Saturday, June 21, 2014

My World changing tip of the day: Take personal responsibility for what is happening in our world.

My World changing tip of the day:

1.     Take personal responsibility for what is happening in our world.

Think about every way you personally contribute to it being the way it is. Then begin to change your behaviors.
Comment below and share to let others know what it is that you changed today. No matter how big or small the action. It is only by doing something that we bring about real change.

Just to give you some ideas:
·       It must be obvious by now – if we wait for our leaders in power to lead – they will only lead us astray. So it is time to begin to lead ourselves to the future we wish for ourselves and our children. It is all about our focus and use of our collective energy and our actions.
·       If you change just one thing and you show someone else, you become a leader of our time.
·       Remember corporations and governments are powered by people’s energy. Gandhi brought down the British Empires strangle hold on India with passive resistance. We do not have to fight and vote in political campaigns to change the direction of history, nor do we have to do nothing as Gandhi suggested.  All we have to do is change the way we think and what we do. Voting with our energy and money.
·       Living simply.
·       Teach your children what is bad about war.
·       Teach them how to question everything and become critical thinkers and world changers.
·       Teach them responsibility, love, appreciation, compassion, mutual respect, how to share, and care for nature and one another.
·       Stop supporting the systems that control our thoughts. Support that which you wish to see more of in the future.
·       Home educate your children, not into religious home schooling systems,  raise them with a love of nature and one another and giving them the breadth of knowledge and wisdom they need to make a real difference in the world. Our children are our future.
·       Connect with one another and community.  A loving world is a connected world. Show your children how to build loving relationships.
·       If you don’t know how, learn how and practice connecting with others and nature.
·       Spend a lot more time with your children, teaching, learning from them
·       Teach your children the importance of movement, running and playing.
·       Slow down, “walk and see more” lie down on a blanket and gaze at the stars, stop and smell the roses.
·       Buying or taking only what you need and constantly putting back into nature. It is in living in love, balance and harmony that we life sustainable lives.
·       Don’t buy packaged foods that create pollution.
·       Grow your own food if you can. Ask your neighbors if you can use their land to grow gardens and share the produce.
·       Beginning to compost and return organic energy to the soil and begin learning and teaching your children where their food comes from and how to grow their own. In an uncertain future the safest thing to do is to show them how to survive in nature.
·       We have to rebuild our topsoil if we are to survive.
·       Growing our own food locally will make a huge impact on carbon emissions.
·       Getting out and using less electricity will also make a huge difference…
·       I could go on and on.
·       Eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat.

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