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Life is Magical!

Replying to an email discussion!

Denis uses the word "magical" . Magic is supernaturalism which is not possible in reality.  Also, saving the world assumes that unlike all organisms the "world"  or the earth does not have a birth, life and death. It cannot be "saved"  in that sense.
We should struggle against unnecessary suffering caused by militarism and consumerism.
Join Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping! Earthalullia!

To people that miss interpret what I mean when I use the word Magical, let me clarify for you, before you make uninformed assumptions about the meaning of words, or the implied meanings!  Let’s begin with a standard accepted meaning!

Google searches definition of Magical:


1.  relating to, using, or resembling magic.
"he had a gentle, magical touch with the child"
synonyms:     supernatural, magic, occult, shamanistic, mystical, paranormal, preternatural, otherworldly
"magical incantations"

2.  beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.
"it was a magical evening of pure nostalgia"
synonyms:     extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, staggering, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, breathtaking, miraculous;
informal fantastic, fabulous, stupendous, out of this world, terrific, tremendous, brilliant, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, awesome; literary wondrous
"the news had a magical effect"
enchanting, entrancing, spellbinding, bewitching, beguiling, fascinating, captivating, alluring, enthralling, charming, attractive, lovely, delightful, beautiful;
informal dreamy, heavenly, divine, gorgeous
"this magical place"" 

Now this would be enough for the average person to understand and accept the different interpretations of the possible meanings of the word.

However I do question 1. 

There has for a long time been an ignorance of knowing anything beyond the physical observable world and universe as composed of things. Anything beyond the physical was considered to be the supernatural occult, shamanistic, mystical, paranormal, otherworldly… Well this is just an objective, materialistic bias and a form of ignorance. 

We do not experience the world with things we experience it as patterns of energy, and that is not ethereal, mystical, paranormal, other worldly or supernatural… our senses experience changes in energy, movement, and patterns of energy.

When we see a ‘sign board’ we do not see the physical material thing we see the patterns of energy in motion, which hit our retina in our eyes that convert into electrical patterns of energy in our minds and we match up these perceived patterns of energy with previously learned or remembered patterns of energy in our minds. These patterns of energy were gathered and learned from other humans and past experiences. We then say a pattern of energy: “sign board” which others hear as a sound pattern of energy which they recognize so understand what we are seeing. 

We live in a very real, magical energy reality. It is only through materialistic, objective, conditioning and indoctrination that you cannot see it Wil. It is time to awaken to the reality of our experience of life. It is magical remarkable incredible phenomenal astonishing, astounding, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, miraculous, mind blowing awesome, wondrous, fascinating, captivating enthralling, beautiful, gorgeous reality we live in…

I cannot think of a more amazing word to capture what I know and feel as magical. It is not divine or coming from gods. It is the universal connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy that is happening all around you. You just have to learn to connect and perceive it for what it is – MAGICAL!

Friend now to pay attention to: 

The second part of your statement: "Also, saving the world assumes that unlike all organisms the "world" or the earth does not have a birth, life and death. It cannot be "saved" in that sense.
We should struggle against unnecessary suffering caused by militarism and consumerism."

Your interpretation of and perceived understanding is limited to your perception of reality. It needs to be seen in context of my perception to understand what I am saying; without assuming anything. 

We have the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs and it is almost solely caused by our way of life and our conditioned/indoctrinated behaviors. We are 
·         creating imbalance all around us
·          Deforesting our planet
·         Losing all the topsoil and humus in the soil.
·         Polluting and poisoning our world…
·         Wars
·         Plundering the planet
·         Herding people into prison labor camps
·         Creating psychological divides between people and nature to divide and rule create wars between the divided for profits and greed.
·         I can go on and on.
These are major threats to the continued existence of life on this planet. If you do not understand please learn more before you make simple judgments!

We all know that change is fundamentally necessary; it is just a question of how to get there
While you focus on the effects of our way of life instead of the causes you will only affect small and temporary change. Do we have to deal with all of these things? Do we need to deal with the problems one by one? We can do it that way and some will choose opposition as the way. I personally think that while we focus on opposition instead of transition we are wasting valuable time and energy. The people in power have all of the resources, the courts, the policing the military, FBI, CIA, governments, institutions, laws resistance and forces we have no chance of bringing about change through resistance.

We can do it the hard way or we can reeducate ourselves, spread awareness, change our direction and focus and stop supporting the system that creates them, and it will all collapse really quickly and easily on its own. We just need to empower ourselves and walk away! Empower ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom to become independent of the slave labor system. Come together and bring about real change! Stop being heroes and become thinking, doing and changing human beings!

Real change begins with changing the way we think and what we believe then changing our behaviors/way of life to manifest a sustainable, abundant, happy healthy balanced magical world. It is in this way that I propose we help save our world.


Your final comment: “Join Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping! Earthalullia!” A comment like this does not deserve my time or effort to respond to!


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