Monday, January 4, 2016

I had a Vision!

Visions, Stories and Dreams!

“The truth will set you free!”

I had a vision!

In a euphoric state I am standing on Fort Lauderdale’s 17 Street Bridge in Florida. It’s late afternoon on a dark overcast day. The bridge is vertical. I look down at the hydraulic hoses that have been cut. No more traffic will ever travel on this bridge. It is the end of an age of deathly extractive capitalistic and imperialistic destruction and centralization of wealth and power. The imbalances of the power based system could not be indefinitely sustained. The People, driven into poverty through the harsh relentless monopolization by the rich elite ruling class, have had enough. Everyone is moving out of the cities. They are going back to reestablish themselves on the land; taking back their basic human rights to land, food and water. They are leaving the city because they know the cities are deserts or dead zones for the majority. That many people cannot survive in such close proximity to one another. Nature cannot sustain such imbalance. Today is a day I will remember forever as the day my dream was realized.

The spell, of the dream that had got us to this place of planetary destruction and near final extinction of all life, was suddenly broken. People eventually realized and accepted the truth, realizing that the dominant monopolistic system was never going to stop killing our world, and their only alternative was to abandon it and begin to reestablish themselves in sustainable loving natural communities on the land.

I awake the following day, or is it a week, a year, ten years I have no concept of time… Chronological time is meaningless in the cycles of life, in nature, in a relative universe. 
I’m walking out over the hills and looking down into the valleys of abundance at happy, healthy communities. I see children swinging in the trees, climbing and eating fruit, playing in the mountain streams and waterfalls; while their parents, friends and community are attending to perpetuating the abundant life around them.

They are all living in a green happy healthy paradise. I enter a village and I am welcomed, honored as a fellow traveler of life. I am invited to join them at the table where we discussed life, nature, the fun the children were having and talk about our day. Life is much slower than it was in cities, and yet there’s a cyclical resonance, a harmony of motion, the sounds of the jungle, the sounds of the music resonating with the sounds of nature, the sounds of the children’s voices singing and playing, resonating with the life the birds and bees around them. I am invited to join the children at play and their parents as they tend life and plant seeds around them. I do both, for no matter how old I am, I have not lost my passion and love of life.

I am travelling now as if in a dream and returning to the cities. I stop and look down. The cities are in ruins. Nature has taken over. I look back even further into the past and I see all of the previous cities of civilizations that have crumbled and I understand. Finally I understand. Who would have thought? There was a good reason why centralized cities were destroyed and turn into ruins. It was no mysterious or nefarious event.

It was because people had left cities and taken what they need to rebuild their lives on the land it was redistribution of wealth and power to re-create the balances of life in nature. Not some weird sick destructive army of barbarians. The people had had enough and they couldn’t sustain the insanity anymore. The disease of the mind had gone too far.

I now look back and see the ruins as great pivotal times. Wow! “The truth will out.” “How long does it take for men to know? That too many people have died” Bob Dylan.
The sadness is in the loss of much great wisdom with the disease of thought. It was like a great reformatting of the human mind; a getting back to the basics of life. Focusing on what is important: life; family; children; one another; community; nature; biodiversity and all life. People had taken back their basic right to life, land, food and water and began to live in love, balance and harmony with one another and all life.

It is suddenly infinitely clearer to me as I look back in history; at the ruins of previous civilizations. I see ancient Greece and Rome and all the ruins and I realize the truth. It is not how the history books had told us. It was not some nefarious barbarians that over through the Roman Empire as we were taught in the history books. It was the people who had seen through the lies, realized it was not sustainable, and had had enough. The rich with their laws, boarders fences, passports, social security cards, prison labor camps/cities, prisons, armies and militarized police had taken it too far. So there was a redistribution of wealth and power. The people took what they needed from the cities to reestablish themselves on the land thus leaving the cities in ruins.

I now understand why the people burned the books art and furniture etc. They more than likely needed wood as fuel for cooking fires and warmth. They also might not have wanted the disease of the mind that created this destructive system never to be remembered. It is understandable.
Unfortunately for them the city dwellers were the carriers of the disease, because they had not changed themselves within, so they had continued infect their children. Thus they continued to build cities and empires until this fossil fuel powered age took it to its extreme form of expression and wholesale planetary destruction.

Although it might be argued, that in the Roman Empire’s case, I’m wrong. However, I can pretty much say, that in most civilizations that collapsed and have fallen back into ruin it was because of the lack of sustainability of the economic systems and the over centralization of wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the masses and nature. Centralized power based systems are not sustainable. Nature will recreate balance where there is imbalance. Commercial agriculture destroys natural systems, biodiversity, ecosystems… It causes degradation of the land - soil erosion and the loss of humus in the topsoil; which causes crops to fail. Centralized uncivilized “civilizations” are insanely destructive.

Think of the derogatory terms used, by uncivilized ‘civilizations’ for people who lived sustainably as one with the land. They were considered to be ignorant, uncivilized, and called: barbarians, pagans, heathens, Indians, aborigines, peasants and Kaffirs… These were the people who took back their basic human rights as they got rid of the insane centralized monopolistic empires. They were just normal people like you and me who wanted to live healthy happy lives on the land.
When the people became aware and woke up from the illusions they had been living, they naturally changed direction and began to live the truth. Sustainable living only happens with people spread out on the land with access to water, topsoil, seeds and all forms of life, and naturally flowing rivers and streams.

Wow! the gravity of the above realization is mind blowing.
History has repeated itself too many times. It is however fortunate that this time people began to think and change before the final collapse. So the universal and natural wisdom that mankind had forgot is now contained in the hearts and minds of the people because of the great leaders of our time who spread the word. The leaders were the everyday men and women who guided people and life into a sustainable future.

Looking back at human economic histories of the world I recall the abstract currencies of centralized power-based civilizations which collapsed: Gold; precious stones; pearls; cowry shells and ours: coins, paper, plastic, digits on a screen. All nothing but abstract thought with little to no energy value or living value, not true to the real energy economy of nature and the universe; but rather an abstract dreamed up value that was fluctuated and controlled purely to take more real natural energy from the people and nature. It was all considered to be “Only Business!” a perceive necessity. Without morality or conscience – the right to take as much as it could, plunder, kill, destroy…do whatever the wealthy and powerful pleased without taking any responsibility for the consequences.

We had become condition, unthinking, indoctrinated, distracted, addicts who were condition to be like: hamsters running on a wheel; donkeys chasing a carrot; lemmings racing towards the cliff or extinction. In chasing the abstract illusive buck we were converting life into dead things and stopped perpetuating the foundations of life. Life is what feeds life; not paper, plastic, digits on a screen. Jobs for money are slavery for abstract economic gain. We had all just become slave labors, prisoners in a slave prison labor camp for the benefit of a few!

The sun the moon planets stars galaxies shine and the plants grow we eat the plants and we grow. This is the true energy/economic system! We and all of nature are expressions of patterns of energy in motion of the sun the moon the stars the galaxies the universe; expressions of a giving and receiving universe. Thus the need to live in a giving and receiving society, not existing in a selfish taking system!

Life perpetuates life. We need biodiversity to survive. Specialization leads to extinction. Life and nature are the only real energy economic system we have been lead away from. We need to refocus on our relationships to one another and nature. Reinvest our energy into our relationships with one another, life and nature. We need to build the metaphorical bridges to the future if we want an easier transition to life on the land. If not many millions will die and many will be subjected to extreme hardship and suffering as the natural systems collapse one after the other.

This civilization was built upon cheap easily accessible labor, deforesting the planet, plundering nature, oil, coal, natural gas and abstract money. When it all ran out so did the life blood of the centralized civilization. Things that could be accomplished in an exceptionally short period of time suddenly slowed down once again to being in synchronicity with the energy of life, nature, the planet and the universe. Those that made the changes survived.

Humans almost irreversibly destroyed their planet with the miss use of fossil fuels; in their attempts to privately own it all. They wasted this opportunity to grow life into abundance and reclaim the deserts. Instead they gravely harmed our planet. This wasted fossil fuel opportunity will take many millions if not billions of years to reestablish itself and the atmospheric environment and balances of life and nature the same. They burned up the most incredible opportunity and resource they had to build dead cities for the rich and create war machines to plunder the planet…and built cities - prison labor camps for the poor. In their continuous growth model pyramid scheme. They turned their brothers and sisters into labor resources/human energy and markets for the rich privately owned corporations and institutions. Indoctrinating the people, through what they called; “education or schooling” to be cogs in the machine to perpetuate the system and to produce and buy their dead products. They had converted living systems into dead things for consumption.

For the rich the peasants/people were just numbers, a source of human energy, power, markets, resources, for their in discriminant use and abuse through over policing and imprisonment.
Peasants in other countries were killed in worldwide plundering raids for more resources, wealth and power. They were driven off the land into prison labor camps. They were just numberless “collateral damage”. The owners and CEO’s of corporations and governments had no moral obligation to anyone else but themselves and absolutely no compassion for the people, nature and natural system. The disease of their minds was like rabid dogs; the sociopathic insane disease in total control of the hosts, minds, bodies and essences. Their driving ambitions to extinguish the population of the planet and repopulate it with the few in their blood line! There can be no other reason for driving us on this train of thought off the cliff of extinction.

The people were schooled and indoctrinated in the fear of nature and into a belief that this was the only way of life; to perpetuate the paradigm. They were nothing more than slaves saying: “Yes boss!”, “Yes sir!”, “Yes… to the man who held on to the power; the land; the water; the food; and knowledge “education”. How could any one man or small group of men profess to own the land? No man owns his mother. Mother earth is the home of all life.

Sitting in my room in a dreamlike state I write this gift for you.
·         I do not accept slavery!
·         No one needs to go hungry!
·         No child should go without a happy healthy life in a nurturing loving community!
·         All of nature and life deserves nothing less than equal love respect and appreciation.
·         I do not accept this way of life and I choose to change it.
Just remember the rabid dogs of our society will do anything in their power to divide us. United we cannot be defeated.

I, like many of you, am beginning to feel the downward pressure of our declining economic system. Less and less money; less jobs; more poverty; more homelessness; repossession of land and homes by the banks; loss of benefits; decreasing Social Security; decreasing basic human rights to speech and freedom of movement; the society is becoming an increasingly brutal over policed prison camps - police killings are a daily occurrence - the Supreme Court of the land making it acceptable for police to randomly kill us – the peasants.

The “owners of the land”, with all of the repossessions of homes, have broken the dream of private ownership of land. It was just an abstract concept in the first place (part of the disease); the truth is out - we can never own the land. The banks say we are the owners, however they hold the deeds; default and it is theirs. Then don’t pay your taxes and the government takes it. These are millstones we willingly place around our own necks. They keep you enslaved and supporting the system that will take it all from you in the end. The natural truth is: We can only live in love, balance and harmony with the land and all the bio-diverse natural ecosystems on it. “We cannot own our mother”
The idea of private ownership and private wealth for the masses is also a lie. The banks have systems in place to take it away:
·         Bank charges that will drain any bank account left unattended fines for the poor.
·         The moment the poor run out of money they apply charges to drive the poor even deeper into debt.
·         Credit card and banking charges other ways to bleed the masses.
·         Interest payments.
·         Inflation.
·         But the most sinister is profits; most people do not pay attentions to profits they just accept it as the way it is.
In a balanced system we give what we can, and receive what we receive, it is the natural way. We only take what we need and just by living a natural life in nature we constantly give back to life and perpetuate life in nature.

Oh my! How I yearn to be free of this box and living a healthy happy life on the land again. We are numbers existing in numbered boxes going from numbered box to box. Only connecting with boxes TV; IPad; Cell phone… we cook our food in a box; the food which came in a box; from a cold box. We move from box to box. Born in a hospital box, moving from box to box, we only exist our lives in boxes, with our minds and attention in boxes. Yes! And eventually die and are put into a box.
Very few of us are truly living connected heathy happy lives anymore. Most of us don’t move, run like the wind, breath, play, dance, and sing. We don’t socialize and connect with people and nature as we did before. Some of us do, but only for money; or when we hang out with other people with addictions. Many exist from one addiction to the next and are depressed, unhealthy, and unhappy.

Those highly motivated of us who think they have the solutions: The educated, intelligent and the adaptable that still have means. Chase faster and faster to acquire new qualifications, higher and higher, bigger and better and unique and different qualifications. They the competitive short term “winners” stand upon others shoulders as they are all competing for the same illusive disappearing abstract buck/dollar. Little do the realize that which they do at the expense of others and nature they do to themselves. And soon someone else will be on top as they descend from it. They will try as many times as they can to reach that perceived illusive top but most will never sustain it.

Many are stock exchange gamblers, gambling to win in a gambling house, where the odds are not in their favor. They believe they are successful winners however there can be only one winner and even he will lose in the end. Monopoly is a game only one man wins. If he owns the bank it can only be him. He wins the game but loses in the end; when the people who he played the game with don’t want to play anymore. And his paper becomes as valueless as the paper monopoly money and the property worthless because no one can play the game anymore or even wants to.

The stock exchange is reaching all-time highs as mass printed money is pumped into the stock market from the private printers of the currency. Think about that - private ownership of the printing machines that print money. Think even further about what money is. It is untrue – a lie. Think about fractional banking – it is untrue – a lie. Think about the whole economic system. It is all lies based on lies. It is all a fraud. Who should be put in jail? Is it not those who create these lies and commit fraud? Is that not what the law says: those who commit fraud or steal from others should go to jail? Should the bankers all be in jail.

Knowing all this and so much more, I dreamt as many did, of an age when we would rise up in consciousness, take responsibility for life on the planet, and Help Save Our World together!

"Help Save our World!"

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