Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Give your body what it needs and it will heal itself.

I healed my skin cancer, healed my spine (injured when I was rear ended by a truck) and lost 30 pounds when I spent three months in Costa Rica. I did this with diet, exercise, sunlight, connecting with nature, and rest.
I decided when I arrived to only eat raw locally grown fruits and vegetables and eat very little cooked rice and beans. Every morning I made raw locally grown smoothies which often ended up in two to three glasses (parsley, broccoli, carrots, green beans, turmeric, banana and other fruits and local chocolate powder mixed with hot green tea. That held me over until one o’clock. For lunch I made big green leaf wraps of guacamole, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger… or whatever I had available from the local farmers markets. I put turmeric on everything.
I fed the dogs before dawn. I walked them on the beaches and through the natural bush at first light and in the afternoons before dinner. I napped when I needed to, the rest of the time I did the odd chores and explored nature. The first five days I was too scared to surf. The next five days I began surfing small waves then I put my neck out. For ten days I was in so much pain; I could not touch a hair on my head. However, I kept on eating the diet and walking the dogs in the sunlight and resting. As the pain began to ease I began surfing again. Before I knew it I was jogging, then teaching others how to surf and swimming …
By the end of the three months in Costa Rica, I had lost 30 pounds; I was down to my 17 year old weight; I was surfing five hours a day (very energetically I must say); running; riding bicycle; doing yoga; all while still walking the dogs. I transformed my body health and life in three months.
The parsley is one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals and calcium in the plants we eat. Turmeric, green tea, pepper… all of the ingredients I used are great for your health. The environment, the relationships to plants, animals, and humans all lead to me once again being a healthy, happy, human being.
“The sun shines the plants grow we eat the plants and we grow!” We are the complex patterns of energy of nature and the universe! We are nature within nature!
We are the patterns of energy of the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, the galaxies and the energy patterns of life and our environment. We are the patterns of the energy of life, of nature, of the universe within the universe.
We are, or should be, magical beings living magical natural lives in a natural world and universe!
Give your body the magical natural patterns of energy it needs and it will heal itself!
Have a magical day!
Oh yes! I only drank the fresh tap water as well!
If you want to live a sustainable healthy happy lives,
• You need to change the way you think and how you live your lives and
• Change what you teach your children,
• Decentralize - get out of the cities,
• Create water and food security,
• Grow your own food and heal your bodies, minds and relationships!
• The ‘spirituality’ you seek, is not some ethereal thing, it is in the energy relationships around you.
• Live Move (play) in Love Balance and Harmony with the flow of the patterns of energy of nature life and the universe.
• Learn the universal and natural wisdom I have gathered for you!
"Help Save our World!"
Denism: "Live in love, balance and Harmony!"
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