Friday, December 25, 2015

Get out on your own way for a day!

Get out on your own way for a day!
It has been said that what we think about and choose each day is only the tip of the ice berg of the choices we make every day. The rest of what drives our actions is that which we have previously conditioned ourselves to do as we move through our lives very day. This is our subconscious and emotional program which drives most of our decisions or choices every day! These thoughts and emotional and subconscious responses combined is what are responsible for the quality of our lives and our relationships. Wouldn’t you like to live magical life, with magical people around you?
This subconscious programming is held in our emotional feelings within our physical/energy being; which we are mostly unaware of. When a situation arises, if we can learn to step out of ourselves and become an observer of self (some might refer to it the ultra-ego) we will become aware of a rising emotion or feeling within us. Then we can preempt our conditioned response and replace it with a more appropriate response to the situation.

I can remember accidentally cutting a woman off while driving my car. At the stoplight she literally climbed through her car window up to her hips, was waving her arms and was pointing and screaming at me. Having previously thought about this, I immediately became the observer of situation, I could see her behavior; I could feel my emotional response rising within me. Then I said to myself I’m aware of what I am feeling and I choose to respond positively. So I smiled kindly, putting my open hands up, and mouthed; “I’m sorry!” She, like an embarrassed turtle, withdrew her body back into her car shell, feeling embarrassed at her inappropriate reactive behavior.

Many of us have stories in our heads that we have told ourselves over and over again. When a particular situation arises, let’s say with your mother, we repeat tell ourselves the same old, same old story. “You always do this to me!” “You never listen to me!” These conditioned responses results in the same old, same old conditioned responses from your mother. An argument ensues, and each one of you repeats the same old emotional subconscious responses again and again. No one is listening or connecting with one another anymore. No one is hearing, just a fire of passion rises into a raging destructive war, and you are both so hurt in the end. Against both of our desires your relationship is just getting worse and worse. Of course you love one another and have no desire to hurt one another, and yet you do, over and over again.

Why not for once, this year get out of your own way, by becoming conscious and aware in the moment, and as a giant with immense power – treat the world with kid-gloves, with subtle kindness and compassion. Step outside yourself, as you feel the emotions arising from the triggers that normally set you off and become the observer of yourself and others behaviors. Become the mature compassionate loving person you are, make better choices in those moments. Be the powerful, magical, kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, considerate being you truly can be. Put up your hands, smile and say you are sorry. Being right or wrong does not matter in most instances.

Do something personal and close together, go and play outside laugh and smile together, suntan together, clean the house together, paint one another’s  toe nails, brush one another’s hair, massage one another,  do something intimate, or close or move and play together, say amazing magical things to one another ; these activities will improve your relations. Chimps spend time grooming one another; humans love the same degree of love and attention.  Lie down on a blanket outside in the park in personal contact with one another; one person’s head in the others lap. Lie outside on blanket outside with your children and stargaze see who can see the most satellites, planets and stars. Choose any one of these activities; create your own special intimate, ways to connect with your loved ones. It is in giving that we receive. Spending time together connecting and giving and receiving energy, is the magic of life. We all live for our relationships to one another, nature, and the universe.

Become connected instead of estranged, unhappy and depressed. If there is already damage done, fix it immediately. Don’t let it wait. The wounds you create can last a lifetime in the hearts minds and subconscious emotional beings of your loved ones. It will be harder to repair later. Rather make that emotional and subconscious mind be the amazing energy you are inside!

Get out on your own preconditioned subconscious emotional responses for a day, a month, a year, a lifetime. Become the magical loving shining light you are within and have the power to be to all others around you. You can live an amazing magical life; it is up to you!
Be the best most amazing magical being you can be!


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