Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Dare to Dream of a world you would love to live in: Shangri-La; Paradise; Eden; Utopia.

Create a vision a dream of the world you wish to live in and then do what it takes to make it happen.
See it in your mind’s eye then make it reality.
Then ignore those who say it is impossible and do what it takes to manifest that in the world for you others and all life around you.
We can do this together: This is what the world was like before we destroyed it with our way of life.
What changed was our way of thinking, our values and beliefs, our subconscious thoughts and subsequent behavior.

·       Change your thoughts choices and behaviors with the ideal to achieve your paradise.
·       Become an observer of self, world and nature.
·       Become aware of your behaviors when they are happening.
·       Evaluate them are they creating the world you wish to live in or not? If not replace them.
·       Eventually you will become aware of what feelings begin to rise in you which result in what behavior.
·       You will begin to master your feelings and thoughts before you act.
·       Then you will begin to make better choices that result in you moving towards your paradise on earth.
·       Repeat these new behaviors until they replace your previous unconscious subconscious conditioning; thus changing your future behavior and creating the world we would all love to live in.

Help me to help you to Help Save Our World for our children.
Have a Wonderful Day!
Denis Moore.

Denism’s Guided Quest for the Truth provides answers to some of life's most profound questions and proposes ways to Help Save our World. It is a course which is based on my personal quest for the truth and my life’s experiences and world travels. It is designed to take you on a paradigm shifting thought and experiential journey to a new way of thinking and being. It will empower you to be able to teach others and together we will change our world forever.
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