Saturday, July 12, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Don’t fall back into blind belief and ignorance.

Please don’t react and take it personally. What I say, I say out of love for all people.
I look back in horror as people who going on a “spiritual journey” fall back into religion, business, and politics. Falling back into the ignorance of belief systems they were in search of gaining freedom from.
I was shocked when friends of mine who began the quest for truth with me lost their way and became religious. They lost their way back into the controlled thought of the indoctrination systems of the power based systems.
Independent creative thought is our way to the truth and a future of abundance for all. The dominant belief systems are what got us into this mess and keep us imprisoned away from our basic human rights to land food and water.
We can live in a world of abundance without wars, starvation, hatred…
All we have to do is change what we think and what we believe and what we do.
To do this we have to go beyond the age of ignorance to an age of reason and logic.
Maintaining clear honest thought and always questioning and using reasonable logic and creative thought to find better ways of thinking and being and is the way to find the nirvana or the spiritual way of being you search for.
The amazing state of being you seek, can only truly be found in living connected lives in Love, Balance and Harmony with all other life and the planet.
Have a wonderful day!
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