Saturday, July 5, 2014


This is a story that everyone should See.
I am not posting this as my own but as a story that we all need to see.

Knowledge is power. If we freely share it with everyone we will live in a much more humane world.
It is only by keeping us in the dark that they can commit such crimes against humanity.
Private ownership of knowledge land, water, food... are infringements of our basic human rights.
Putting a price on knowledge, land, food and water is a crime against humanity.
It is in giving and receiving, sharing, only taking what we need, giving back to others and nature that we maintain the necessary balances of life.

Please watch the movie and share it so we can all work together to change the total imbalance of power in the world. These imbalances are maintained by keeping the people ignorant of what is really going on.

Questioning, thinking, learning, communicating and sharing of knowledge is how we set ourselves free of those who imprison us.

Knowledge is the keys to the gates of our prisons.

Have a great evening!

Denis Moore

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