Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My World Changing Tip of the Day: Live your life by the truth.

Just about everything about our way of life is based on lies.

Much of what you have been taught your whole life is based in lies or very marginal part truths that seen in context are not the greater truth, so therefore not the truth.

If you think you do not lie, living in this society and living this way of life, you are not being honest with yourself. This society is built on lies and you are perpetuating it by supporting it with your energy.
While on this quest, be wary of falling into belief systems, which carry their own sets of lies and hidden deceptions.

Question everything in search of the greatest natural truths.
Maintain a purity of intent that will stop at nothing less than the truth.
Eventually you will come to the realization of universal and natural knowledge and wisdom. 

That universal and natural knowledge and wisdom, which all animals and babies naturally live by, before they are influenced or indoctrinated by the layers of lies and deception we, our schools, our education systems, our governments, and business, subject our children to.

Raise your children in this truthful universal and natural knowledge and wisdom and we can change our world in one generation.

Or you can continue to live the lie and suffer the consequences!

The choice is yours.  Yes yours! Choose!

Learn and teach others, and become a leader of the future.

If you need a guide, I am here, for however much longer I will live. Then you are all on your own.

For those who are defensive and quick to judge me and my way of life. I am only here in the mind of the beast to show you there is another way. If I did not come to Rome and speak the language of Romans in the circles of Roman society, Romans would not ever hear me. It is not my desire to be here; however I have no choice if I wish to be heard.

My love is for everyone and especially for all of the voiceless ones who cannot be heard, for whom I speak.

Have a great day!
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