Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Teach your children that war is the most dishonorable unthinkable thing they can ever do.

To kill another person no matter who they are is murder and a crime against life and all people of the world. To kill others and to harm nature is to harm themselves. We are all connected living beings in this wave of life on our planet. To kill and destroy must be thought of as the worst imaginable act. Murders are not heroes! They have the blood of others, once living beings, on their hands. They have committed the gravest of crimes against the wave of life which gives and sustains their lives.
Teach your children the importance of living in love, balance and harmony with all life and all of nature. Raise them with unconditional love, respect and appreciation so they learn that war is not an option.
Wars are fought to make rich men richer and more powerful. They are not fought for the people. They are most often not fought to protect the people. They are promoted by the rich and powerful to perpetuate their power control and expansion of their power-base.
Unfortunately they are fought by the indoctrinated people against people and nature.
Those who start wars and perpetrate these crimes against people and nature should be imprisoned for life. As mass murderers they should not be allowed to live in normal society. It does not matter who you are. Mass murderers should all be treated the same.
Envisioning world peace is one thing. Making sure by mindfully raising your children is more likely to make a real difference. Remember our children are our future. How you raise them determines the future.
Help me to help you to Help Save Our World for our children.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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