Sunday, March 30, 2014

Are you infected with this mental disease.


I understand your frustration in trying to get people to engage you in conversation about all that we talk about so freely and their lack of willingness to realize their “cognitive dissonance”, however it has gone way beyond cognitive dissonance.

The average person is so – disconnected, unaware, unconscious, asleep, drugged, drunk, running on the money treadmill, stressed, focused on corporate success, corporate education, looking for a job or working themselves to the bone to pay the bills, send their kids to school, paying rent, food and water – all of which is owned by someone else and more and more by corporations – they are oblivious. Every now and then they have a glimpse that they are sick and sometimes that the world is not in good shape and things do not seem to be working out to "good".  When someone tells them something obviously true they do not have the time, patients and energy to pay attention to it. They are trying to survive from one hangover to the next. They are asleep, unaware and unconscious to such an extent they need to go on a personal journey of discovery to reveal what is going on in our world. 

This is why I offer the guided course in awareness and consciousness called: “The Guided Quest for The Truth”
Through questioning everything and finding the truthful answers to those questions it leads the seeker to awareness, consciousness and enlightenment.
It begins with self-awareness and develops an observer’s perspective of self, of nature and the universe.
The Quest reveals ways of thinking and being.
What is wrong with religions and what is going on at many levels politically in the world. It also reveals the nature of religions and political power based systems. It looks at science and physics and languages.
It comes up with a new theory of the nature of reality and teaches a new way of thinking and being whole human beings.
The whole process is designed and developed around truth and honesty.
It is designed to reintegrate people with who they are what they are where they come from and where they're going.

I have spent a lifetime on this quest and now I teach it to show others how to become aware and conscious and connected and give them the tools to uncover the knowledge and wisdom of nature and the universe and how to become whole human beings who live true to themselves, nature and one another.

If you talk to someone who has travelled this journey with me they would not suffer from cognitive dissonance because they would be aware enlightened and would have made many changes to the lives so they would be living the lives of true whole human beings as one with one another and nature.

You cannot expect unaware indoctrinated people to be able to bridge the gap between where they are and where we are without a long journey of discovery and rehabilitation.

They have a disease of thought that is so ingrained they do not even know they are sick.

This is why I say there is a need for what I teach. This is why I am on this mission. I think that we can change people and rehabilitate them that is why I teach Denism.

One day soon, if not right now, people in large numbers will be searching for this alternative and it will be there for them. I am driven and focused to “Help Save Our World” and as many people as I can with it. That is why I am developing a website to promote this new way of living and being.

Have a great evening!
Denis Moore

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