Sunday, August 3, 2014

Money does not make the world go round.

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The above seems to need some clarity.

1.    The main purpose of capitalism might on the face of it seem to be to gather capital/money; however that is not its purpose. Its purpose is private ownership of all energy systems: land; food; water and human energy… Capitalism as is the stock exchange is just a means to own and control it all.
2.    This is done by:
·       An objective/materialist view of processes and calling them 'things'.
·       Setting a value or a price on those things. (coming from the detached value and belief system of religion)
·       Equating money to things; units, quantities – mass; volume; area; time… makes money just an abstract tool. Based on a lie.
In reality every energy being and process is not a thing and should not be divided into units and quantities because this is not the true nature of the processes of energy and motion which is their true value. (I will explain later.)
3.    Energy combined with energy is power – capitalism is the tool to gain the absolute centralization of power and control and ownership of everything through the process of monopolization of everything with the use of money the abstract tool.

All processes are interrelated in connected ecosystems of energy life and relationships that make us thrive. Love is connectivity and the sharing of energy that makes life possible and thrive. This is the universal wisdom.

That is why divide and rule is so important to capitalism. Break it all up into units put a price on ‘everything’ then you can buy and sell it all and monopolize ‘everything’; taking absolute ownership of all of the energy and power of our world. (All of these are based on the values and beliefs of the religion and government)
In fact all of the major institutions that persuade us to think this way and force us to continue to behave in this way are based on the same values and beliefs. Religion, schools, education, government, militaries, policing, courts laws, media, business, Hollywood movies, corporations, banking…)

To clarify: I gave a speech about thinking outside the box or should I say pyramid-scheme on Wednesday. In the next speech the chairman said: “Money is what makes the world go round!” This would be thinking inside the monetary pyramid/box. When in reality it is energy that makes the world go round. It is energy that makes the world and everything in it go round or move in cycles of change. But when we talk from within the paradigm we think of money and jobs and the work ethic… We need to see everything in context.
When we sell land we are not selling a dead unit area. We are giving up all of the processes of life into the future. We are destroying our connected relationships with all life and the land. We are giving up what makes us who we are. We are the land the plants the animals and all the processes of giving and receiving energy. No processes are a “things” nor should they be separated and given value and monopolized for the benefit of a few at the expense of all of us and nature. We are energy beings of a connected energy world and universe. 

How we were convinced to accept this abstract reality beats me!
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