Friday, August 15, 2014

My world changing tip of the day: Become an observer of yourself, your thoughts and behaviors and begin to change yourself and our world.

Happiness can only be found by becoming aware of your entrapment or the imprisonment of your mind, thoughts and behaviors in this controlled privately owned world.

If you are unaware, just watch as we drive on freeways. Or rush from box to box to build a world of dead things and control our world to death; changing it from what was once a living wonderland by killing our living planet to turn it into money and dead things.

Become aware of your conditioned and programmed way of life and your entrapment. Doing other peoples bidding for basic survival is slavery or shell I say: “Wage slavery.” Are you:
·       Divided from nature and community?
·       Containment in cities away from the land?
·       Containment in boxes: buildings; offices; computers…?
·       Working in an office job. Not being able to use your body, move, connect with others and play?
·       Eating a poor diet away from picking fresh healthy food?
·       Working in an isolated office job?
·       Working for someone else doing what they want done?
·       Building or making dead things or products for money?
·       Working in a physical job like washing a boat out in the sun? Working physically is an improvement but still not for yourself and your community.
·       Working in an unexpressive job – where you cannot be yourself?
·       Working at any job in a pyramid scheme?

      Are the profits of your labor supporting the destructive pyramid scheme making the few rich at the expense of all of us and nature? And giving them more ownership and control. Imprisoning you and your children more and more as time goes by. Reducing you choices more and more. Increasing the number of laws and rules to prevent you from truly living your life?

You might see yourself in one of the above or another; however the point is you have been divided from what makes you truly human and you living as a human being; at your expense and at the expense of all life for the benefit of a few.

True happiness can be yours. Firstly you need to know what it is that leads to your unhappiness. Then you need to know what leads to true happiness. Then you need to pursue true happiness.

Happiness comes from truly living your life. Thinking and knowing the knowledge and wisdom of nature and the universe. Living, independent of the corporate controlled pyramid scheme, in a happy healthy connected community and doing what it takes to perpetuate life no matter how physical and simple that way of life may be. Happiness comes from living a happy healthy physical life of movement, play and relationships with one another and all of nature. Living in Love, Balance and Harmony with the natural living world is the only way to achieve true happiness. So if you want to find true happiness you need to be able to change the way you think, what you believe, and put your energy into your relationships with others, nature and life and ultimately do everything you can to separate yourself from the pyramid schemes. 

Decentralize your thoughts and behaviors into small decentralized sustainable communities. Reestablish the connection to the flow and processes of energy and wisdom of nature and the universe. Live your life connected to the whole living organism of life on this planet. Slow down and be a fully experiencing happy healthy living human being.

Become an observer of yourself, your thoughts and behaviors and begin to change yourself and our world.

Have a wonderful day!
Denis Moore

Denism’s Guided Quest for the Truth provides answers to some of life's most profound questions and proposes ways to Help Save our World. It is a course which is based on my personal quest for the truth and my life’s experiences and world travels. It is designed to take you on a paradigm shifting thought and experiential journey to a new way of thinking and being. It will empower you to be able to teach others and together we will change our world forever.
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