Friday, October 31, 2014

What is life?

My world changing tip of the day:

"I just could not contain myself reediting my soon to be published book.
Beyond the Age of Ignorance! I wrote this book many years ago but have not published it in America."

Think of life as the synchronous flow of energy which is formed into complex patterns performing a dance or the music of the symphony of energy/light and many other frequencies of energy of nature and the universe all flowing together in love balance and harmony with physical self, nature and the universal energy! Think of this complex flow of life as the most rare and precious gift that all the life and universal energy that preceded you made possible. Think of all life nature mother earth and the universe in this way and begin to realign yourself with life. Invest your energy into it, nurture it and protect it. We are the energy of self, nature mother earth and the universe. Learn to live in Love Balance and Harmony with it. Appreciate it and respect it.

Live Wonderful Cycles!
Denis Moore

Denism’s Guided Quest for the Truth provides answers to some of life's most profound questions and proposes ways to Help Save our World. It is a course which is based on my personal quest for the truth and my life’s experiences and world travels. It is designed to take you on a paradigm shifting thought and experiential journey to a new way of thinking and being. It will empower you to be able to teach others and together we will change our world forever.
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