Saturday, June 21, 2014

My World changing Tip of the Day: Try to view the truth in context:

My World changing Tip of the Day:

1.     Try to view the truth in context: 

The truth is often what is more so than another partial truth. Often we are distracted by partial truths that are not the greater truth.

Some might say we have more fisheries protections in the US than anywhere else in the world. However what they are not saying is agribusiness is poisoning of the ecosystems with herbicides and pesticides and the western technological life with its pollution from just about everything we do is arguably worse in America than any other nation in the world.

Or when politicians say the poor people that do not work and get social benefits are a financial burden to the economy; which might be true to some extent. However when compared with the enormous profiteering burden of the super-rich with their gambling on the stock exchanges and the economic trade policies that put us 17 Trillion dollars in debt, it is negligible.

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