Saturday, August 2, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Think when you use “product” in our environment!

When cleaning your home or work space or wherever, ask yourself a few questions:
  •  would I drink this,
  •  is it good for me to breathe?
  • How does this affect me if I use it on myself?

Then decide whether to use it on the environment or not. 
What we do to our environment, nature the world, the air, water, land, and all of life we do to ourselves! Think before you act.

Think about the combined effect of billions of people using “products” that are polluting and poisoning our world.

Every drop you use has an effect. So how much you use is critical. If you have to use a chemical use it very sparingly. For example use very little washing powder if your clothes do not need much. Some times to rinse them in water is enough. Use a few drops of dish-soap only if you need to; rather just rinse them immediately after use without using soap. Humans survived for a long time without ‘Product’. Anti-bacterial soaps are killing the foundations of life.

Remember the chain of life. It begins with energy and micro-organisms and bacteria and moving up the chain of life to insects, insect eaters like birds and geckos rodents and cats and dogs all the way up to larger animals and humans. 

If we are killing the very foundations of life by our use of products we are killing ourselves.  Life gives life to life. Break the chain and we are heading for extinction.

To clean, maybe vinegar and water will do, instead of soaps and chemical detergents?

So think!
Would I drink this?
Then maybe I should not be using it.

How does this affect my lungs?
Should I be using this?
No? Then don’t!  

Everything we do has an effect on our natural world and thus on us and ultimately our survival as a species.

Have a great day!

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