Monday, July 21, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Slow down.

Although there is great urgency to change.

“Walk and see more.” “Stroll and see even more.” “Stop and gaze, touch, feel, see and smell the roses.” Sense its energy as a living being.

The speed you live your live by will not change your life cycle much; other than stress you out so much you might have a heart attack.

You need to slow down and develop relationships with the life around you.
Stare at the clouds in the sky and see the faces and forms. Watch the movement of the waves in the ocean. Sense the life and energy around you.

While you are rushing you are rushing past life instead of living it and experiencing it.

You have to learn to live harmony with the flow of energy of life.
Connected to it and flowing with it you will truly know it.
You have to nurture the love within you for nature and all life and live in balance and harmony with it.

Being a human being is being connected to and experiencing being one with the flows of life nature and the energy that composes it.

Listen, feel, see, touch, taste, smell, sense the energy and experience of living life.

While you are rushing through life you are not truly living life.

Slow down and be one with life.

Have a wonderful day.
Denis M

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