Monday, July 14, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: The natural agreement:

The fundamental natural agreement that all life has to know and live by is that they will live connected to and as one with the natural flows of energy of the universe and nature. Or put in other words: Live in Love, Balance and Harmony with the energy of life, nature and the universe. Humans are the only animals to break that natural agreement and live abstract lives, as a result we are killing our planet to make very few rich and powerful at the expense of all of us.

Living by the agreement will create a world of abundance for all. Begin by reintegrating our lives with nature and involve your community.

We have to put all the collected energy (organic matter) we do not use back into nature. We must compost all the organic matter we do not eat, pee on it to add nitrogen and keep it wet and turn it to aerate it so it will bio-degrade and create more humus for our topsoil. Create worm farms and begin to recreate the foundations of life.

The seeds that pass through our hands daily must be planted and nurtured to perpetuate abundance all around us. We are throwing organic energy and the seeds of life into landfills and keeping ourselves enslaved.

We must do our best to make sure the foods we eat and are growing are not genetically engineered varieties. Heirloom seeds are seeds that have been passed on from generations to generations of natural seeds.

Gathering water from roofs of homes in water tanks, reservoirs, swales and small catchment ponds or dams – slowing the process of water flow off the land for its continuous reuse as taught in permaculture.

The above processes will empower you and your community with growing independence from the totalitarian power based system; where land, water, food, is locked up and sold to you for your labor to supply profits(welfare) and more and more ownership to the super-rich. Why should we and our children suffer because of the greedy few and our inability to think and change?

The green life from micro-organisms to all plants and trees are collectors of the energy of the sun and nature and the universe. As energy beings we assimilate energy from all around us and eat plant life to get the energy we need to sustain our lives... However we have to live by the Natural Agreement. To perpetuate the life and complexity that gives us life.

From the phytoplankton in the oceans to the seaweeds and ferns, they are the plant collectors of energy of the sun the universe and nature. They are the foundational collectors of energy that feeds all other life forms up the chain of life in the oceans.

Every being is a receiver and transmitter of energy of nature and the universe. The planet itself like all planets is continuously receiving energy from the universe and growing. What do you think is the reason for the changes from what was the single continent of Gondwanaland.  The earth quakes volcanoes and tectonic plate shifts, fold mountains and geological changes are the changes happening to a planet with a crust as the planet grows at this unperceivable rate. The gaseous planets are receiving energy as they spin.

This receiving energy growing and transmitting of energy is the reason why planets spin and orbit suns. There is a balance between the energy the planet is receiving and transmitting outwards and the attraction towards one another. Love(connectivity and the sharing of energy) Balance and Harmony. The ultimate agreement! Nature lives by it what about you?

Or do you think it is wise to continue to work for those who continue to kill your planet at an accelerating rate? While creating more and more hardship for you and all life as we are all driven towards the cliff of extinction?

Think! Choose! and begin to Practice! the above as a way of living, healthy, happy lives.
Live by the natural agreement: In love, balance and harmony with all life nature and the energy of the universe.

For the deep thinkers: Although the above are simply stated it is not that simple. In a connected relative universe the relationships are very complex. Nothing is just a linear progression. Everything is interconnected. Even thought or dream thought is often written as stream of consciousness thought and goes all over the place. It does not make it less relevant it just shows the interconnectivity of the universe nature and thought.

The above just began with me dreaming at three o’clock in the morning of the horrors of an ownership society; which cannot be overstated. It is a crime against all people and all of nature. We have the ability to non-violently take back our basic human rights to land food water and life. Just take the above advice seriously and practice it and teach it to your children and Help Save our World for our children. 

The greatest gift you can give to your children is to teach them the Natural Agreement. And to cultivate their relationship with nature and community in the processes of reintroducing your waste energy into nature and growing the seeds that pass through your hands and nurturing them to ensure the perpetuation of healthy happy lives for all life into the future...

Have a Wonderful Day
Denis M

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