Saturday, June 28, 2014

There can be only one!

Or can it be that it is for all of us, all life and all of nature?

Many will think that the solutions are within this paradigm; so few know the truth.

They think that opportunities lie in conventional schooling; education; jobs; careers; and businesses. The whole system is built on lies to make the very rich richer at our expense and the expense of all living systems on the planet.
Conventional schooling is designed to create cogs in the machine; the machine which is killing our natural world.
Jobs and careers are just another form of slavery where we work to benefit the few. We spend our life’s energy building, maintaining or serving someone else’s ideas goals and ambitions. We are not serving ourselves or our children as well as we could be. Others are taking a percentage of our energy for everything we do to make them-selves richer to enable them to buy and own everything. The longer it goes on the more enslaved we become.

Nature multiplies everything we do if we do it in love, balance and harmony with living systems. The moment we have reached a sustainable level nature will be continuously bountiful. Then as long as we continue to be part of the ecosystem we perpetuate abundant life.

I watch people who think they have the solution starting a new business which is unrelated to the process of perpetuating life. They build it into a system that sustains their lives then they sell it. Thus sending more and more wealth up the power-base and centralizing more and more power over the markets in the hands of a few. Every time the people sell or kill the goose that lays the golden egg they become poorer and the rich get richer and more powerful. In religious terms: “they are selling their souls to the devil” In this case the devil being the corporations and few families that own it all. Through this process they are making themselves and future generations more and more dependent upon the owners of everything.
This is the nature of the paradigm we live in. It is designed to give welfare and profit to the few at the expense of everyone and nature. Just about everything we buy sends money up the pyramid.

The reason we cannot live sustain-ably is that we have sold our basic human rights to land food water air and energy. Now we work to get the money to buy it back from those who profess to own it all.

Ownership is an illusion. I think of a child inside the womb professing to own his mother. I then think of the people of the planet professing to own parts of their mother earth’s womb. By dividing it with borders; walls and fences and professing to own her womb. “This is mine!” Reminds me of a deprived child that has not yet learned to share and trust that there will be more abundance if we just live in love, balance and harmony with one another, Mother Nature and all life.

We are all being driven deeper and deeper into poverty as the rich monopolize it all. Think about the rising gas prices and food prices – this is inflation. Think about how the super-rich are getting richer with record gains on the stock exchanges. Think about what they are taking away from us. Health-care; social services, education… Everything is being privatized for profit for the owners… Money wealth and power is being sucked out of the system, many are losing their homes and the money they invested into them... The country is in excess of 17 Trillion dollars in debt… Why?

There can be only one in the end. The wealth and power will be owned by only one. This is the design of the system. Some are playing the game and think they are doing well. They just don’t get it. There can be only one. He/the family is way ahead of the game. They have been playing the monopoly game with a stacked deck for a long time. It is the design of the system.

Open your eyes and see. Look at the Washington Monument. It is a phallic symbol of male dominance. It is a monolith with a small triangle on the top and no middle and lower class; just a slave class. The system is designed to produce the absolute centralization of power at the expense of us all. What supports this imbalance of power is the NSA, CIA, FBI, POLICE, MILITARY, PRIVATE SECURITY FORCES.
In nature it is not possible to maintain such imbalances of power. The insanity is absolute. A balanced social system is one where everyone is equally entitled to land, food, water, air, knowledge, wisdom and life...

The one dollar bill, the unit of the currency, has the symbols of power on it. The triangle is the pyramid of institutionalized power. The power is controlled by the all Seeing Eye in the small triangle at the top of the pyramid. Those in power at the top know, understand and control the system for their exclusive benefit. They are in power and are separate from the government they own and control.

The joke is on all of the people who support the system and are benefiting in the short term. They cannot see that ultimately “there can be only one” and we all lose in the end.

We will all be slowly driven into poverty like slow boiled frogs that will not jump.

We will all be driven down Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. As we become poorer we will eventually reach basic survival needs as some of us are already experiencing. We will all need to regulate or body temperatures, get warmth from the cold and shade from the heat. We will need: clean air, water, food… To get these basic requirements for life we will have to move back to living on the land.

Our new society will be composed of small societal groups or Eco-Villages living spread out on the land in sustainable villages and doing Permaculture.

If we never want to make the same historical mistakes again we will learn Denism and be aware conscious and connected to all life and life in Love Balance and harmony with the flow of life which gives and sustains our lives. If we do not we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Repeating the rise and fall of destructive centralized societies we call civilizations – the most uncivilized systems designed by men.

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