Monday, June 23, 2014

My World changing tip of the day: Invest in life…

My World changing tip of the day:  Invest in life.

In the traditional Zulu culture a rich man is one who owns many cattle, chickens and goats and grows food on the land. You see they understand the importance of life and living on the land and being one with it. They do not invest money into the robbing banking system. They invest their energy into the bank of life. These people will be the survivors of major empire and civilization collapses; because they will not have lost their connection to life and the land.
Investing in life is much more than just investing in nature; it is investing time and energy into:
·       Your children’s lives;
·       Others’ lives - listening, caring, nurturing;
·       Community – getting out there and being with people helping, caring, sharing…

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