Sunday, November 17, 2013

Change what you think and believe and you will change the world.

Our unnatural way of life is killing our world.

Our natural world is dying because of the way we live on this planet.

·        Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

·        Jesus: “What you sew you shell reap”.

·        Science/ classical physics: “We live in a cause an effect reality”.

What we did in the past brought us to where we are and it is not working out too well for us. Our dominant past paradigm lead us to where we are now. So we need a paradigm shift if we wish to survive. (Paradigm – way or pattern of thinking and behaving)

Change the way you think and behave and you change the world. Change your values and beliefs and you change the way you behave and you change the world.

Teach others your new way of life and you will change the world even faster.

We are expressions of energy of the current wave of life on this planet.  As life is born it is the leading edge of the wave. As life grow up it become the current wave.  As life dies the wave dies out behind it. This is a living moving wave of life force that constantly flows and has grown as life lives on, on this planet.  This is a living constantly changing moving life force of our world.

With our way of life we are losing at least 200species a day to extinction. Everything in a complex ecosystem is interdependent. We are losing the bees – the pollinators; the birds – the wings of the seeds for future generations of plant life. As life dies we die a little bit. We are rushing on a train of thought powered by oil and money towards the cliff of extinction.

We are the living responsible mature adults of this wave of life. We get to decide if that wave of life goes on or dies out. What do you choose for future generation’s life or hardship and death? What do you choose for your children? It is our choice and responsibility to provide a sustainable future for our children and all life on this planet or not.  If there is any compassion in our hearts we have to take responsibility here and now and make the necessary changes to help save our world.

We need to live in harmony with one another and nature.

We need to live in love, balance and harmony with the wave of life if we are to survive into the future.

Love is – connectivity and the sharing of energy. It is the nature of the universe and all of nature and it is who we are.

Balance - As we walk the tight rope of life we make decisions that create our future. We need to learn to live a balanced life style within our bodily balances and within the balances of nature.

Harmony – we must reconnect and learn to live in harmony with one another and nature.

We have to stop living our abstract lives based on blind belief in money, centralization of power, segregation, absolutism, and elitism, ownership of land and property rights…. These are the values and beliefs of a past destructive paradigm which were driven by fear and insufficiency and ignorance.

The huge disparity of wealth and power is being created at the expense of all of nature and all of us.  We are converting the life force of nature into coin, paper, plastic and digits on a screen. We are playing a game of Monopoly where only one man can have it all. And we all lose in the end.

This has happened because of our blind belief and trust in an old paradigm and our tendency to ignore the truth.

The truth is all around us and all we have to do is slow down, breath and question everything.

We need to go on a personal quest to discover the truth.  However we must be careful of repeating the same mistakes and falling into past belief systems that do no serve life on this planet.

I offer a guided quest to awareness and consciousness of the universe nature and our pace in the flow of the wave of life.

Changing what we think our values and beliefs and relearning the ways to live in harmony with the wave of life that gave us life and still gives us life and will provide life for all life on this planet into the future.

We are one family of life we must learn to live in love, balance and harmony with it all.

The solutions I offer are many within the teachings of Denism.

We need to go back to the land and reestablish the topsoil and the complex ecosystems before it is too late. We need to reseed our planet. We need to save as many endangered species as we can.  If you do nothing else practice permaculture it is a proven method of living sustainable lives of abundance in harmony with nature.

If you choose to do nothing and not to take responsibility and just continue to live out your life in this paradigm you are choosing extinction of life on this planet.

Please make the choice here and now for your children and all life on this planet.

Namaste/I bow to you/I see you.



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