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My world changing tip of the day: The pyramid-scheme, that is killing our world, is...

The pyramid-scheme, that is killing our world, is built upon abstract values and beliefs that are institutionalized for longevity. Unless we change our values and beliefs and change the values and beliefs of the institutions, we will not save our natural world from extinction.

I find this excerpt from the article most interesting: “The US society is based on six pillars, which are: specialization, competition, individualism, exceptionalism, consumerism, materialism.”

This is a long piece and I could write a book commenting on it. It would be much easier to talk about it. Although I must say that this piece was one of the most concise and revealing pieces of writing I've read in a long time.
·       The statistics are telling.
·       The Tenants/foundational thoughts or ways of being, although very revealing, Is not by any means the full set of foundational values and beliefs at the core of this societal system.
·       The pyramid by design is the pyramid scheme designed and developed by Moses in the Old Testament/The books of Moses/The Torah.
·       The pyramid stands on the monotheistic values and beliefs of the books of Moses/The Torah and pays lip service to Christianity.
The institutionalization of these values and beliefs is at the core of its longevity.
·       The foundation of capitalism and imperialism is in the books of the Torah. The beginnings of lies and deceit in the control of knowledge.
1.    Driven by fear
2.    Requiring blind belief – the beginnings of Ignorance.
3.    Belief in one god – The beginnings of the Pyramid Scheme.
4.    A monotheistic power based system to ensure the absolute and totalitarian centralization of power. The Beginnings of the Pyramid.
5.    The payment of a percentage to Moses/the church/government to ensure the centralization of power and control continues… The beginnings of Capitalism.
6.    “Thy shalt not steal.” Private property ownership. The beginning of an ownership society.
7.    Ownership of land – Gods promised land.
8.    Segregation – divide and rule, you are with us or against us/ Divide and conquer/Divide and rule/Divide and control. The destruction of the socially connected system for power and control.
9.    Elitism – we are the chosen ones. The clean and the unclean. Divide the elite group from the masses. The ruling class who know what is going on.
10.                   Absolutism – heaven and hell, good and evil, right and wrong black and white. An over simplified way of seeing the world – easy for control. You do not want people to think of other possibilities – this sound bite way of thinking which is dominant in our media. As opposed to the complexity of reality in the thought universe.
11.                   We are above and separate from nature. Dividing the people from the land and their connected societal groups breaks up any opposition to the Pyramid-scheme.
12.                   Outlawing thinking and reasonable logic so people cannot see the lies.
13.                   Plunder of the Midianites (Numbers chapter 31 3.1 King James’s Version.) the beginnings of imperialism.

I could go on and on. These are the subjects I teach in my courses.
Should I be saying this? It is politically inappropriate. I would be labeled “Anti-Semitic” Anti the pyramid-scheme I am. Anti-people I am not. What I do is for love or all people and nature. What they choose to believe I hold them accountable for.

To return to the piece and what I find interesting:
·       As above the driving values and beliefs
·       The structural factors of their dominant and controlling institutions/ Schooling/education/indoctrination systems movies media…
·       The propaganda and use of language
·       The ways in which they impose their will. Religion/Propaganda/Patriotism/Controlled media/ Misinformation/ Selective reporting/Economic sanctions and economic warfare/trade agreements/economic systems/Warfare/Murder/Plunder and pillaging…
·       The ways they lie and disguise the truth.
·       Their ways of distracting and keeping the population occupied with addictions/trivial thoughts/watching national sports/playing competitive sports/growing grass and having to maintain it/ fighting over the same trivial arguments again and again/Political Debates/Meaningless Elections. Never dealing with the real issues… Like I said I can go on and on.
While we are distracted we aren’t dealing with the really important issues.

The only way to change a society is to change the fundamental values and beliefs of that society. Change the way we think and behave and we change the world.

Allowing ourselves to be caught up in the distracting conversation and not making fundamental changes is where we are all going wrong. We need to begin with the most simple of things. Composting, planting seeds and nurturing life around us. We need to invest our energy into the perpetuation of life and empowering ourselves and reconnecting as community and with one another. Nurturing a value system of: living in Love (connectivity and the sharing of energy) Balance and Harmony with one another and nature. We need to rebuild what this pyramid system has plundered and destroyed for the few at the expense of the masses. We need to come together in cooperation and recreate the ecosystems of life… “Oh my gosh!” I am wasting valuable time on a piece that only a few people will see and understand. I am very aware of my limited time on this planet and I need to make the best use of my time. I thank you for sending me this article.

Although the thoughts are really clear and relatively deep in this article, the two things that seem to underlie it are: It does not provide solutions and it is still a view from within the monetary and labor paradigm. The socialism websites are the same. They do not see beyond the idea of a monetary based system. And that is where we need to go to make real fundamental change happen in the world.

A giving and sharing society that lives in harmony with the flow of energy of nature is the only way to perpetuate life sustainably into the future.
It is only with the abstract currencies that wealth can be abstractly centralized; creating and perpetuating the imbalances that devastate our natural world.
Only with money can the world be monopolized and owned by a few. Money is our problem. The dominance of one currency or another makes no difference. It is just a matter of time before one currency has total domination.
Ok that is enough
Have a Great Evening
Denis M (Denism.)

For those who would like to look at the article I am referring to you can follow this link http://mato48.com/2012/10/08/breaking-point/

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