Friday, January 8, 2016


There are many ways to get there.

We need to turn our focus and attention away from supporting this dysfunctional; waring, murdering plundering, and unsustainable system! We need to get off this train of thought which is racing for the cliff of extinction. Turning our attention away from supporting the system; it will collapse!  We do not have to oppose it; it is too powerful, we can “run and return”. They cannot maintain the forces indefinitely. We have the power. We are the engines which keep its wheels turning. Stop supporting it and it will grind to a halt before it is too late.  THINK, QUESTION AND GET OFF THE TRAIN!

It is not enough to stop supporting it though!

To survive this we need to build the metaphorical bridges to the future. We need to acquire the skills knowledge and wisdom to live healthy happy sustainable lives on the other side. We need to begin to grow the mental seeds in the minds of all of those around us and begin to show them why and how. We also need to begin to plant the seeds, grow the gardens, and create the rich topsoil by composting etc. for those who have no idea; learn natural agriculture and permaculture do simple gardening courses…

We have to focus on empowering ourselves and communities with food and water, and the knowledge and wisdom to live sustainable lives! As soon as we do not have to rely on the system anymore for food and water we do not have to work for it anymore! The best way to do this is by combining collective knowledge, wealth, and skills. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!
If you have few skills, I suggest you begin to learn and practice them on a regular basis; so you can be a positive asset to a sustainable community!

But that is not enough, we have to change the way we think and behave; or we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. 
For this: I suggest going on a personal, guided quest for the truth, so one does not get mislead in the lies and deceptions that keep us stuck in this paradigm.
Through this course I take you through many thought processes to awareness, consciousness and enlightenment. 
It is a journey asking many questions that leads you to the fundamental truths about self, nature, thought, religions, education, physics, the societal system, develops a new sustainable theory of reality… it opens the mind, and consciousness to so much it will blow your mind.

I have spent many years of my life doing just that. I have many techniques and skills I can teach anyone who cares enough to want to learn. 
Some examples are: Meditative conscious awareness, lucid dreaming, writing down your dreams, and learning from your dreams.
I can teach you how to:
·         to be in your dream states as well as consciously aware at the same time and writing or typing what you are experiencing and feeling.
·         Achieve these altered states of consciousness without any drugs or stimulants.
·         Connect with your guides, ancestors and other conscious-nesses as well as universal and natural wisdom all around you.
·         Change your energy resonance to being magical!
I can go on and on but many have a long way to travel before they are even able to hear what I am saying! Much of this is a process, which requires practice a way of living and being…

For those that think it is too late, that is what they want you to believe; so you do not do anything.
WHILE THERE IS ANY LIFE THERE IS HOPE and we should make every effort to make it continue! 

We are the adults of our cycle of expression and it is our responsibility to all life that preceded us and all life that sustains our lives now, as well as all life that is to continue into the future; if we make the right decisions now.

Never before in the history of the world have we had do many hands and minds to be able to bring about fundamental change. 
This is our chance to make it happen! It starts with one thought and one action, before you know it we will live in an abundant sustainable healthy happy world, the world we all deserve to live in.
We need to take our children out of the ‘schooling/education/indoctrination/prison’ system so they don’t continue to perpetuate this paradigm and raise them with the knowledge and wisdom I teach and the natural and universal wisdom of nature and the universe. If we do this we will have a sustainable future in a matter of a few generations. IT IS EASY IF WE TRY!

Whining and complaining never got anyone anywhere before.

Lesson Two.

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