Thursday, July 10, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Beware of what you believe:

Question everything: think independently, and use reasonable logic. You are and adult and not a child and you can and must take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Much of what we are taught and indoctrinated to believe is either: extremely biased, untrue or just a partial truth, so in context of reality untrue.
Much of the ways of thinking we take for granted are driven by powerful people with their own agenda in mind.

Throughout history this has resulted in people looking back and asking:
·       How people could be so ignorant or stupid to believe that?
·       What a barbaric time that was?
·       How could the people allow that to continue?
·       Surely the people knew it was not true or what was going on was wrong and unacceptable? Why didn’t they do anything about it?

Examples of these untruths:
·       The belief that the world was flat.
·       The belief that the world was created in seven days.
·       The belief that the earth was the center of the universe.
·       And that god created a perfect universe where all the planets moved in perfect circles around the earth.
·       Then adaption of that theory to include epicycles as a form of justification of the perfect universe theory.

Nothing has changed, we still have people who have a lot of power to influence and have a vested interest in driving home their agendas.
EG. The materialists focus almost exclusively on the materialistic/particle view with almost total disregard for; the most dominant three dimensional wave function. They focus on particles, mathematics, quantities, things, materials, resources, length, breadth, depth, height quantity, materials. This is a way of thinking that affects the way we perceive ourselves in our relationship to the world.

A tree is a living being that contributes in many ways to our continued existence health happiness and comfort in the world. Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and oxygenating the atmosphere at the same time; while living its life. It is not an object or a thing a commodity or a resource it is a living being a process living a cycle of life.

Some of these thought influencing people in power are: the super-rich; the banking elites; governments; military industrial complex; religions; insurance companies; corporate media… the list goes on and on. Big money and power control the way we think and what we believe.
     The super-rich with their corporations promote the idea that, free enterprise; privatization; free markets; free trade and trade agreements, are all good for us. When we know from experience they are not and only the rich benefit.

Most of the above fund research and promote the:
·       Materialistic and objective world view and
·       Values and beliefs of the old-testament.

Have you noticed that many of the laws are worded to sound like they are saying one thing but they do the exact opposite?

Whenever you are called upon to be patriotic, you should hear loud warning alarms go off in your head. Patriotism is calling upon you to go against what you instinctively know to be the right choice and choose to give of yourself in support of some political agenda. And you dare not think differently from what you have been told or manipulated to think. These are the times when you must control your fears and think the hardest, research the most and realize the truth.

We must all learn what is propaganda and what is truth. So when we hear it we will know it and not fall for it.

When you are called upon to say, “The Lord’s Prayer” or the “Pledge of Allegiance” do you ever question why? Do you ever think about the wars, the killing of innocent people men woman and children and the destruction of their lives just for the greed of the wealthy, that are happening around the world in the name of God by the country you are pledging allegiance to? Have you got the strength of character to sit when the crowd is standing and unthinkingly saying the above?

Do you follow the herd over the cliff of extinction because you are not aware of what you have been indoctrinated to believe because you have never questioned it.

Beware of what you believe and what you support unthinkingly.

Have a wonderful day.
Denis M

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