Sunday, June 15, 2014

My World changing Tip for the Day: Be the unconditional love you are!

If you are in search of the truth spend time observing nature around you!

Stop and watch the raindrops in a puddle of water jumping up and the circles of energy radiating outwards. 
This is what is happening in three dimensional space all around physical beings as they receive energy and radiate it outwards for others to receive. We live in a connected giving and receiving universe!

Now think of the universe the galaxies stars sun and planets shine. We receive energy radiated out from these beings; which they freely radiate outwards in all directions. We are living in a connected medium of space for those waves of energy to be able to radiate outwards for us to receive. If there is something in the way we cannot see the star. If there was a gap in the medium of space we would not receive the energy of that star…; we would not see it. Thus the medium of space is a connected non-physical medium.

We are energy beings and so is every physical being around us. We are expressions of the vibrating energy universe within it! We are expressions of nature’s energy within it. We are expressions of complex connected energy systems or ecosystems of nature and the universe. We are integral expressions of energy within complex energy systems. Just like flowers in a garden without the universe sun, planets, stars, nature, earth, water, air, food, energy and life building upon live, we could never exist. We are the people of nature and the universe. We are expression of cycles of life, movement and change, manifest out of the complex giving and receiving of energy from all around us.

Knowing that love is connectivity and the sharing of energy and that is the nature of the universe and nature. And knowing we are expressions of a connected universe and natural ecosystems that give and receive energy freely. It is obvious that we are expressions of love in a love universe>

All we have to do is reintegrate or reconnect ourselves with life and living systems and nature and we will perpetuate life.

So the tips are many today:
Realize we are all related and reconnect with one another, nature and the universe. Knowing you are love, begin with unconditional love to all others, life, nature and the universe! In doing this you will transform your life. Then teach others and we will transform the world in the process.

If you doubt what I am saying will have a profound effect on Helping to Save Our World, consider this:
If we can change the way people think, they will change the way they behave and we will change the world together.
Everything that humans ever achieved began with a feeling an emotion a thought an action and then repeating that action until it became a subconscious habit.
Change what people think and you change the world.

Have a wonderful day!

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