Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Live in harmony with the energy of the universe/nature and the flow of life.

There is a flow of waves or cycles of energy coming into the planet from: the Sun; the planets; the stars; the galaxies… and all energy radiating beings from all over the universe; that we intercept or receive on our journey through space. These are the cycles of energy that work in synchronicity to manifest our reality and sustain the natural world. This energy combines in cycles of motion forming patterns of energy in our reality. 

These patterns of energy combine to form more and more complex energy patterns of nature and life. From the most fundamental pattern that combine to form the elements, to the cycles of the seasons tides and life cycles, it is all composed of the flow of energy of the universe and locally which we call nature in our earthly environment.

Think of this incoming energy as a river of energy that manifests everything. We have to live in harmony with this flow of this river of the universe's and nature’s energy if we want to continue to sustain life on this planet; because we are expressions of this flow of energy.

Think of a wave of life. Nature’s energy, having reached a stage of complexity, is now a wave of life.
Think of the wave as beginning with all babies…growing into children (the wave grows) young adults (it grows larger) older (the wave peaks) older adults (the wave declines) and as less survive into old age and pass on (the wave fades out).  All living beings live cycles of life. The main purpose of life is the perpetuation of life. Perpetuating healthy, happy, life makes it even better.

Every natural process is composed of cycles of energy motion and change. Rates of change are relative in a relative universe.

The whole cycle of life has its value; as loving connected communities know. That is why they live in extended families and communities. Every perceived stage of life is very important to the community. The elders are the story tellers and the passers on of the wisdom to the children. They are respected and appreciated not put into old age homes to go away.

This brings me to heredity having spoken about the environment above
How many cycles of energy came together, and continue to come together, to compose our reality. And establish and sustain all the patterns of energy of natural and living systems throughout the ages. These are enormous accumulations of the patterns in which energy continuously flows.

I know this is not the current dominant, objective materialistic science and physics, world view. However it is the greater truth. Trust me. Particle physics is a relative perception of the cyclical processes. Harmony does not mean following and accepting the abstract ways of thinking that dominate our time. We have to question and oppose that which is disharmonious with life and natural systems. To live our abstract way of life is to fail all life that lived and died to make our lives possible and to fail all generations of life into the future.

This reality is a process of the flow of energy which we have to learn to live in harmony with. We have to live in harmony with one another while living in harmony with all of nature’s ecosystems. We have to reestablish natural flows; as in letting the rivers flow through the life giving veins of the continents.

To live in harmony with nature and all natural life is successful living. Growth in complexity of patterns and life in living ecosystems is the indicator of success. So learn how to perpetuate life all around you and live in harmony with the flow of energy of the universe and the flows of the energy of nature and life all around you.

Wild animals and babies live naturally without question trusting in the universal and natural flows of energy that perpetuate life. We have been schooled and indoctrinated to think abstractly and to harm the very systems that give and sustain life for money and profit.

Attune yourself to the natural cycles of nature and the universe and live in harmony with it all. Cultures that live close to nature and on the land have always done so as a necessity of life.

Please take this seriously and learn once again to live in Love, Balance and Harmony with all life one another and all of nature. The people that live in harmony with the wave of life and perpetuate life through creating healthy sustainable growing ecosystems around them are the truly successful healthy happy people in this amazing, wonderful and yet serious processes of life.

Have a wonderful day!
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