Sunday, July 9, 2017

My Mudra explained Gianni.

I was asked by Gianni my school friend before he passed away: "Are you praying in your profile picture?" I said: “No Gianni, this symbolizes who I am and the paradigm shift we need as humans to change the way we think and live in our world, to ensure life goes on!” “Due to the simplicity of our conversations I could never give him a fuller explanation. Now he is non-physical and not restricted to the limitations of our physical world I would like to try and explain it more fully.

I am not holding my flat hands together and not pointing up at the sky to worship gods; as we have been indoctrinated to pray to a singularity – one singular or multiple gods in the sky. Gods are used by men to centralizing wealth and power in specific human’s hands(Moses, the Pope, and many other religious leaders), and those who follow them, at the expense of all other humans and life on this planet.

“We live in a connected giving and receiving universe, a love-based universe, a relationship universe. We do not live in a divided universe of things to own and possess; as our paradigm teaches.

It is time to change our paradigm. This paradigm only exists because of what we believe, and what we practice, which manifests the world around us. It is time to question everything and be true to what we intuitively know to be true. My mudra is a result of these and many other realizations.
This is my Love based 'mudra' or hand-holding expression; symbolizing many ideas in one. It symbolizes my paradigm-shifting way of thinking being and living. This mudra’s intent, focus, and radiance will result in a transformation of how we think and live in our world.  

The physical hand holding is: Both hands together showing balance. (Individual hands alone is an expression of being imbalanced to the one side or the other.) The index fingers together are pointing up at me, the individual, (showing the importance of self-love and living a happy healthy magical life). The rest of my fingers are folded together showing the fundamental importance us, we, togetherness, tribe, humanity, and our connection to all of life - mother nature and the energy of the universe, Love is about Relationships. (In loving connected relationships we thrive) The crossed thumbs represent love.

The whole mudra, hands held together as I have explained, with shoulders back, back straight, head up facing openly and outwards, with the heart chakra radiating energy outwards; connecting the heart and the energy of all life mother nature and the universe. The mudra symbolizes the natural wisdom of Love, Balance, and Harmony. The flowing energy shows the radiant energy of the universe of which we are all composed. Altogether the mudra represents the fundamentally important natural wisdom of life and the universe. Some of these are motion, vibrations, energy, cause and effect, love, balance, and harmony, and the. Five secrets of life: Plant the seeds of thought, choose, focus, practice, and manifest. Become what you think of, by choosing it, focusing on it, practicing it, until you become it.

This simple hand-holding is showing my love of all life, nature, and the universe, showing my intent and radiating it out there into the universe. Using this mudra shows one's identification with this paradigm when you begin your meditation or physical practices.

The photo was taken, by Lisa Goodwin my yoga instructor, in a Costa Rica Retreat. I would have been better without a shirt showing the open energy connection. The artistic effects: I did the shadows. The radiant light effects were done by my very creative website designer – Daisy Deaithra Williams. Daisy did this amazing impression of me; after talking to me for a few hours. She went home and created the website and incorporated what she had felt and heard into her artwork, I was amazed. Infinite gratitude.

 (NB: Now for clarity, I do not dismiss placing your hands flat together to greet others as equals with love appreciation and respect saying: “Namaste – I bow to you!”  This meaning:” I see you, I acknowledge you, with love and gratitude for who you are to me…”
However, it should not be used to show subservience or servitude to dominance and power. Used in this fashion is demeaning to self.)

I hope this clarifies what my mudra means Gianni - Love balance and harmony – forever your loving friend and brother of the universe within it.


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