Friday, January 8, 2016

Enough my friend! Please enough!

Enough my friend!
Please enough!

I do not read newspapers and watch sport. 
It is a waste of my time and energy.
I can see what is happening, very clearly, I don't need to waste my precious life's energy following the propaganda distraction post.

I can see. 
If things continue we will be in a third world war soon.
I can see the economic collapses
I can see the people being driven harder and harder into poverty and slavery.
I can see the methods used by those in power to force their agenda.
I can see people's retaliation and the severity of the powers responses, to intimidate, and create inaction!
I can see! I can see!

We are nearing the threshold of total decent and collapse, the end of this paradigm!
I can see it coming fast! Like a flying train unseen coming from behind our vision!
People can only take so much!
The empires are nearing collapse!
I can see!

Where do we go from here is the question?
We go back to living sustainable lives in nature or we die, that is the answer!
We must change our focus and stop supporting the insanity.

Have a good day!

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