Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My World changing Tip for the Day: Rid yourself of your addictions!

Rid yourself of your addictions and regain control of your own mind, thoughts, choices and actions.

We are the only animals who choose to be totally distracted from living life naturally. I wrote an email to a friend of mine which I use as today's example.

National and international Sports: The opium of the masses!

Dear Friend, 

I am sorry I did not have any time to write last time. I write this with all due respect and appreciation for your friendship and energy.

Think and question, or just stop watching and being part of the thought and energy controlling system, because it is controlling and stealing your time, energy and mental power. You have only one life to live and to do what you choose with you mind and body; so choose well.

The topics: The game; the winners; the looser; commercials; locker room talk; steroids; personalities of the sportsmen and women; their lives; games fixed; injuries; lawsuits... all just a waste of your personal time and energy.

Watching to learn the dance is one thing but addiction to the game media politics promotions... you are wasting your life!

We have only one life and we need to be in control of our thoughts and actions we need to question and think and use our time as productively as possible, to reverse the damage that has been done while we were unaware, unconscious or asleep, to help life on this planet as soon as possible – before it is too late – it is time to stand up and be counted.

Stopping addictions is not easy:
Like changing the direction of your life, not working for corporations - stopping sucking off the corporate teat is the most difficult of all addictions in our dependent society. But as Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!"

If we want to bring about real and lasting change in our world we have to change where we spend our thoughts, time and energy to actually make real and lasting change happen.

Bitching and moaning - complaining and feeling sorry for yourself and others is not changing anything.  Not making changes will not make any change happen, well at least not in the foreseeable future.
Making the necessary changes to ourselves the way we think and what we do in our world is the only way to bring about real change.

Thinking about this…it is the path of change I underwent, on my personal quest for truth, knowledge and wisdom.

The above are the reasons why I stopped reading the newspapers for any insight and truth - for truth is a rare commodity in the corporate controlled media – the rest is distraction lies and deception.
I watched as my friends who spoke of the current thought controlled events and wasted their thoughts, mental energy, days, and lives talking about unimportant garbage and they never actually did anything meaningful and were incapable of independent creative thought and action.

I stopped watching TV - instead I focused on questioning everything thinking and meditating and using reasonable logic and acting on what I learned… This was an immense and exciting journey which I continue to live every day of my life.

I studied the foundations of many different ways of thinking, philosophy, education system, religions, sciences, cosmology… as an observer not a follower or believer to find out what made them tick and what was the hidden truth.

I observed everything starting with: myself; my language; my world; nature and the universe; and became aware of the obvious hidden truth and wisdom of the universe which is hidden under layers of lies; deceit; subversion; thought control…

I traveled extensively observing nature, people, cultures, languages and peoples relationships to life and the earth.

My lessons are endless every day I stand in wonder love and appreciation for our incredible world, life and the universe.

I have been developing a course called the Guided Quest for the Truth in which I teach and will be presenting to those who wish to truly awaken and live life. I just need to promote it well and get enough people who want to come together and learn what I have discovered on my quest for truth.

No matter how much you read, the newspapers and articles and watch sport you are just being distracted, the truth in not within.

If you want to live a meaningful life you need to take personal control of your life thoughts and energy and empower yourself with a new way of thinking and being.
Then Empower yourself with a system that helps you become independent of the dominant thought control systems and create a sustainable future – the system I am working on now is amazing for this.

As your friend: Say no to drugs of the mind; thought; consciousness - that prevent you from living your life.
It is time to take control of your life, thoughts and actions.
Step outside the box and
Think creatively, to
Move and to
Change the course of history.

The future is in our hands. So let’s do this together. Help me to help you to Help Save Our World for ourselves our children and all life on this wonderful planet.

But let’s just begin with self - awakening.

Change is the hardest thing you will ever do, but it is the most rewarding!

Your friend

"Help Save our World!"
Denism: "Live in love, balance and Harmony!"
Email: denismquest@gmail.com
eBook: "Gifts - Giving and receiving we maintain the balances of life!"

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