Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: I question whether the opposite of love is fear or separateness.

I suggest it is: Love or separateness or disconnectedness. Being: together or apart. Being: one or divided. Trust in being one or allowing fear to separate us. The choice could be to choose to live and trust in love or to live in fear and be divided; however fear is not the opposite of love.

Fear is often used as motivation to divide us. Segregation or separateness is the opposite of Love. It is the opposite of the social connection between people and societal groups; the opposite of social relationships. Human love is the connection between: people; people and nature and the connection between humans and the universe. The opposite of love is to break apart and destroy love relationships. The extreme form of antisocial behavior is to be divisive to the extreme and to behave in a sociopathic way destroying as many love relationships as possible.

In my definition: Love is connectivity and sharing of energy. Of course there are many different expressions of love but at its core it is: connectivity and the sharing of energy. It is those connected social relationships between: people; people and nature; nature and nature; people and the universe; and the sharing of energy.
The energy we share can be experience in many ways: that warm glowing radiating energy of love, heat, light, knowledge wisdom or all the forms of energy we share when we are in connected loving giving and receiving relationships.

Love is this connectivity and sharing of energy of nature and the universe. Love is who we are; what we are; where we come from. We are connected as one with the nature and the universe.
Love is the universal agreement. It is the most important universal wisdom. Love is the essential way of being. With love we will thrive as a life force. We are living on a more and more loveless planet and love is the key to survival.

Divided we will be controlled for the benefit of a few and the destruction of love and all life. We need to come together as: one people; one humanity; one life force; one with of the world of human beings; one with nature; and one with the universe.

So the opposite of love is to be divided.
It is a choice between being social or antisocial.
Between: togetherness or separateness.
Being: together or separate.
The choice is: Living with connected relationships or dying as divisive sociopaths with antisocial behavior.

In our country we are schooled to focus on individual achievement above the group. The individual is considered to be more important that the society. We are schooled in competition as opposed to cooperation, “Survival of the fittest” Hero’s; Presidents; Stars. Our country focuses on war; destruction; plunder; divide and rule; driving people off the land into cities for the centralization of control and power dividing people from their relationships with one another, life, nature, animals, community, tribes… breaking down the social fabric/love for centralization of power. This is done for the democratic lie: “We are spreading democracy for the good of humanity” – who wants democracy in a prison. This is the opposite of love. It is anti-social, anti-relationships. It is anti-love. The centralized power based system and owners of our society are only concerned with expansion of power; which is anti-social behavior. It is violence against nature and people and the universe.

Those that govern and control us are persuading; conditioning; schooling and indoctrinating us to stand upon others to achieve their selfish goals. The rich and powerful are perceived as famous and powerful and put on pedestals; when in all honesty to be rich and powerful to the extreme is to be antisocial/anti-love and even sociopathic.

To take more than you need in a limited connected natural system is to destroy the fabric of love. Taking all the energy that is needs to be shared, to create a loving connected thriving living interconnected living ecosystem, is an extreme form of violence and destruction.

For love to rule the world, we need to love, to reconnect and share the energy with all of life and nature. We need to rebuild those relationships. Love is to only take what you need and constantly give and receive in balance and harmony with all others.
It is ok to take what you need.
Love is the social agreement. We are all in this together so we must give and receive in balance and harmony with one another nature and the universe.
Love is connectivity and the sharing of energy.

The choice is: together or divided.  This is choice is decided by whether we trust in the nature of the universe and we trust in one another or we try and do it all alone. This is where we either let fear and blind belief be our motivation or not. So it is all about trust or fear; love or being divided.

We are living in a society that rates individualism above social interaction and connectivity. This way of living is to live as antisocial sociopaths. This antisocial way of life goes back to segregation and elitism which are fundamental beliefs in religions: Segregation is that dividing belief of our religions that destroys the fabric of Love. By believing you are separate from the rest of the people and nature and that you are “the chosen ones” or belong to a special group you do great harm to love. Destroying the essential relationship on which all life is based. Segregation is a belief in separateness which results in divide and rule, divide and conquer, private ownership of land, privatization. Segregation is antisocial or a sociopathic way of separating for control and power. Elitism is the belief that one group is superior or separate from or “the chosen ones” or “born agains” or “Christians” and the others are heathen’s; pagans; barbarians... Elitism is an ego driven form of segregation it is also divisive and the opposite of love.

The motivation to divide people from the land and destroy their relationships with one another and nature, food and water knowledge and wisdom is to control and own it all. It is also for the centralization of power for the benefit of a few. Dividing the people from their basic human rights and natural love relationships with the land water food air animals and one another is to destroy love; to destroy their relationships and the sharing of energy.

Segregation/divide and rule is done by destroying the loving community which has strong social relationships and cannot normally be easily divided.

Breaking the love relationships between people and the land food and water has been done in many ways throughout history through the use of: force; fear; wars; slash and burn; genocide; driving people apart; driving them off the land; keeping them moving from place to place so they cannot maintain the relationships and grow loving relationships; destroy nature by using poisons like napalm in Vietnam; private property ownership – divide the people from land food and water and one another and create competition and you keep dividing the people; Establishing borders and build walls and fences; controlling movement with passports social security cards…; keeping people living in fear; using force the breakdown of the social contract; using laws and policing and prisons to keep them divided and under control; punishing or kill them if they do not obey; driving them into poverty; using economic sanctions; introducing violence to create instability to introduce; puppet governments; kill the peoples leaders; send in mercenaries or CIA or military to create coupes… the list goes on and on…
We are living in a more and more sick world; a more and more loveless world.

If we want to Help Save Our World, for our children and all live on this planet, we need to come together once again as one life force; one people; one nature; one universe and reestablish the love relationships we have lost.

Creating loving relationships is a process a journey into the future of living heathy happy abundant live in love balance and harmony with one another life nature and the universe; which is essential if we wish to survive and thrive in our world.

Love or separateness. Togetherness or individualism.

Our whole world is suffering from the disease of the mind that is spreading like a plague at an accelerating rate that is killing our world. It is killing the love relationships that give and sustain life. 

It is love the togetherness that creates life and abundance. Love is what makes it all possible. Love is what ensures our survival and the perpetuation of life. Love is what gives us healthy happy lives. Love is universal wisdom and the nature of the non-material energy ocean of the universe.

Now with this essential wisdom and perspective you have the knowledge and wisdom to choose. What do you choose love or separateness?
Choose to share this and you are choosing love and the survival of our natural world. Don’t share it and you are choosing to operate in fear and or blind belief and many will die off because of a lack of knowledge and wisdom. Share and you give them the power of choice.

Choose love or separateness share or do not, the choice is yours.

Remember together we can save our world, as individuals we don't stand a chance.

Have a Wonderful Day!
Denis Moore

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