Monday, June 30, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Only support what you wish to continue.

Replace it with something you wish to grow.

Think of this in every aspect of your life and teach it to others.

Remember the force that is destroying our planet is just a house of cards.  We have the power to change it all. Make those in power responsible for their actions. If we do not no one else will.

If you want to see wars continue, continue to support them.
I see the Detroit water situation where the UN is supporting the people who cannot afford to pay for their water. Saying the corporations must not cut of water to the poor. Water is a basic human right and no one can be denied water. The same must also be true of land, food, wisdom and knowledge.

What we learn from this is they can use punitive measures to punish a few but if there is societal cohesion and reaction they cannot control it anymore.

I hear in a South American country where people are not paying their electricity. The government is pressuring the owners of the electricity corporation not to turn it off because of their fear of riots.

People in Africa are being driven into abject poverty while the rich own all the land, to produce things like sugar. Stop using sugar teach others and change the world. The sugar is also being used for fuel. So reduce your gas consumption and you make a difference no matter how small. Teach others and you make a bigger difference. Get them to teach others and the world will change.

Corporate control only exists because we give them the power.

Any and all immoral corporate powers must be stopped. Either they learn responsibility to the people and nature or they go out of business. We have the power to decide. Tell a friend Share.

From this we learn that corporations and governments can easily be stopped. Just stop supporting them.

Let us show them that we will not stand by and watch the abuse continue. It is simple.

Gandhi’s passive resistance works.

“Support what you wish to see continued.”
Locally grown permaculture food products should be at the top of your list to support. Happy healthy eco-systems produce healthy food for you and your children… Grow your own… Invest in life…

Help me, to help you, to Help Save Our World for our children.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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