Sunday, August 10, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Pay attention to what you are doing!

Yesterday I was practicing for a humorous speech contest  for Toast Masters on Wednesday. Riding my bicycle, with no hands on the handle bars, I was reciting my speech using my body language and hand gestures when the uneven pavement took the wheels out from beneath me. I landed with my chest on the handle bars and cut a gash in the back of my leg. My chest aches so badly I cannot laugh or cry. So the lessons are many.

The most important of them is never forget we live in a physical world with consequences.

Others would be:

Keep hands on the handle bars.

Pay attention to your safety first.

Are speeches that important?

It is not funny to the one who lands on the handle bars;

Even although it might be funny to others.

Laughing with broken ribs is not a laughing matter.

Neither are stitches.

As one gets older one should get wiser.

Some of us do and others do not, it seems..

Have a Wonderful Day
Denis Moore

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