Friday, January 8, 2016

Please see Denis’ email response below

Please see Denis’ email response below - Denis speaks honestly.  Thanks Denis.

Denis do you have a specific suggestion for what each one of us can do now with the time freed up from "read newspapers (personally I don't read newspapers)/watch sport (this I do and it is my "drug" or escape from reality that I do not see changing other than when we do little things to help friends/family)", and while not engaged in:

a)  the time necessary to work in the pyramid system to make money to access clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, catastrophic health coverage in case a friend or family cannot attend to our needs if injured, the electricity we use, the gas or car we use and maintain, the running water we use for non-drinking purposes, the internet service we use, the phone service we use
b) The time necessary to work in the pyramid system to make money to save for when we are not deemed employable to access money to access food?
c) Sleeping
d) Helping children, family, or friends accomplish "a" or "b" (access food, shelter, water, and funds for when not deemed of value to the Owners/Designers of the Pyramid system)
e) Building friendships or maintaining family and friendships
f) Exercising
g) Shopping for necessities
h) Eating and consuming those necessities
i) Driving to the wage slave cubicle or place of service to the Pyramid
j) Paying taxes to the system

These activities seem to take a lot of time, even without watching sport or reading newspapers.

This is an email from a friend of mine, referring to my previous post.
My response will be the next post.

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