of the people, or people power.
Not violence because violence creates its own form of imbalances which take longer to correct and reestablish balance again.
Decentralization and living in sustainable communities on the land is to create balance.
Have a Wonderful Day!
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